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Good morning, shopping friends. I am enjoying my morning coffee while watching the TSV preparation. My  beautiful black cat is enjoying my lap, thinking I'm going to be home with him for the day. Little does he know that I need to start getting ready to go to the city for the physical therapy session. 


I also need to return the Fitbit Charge2 to Kohls. It is a great item but I bought it with a specific purpose in mind....the heart rate monitoring. I've since decided, with cardiologist input, that the price can't be justified as the heart rate thing is not medically approved as being accurate. This was reinforced by internet research, something I had failed to do before purchasing. Right now, I need to conserve my expenditures and this is one that can go.


I am returning the Earth  Leather Patchwork boots A284124 which I got in bark. The fit of the boot was fine except for one thing: the top of the boot cut into the front of my right leg. The left one was acceptable. There was just something wrong with the cut. I did not have that problem with the Aerosoles boot A355504, so I have decided to order another pair of the Aerosoles in gray because it is super comfortable....and less expensive.


Returning the Charge 2 will also resolve the problem of what to buy with $45 in Kohls cash. Sometimes, I hate those incentives to buy as I usually get them when I have little or no need for something. This also is an example of my trying to get myself something for Christmas that might also benefit my health to justify the cost. I just didn't think it through sufficiently.  Oh well, I'll call the boots Midnight's Christmas gift to me.


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.

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Hi ladies,

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Good morning all and thanks @KonaKat for the start. It's very chilly here this morning. Good luck with the PT today.

I dislike the types of "savings" that require you to spend more, in order to reap any actual savings. Every time I have shopped at Kohl's I have not used the "cash". I very seldom go to that store and when I do, I give the "cash" to someone else.

My dog is also sleeping beside me and will not like it when I have to hit the road shortly, again. She gave me the "look" yesterday as I was in and out so many times. She wants me home with her, all the time, lol. And speaking of that, I am off again, will check in off and on today.


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Hello Ladies, sun is trying to come out here after yesterday's 2 inches of rain...they are saying we may get more this afternoon.  IT is pretty mild too almost 60 which is way above  the norm for this time,e of year.


Sorry about the boots Jean but you will be getting another pair that you like and fit well.  GOod luck with your PT today.


I haven't been in Kohl's in years Snicks....I would go in...look around and say to myself why do I come in here Imnever find anything.  WHen they first opened up it was a nice place but over the years the one  near me has gotten junky.  I used to order on line for towels,bath mats etc which were fine.


I am sitting here at the hair salon waiting for my 10.30 apt to's a little late.  I was surprised at how busy it is today...usually Inam taken right away.


Have a nice day everyone......Marijane





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Hello, the walking wounded have returned to work today so things should be more stable.  For 5 minutes this morning, immediately after I awoke, I thought, wow the cold is gone, I feel great.  And then I got up, lol.


I'm glad I asked for next Monday off.  I earn over 5 weeks of vacation a year (one of the perks of long term service) so I still have a more than 2 weeks at my disposal :-)


I think the Barnes and Noble calendar will be delivered today.  Perhaps the HSN bracelet will be waiting for me when I get home too.  I think my JCP order is a day off and I'm not sure when the Halo TSV will be here - probably before Friday.

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Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Sorry those boots and the Fitbit did not work out for you.  I am still enjoying the Fitbit TSV I purchased in July.  I know it has received some negative reviews, etc., but so far, so good for me.  I like it that I don't need to wear a watch in addition to the pedometer, and I don't have the pedometer "bulge" at my waist.  I'm also motivated to do a lot of walking.


Did your cardiologist suggest a heartrate monitor?  I had considered buying one until I realized that many of the recommended ones required wearing something around your chest in addition to the "watch" type unit.  The fact that I don't have any heart or weight issues also came into play in my decision.  


Hope your PT session goes well.  Since we very rarely have any snow, and that we get melts within an hour or two, means that the TSV will not be coming to me.  I might be interested if I still lived in Maryland.


Funny graphic today meallen.


Hi snicks -- it is funny how our pets let their displeasure be known, isn't it?  Not that I have a pet now, but I certainly remember my little dogs.  Hope you get all your errands done without too much stress.


That is a lot of rain, Marijane.  Hope your hair is done by now.  I don't care to wait for those types of appointments.  


Hope your day is a bit less stressful, Bernie, and your cold is really gone.  Taking Monday off sounds good to me.  Hope you like the items you ordered.


Waves to Kathleen (glad you got to meet Libby and hope you are with your DH soon), Arlene, twinny, Susan, Essie, Charlene, Rosa, 3suwm5, butterfly, Karen, Barbara, LindaR, Gayle, pinky ann, and all of our posters and readers.


It was cold here this morning (at least it felt very cold to me) -- only 30 degrees when I got up.  I decided to wait until later to take my walk, and to use a new Leslie Sansone DVD until it warmed up a bit.  It is a very long story how I got the DVD, but I realized that her workouts are a lot more vigorous than I remembered.  Good, but very vigorous.  Anyway, I took a short walk after that, and now I can do other things since I have completed my daily step goal.. 


I'll be visiting DH and feeding him lunch, and then going to the grocery store to see about ordering a birthday cake for next week.  I plan to take the cake to the senior lunch program on Tuesday since they love their sweets.  I may make a cake or pie for DH facility and take it in on my real birthday.  


Have a nice day everyone!







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Good morning ladies - Been busy with this, that and the other thing.  Running errands today and hope to get the house put back together from visitors, later this week.


It's been cold, very windy and snow all around us.  We've had about 12 snowflakes, that's it.  Interstate north of us, was closed for a period last night; some places had 24 inches of snow.  Happy we didn't.


@KonaKat  Last year we bought 3 fitbits for Christmas gifts.  No one wears theirs anymore.  I have gotten away from ordering any shoes; if they don't fit very well, I keep them or give them away.  That's just too expensive for me to justify those actions, so no more ordering shoes.  I hope you like your new boots.  I don't like the incentives either, I always spend more and then I'm not sure that I'm saving overall.  I just 'find' things to buy, to exceed the 'cash'.????


@meallen616  That's funny, thanks.


@Snicks1  Those animals have such personalities, funny.


@Genny1  Same thing for me at Kohls.  I just don't find much I'm interested in there anymore.


@Bird mama  A cold, that is never fun.  Lots of vaca time, good for you.  Enjoy your new things on their way.


@LindaLatte  I have many Leslie Sansone DVDs.  I've been doing them for years.  I switch out with other people's DVDs and then when I come back, I can get winded pretty easily.Smiley Sad  Enjoy the cakes and 'Happy Birthday'.  Hope DH is doing well.


My CC will be out today for supply items and groceries.  Hope you all can keep yours locked away, fingers crossed.Smiley Happy



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Good evening, everyone. I am back from physical therapy in the city. I was one perspiring woman when I was finished but it didn't bother me this time as it did the last time. I know how much they are charging from what I have seen on my account on the Humana web site so I did a quick estimate of how much they are pulling in during the session. There are usually around ten people or clients there at the same time so if they are billed the same as I am, then they are taking in about $2500 a session. I have had my sessions at different times and have found them to be filled. I guess $250 a session is acceptable when it appears to be helping dramatically.


I did go to Kohls to return the Fitbit Charge 2. I may buy one eventually but right now, with all that is going on, I want to make sure it is a good purchase. I was given the option of having the $137 (tax included) returned to my card or I could keep my $45 in Kohls cash and have $99 returned to the card. Since I wasn't in the mood to shop for anything to use the Kohls cash, I told them to return the $137 to the card. What differnce does it make? I told them I didn't mind the incentive but with things going on right now, I just preferred to wait until I needed something. I do like our Kohls; it is far better than JC Pennys.

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