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Good morning, shopping friends. I'm off to the city to restock groceries, etc. and then get back hopefully  before the winds, cold front and rain drops the temperature by an estimated 20 degrees.


I do have a couple of things expected via UPS today: one is a selection of gourmet cookies from Hawaii; the other is a WEN set.


I saw the discussion about the faux leather trimmed blazer which was featured on Denim & Co. I got the SG version and now have it in two colors; I don't get anything in multiples unless I love it. The SG version comes in regular and petite and the sizing is correct based upon my measurements.


I need to get out of here and get my mission accomplished. Have a great day.  If you shop, shop wisely.

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Good Morning!  Thanks for getting us started Jean.  We have had below average temperatures around here for a few days, but they say it should be warmer than normal soon.  I can't wait.  Sorry you are in for a bout of nasty, cold weather, and hope you complete your mission.


I need to get ready to take DH to the "club" now.  And, after that, I'll head back to pick up the papers from the eye doctor and then maybe go to motor vehicles yet again.  I plan to post again later, but in the meantime -- have a nice day everyone!





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Good morning!

We are supposed to get bad weather tonight, heavy rain and high winds, glad that I have a new roof so no worries!  It is a cold overcast drizzly day a good day to be inside.

Not much new with me which is a good thing.

Sounds like several of us are dealing with some problems, please know that I remember the members of this forum in my dailey  prayers.  These ladies were such a strong support to me when my husband passed , I will never forget their kindness and they have  shown me such acceptencce when I started dating.

I hope that everyone is safe and well.



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You ladies are probably getting the weather we had. Today is bfight and sunny. Rain was very heavy at times. My pew sister lives the opposite direction. She had 2.5. Inches.

Had first thing Drs visit. My mamo results hadn't been received get but I got notice it was fine
No shopping needs although I need a few gifts. Nothing major. The shopping channels are o gifting overload

Rosa: one reason this group is so special is we laugh together, circle each other in the tough times and rejoice in the happy times we certainly have had these events. I know that Mark is a longtime friend and a special person

After my doctors apt I stopped at the local copier. Try to give the local folks my business when I can They have a store cat who is often in the window when they are closed. I think it is contained when they are open. When we visited Provincetown on Cape Cod many years ago lots is store cats about.
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Hi friends - yes, this is a nice group of women!


I found one of those Cuddl Duds former TSV's on "as Is" again  (Item # A276518, every few days a couple will appear and then sell out).  This time I purchased one for my DD.  She's always cold.  We Skype in the evening and I always see her at her computer wrapped up in a blanket.  She's always been that way.  Hopefully she'll find the Cuddl Duds soft and warm.  


We have a little section of carpet in our living room that was patched years ago.  The patch covers an electrical plug that's in the floor.  Anyway, Harper, our puppy, found the patch and was able to tug on it and unraveled a bunch of the carpet.!!!  ERGHHH!!!  Good thing we love her.


Tonight we're going out to dinner with my sister-in-law and her husband.  This is a new experience.  My DH grew up in a dysfunctional alcoholic family and didn't always live with his siblings..  He is not very close to them.  Usually when one of them  acts nice to my DH, it's because they're  about to ask him for money or something.  A while back my DH threw out a general invitation to have them come over to our house for a BBQ.  I have no idea where that impulse came from.  In the 30 years we've been married, we've NEVER had anyone over for a BBQ.  My DH has never had any interest in going near a grill.  It's almost funny.  Instead of the BBQ idea, I suggested we give them a call and make a specific date to meet for dinner at a local restaurant.  No pressures that way if the evening doesn't go well, and we've made our attempt to be friendly.  (Another odd thing is that they claim never to have been to our house, but they were here, I remember it clearly.)  My in-laws are strange people.


Well, time for me to finish doing my Bible study and start tackling some chores.  Hope you all have a blessed day!  ~  Charlene

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Restaurantisa great choice. You can always make an escape!!! Oh puppies!!!!
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Hi girls!

Well, this bloody board just poofed several paragraphs...  Cat Mad


I agree this is a nice bunch of ladies; my only "complaint" is that we don't live close to each other - think of the fun we'd have! Cat Very Happy


I had planned to drop off my Operation Christmas Child boxes today, take the trunk filled with stuff to the thrift shop that benefits animals, and run a few other errands, but it's pouring buckets out and heavy thunderstorms are forecast - not the kind of weather to carry things in and out.  I guess it'll have to wait for tomorrow; the concert is tomorrow night, so it's going to be a busy day.


Right now I have a couple of kitties on me; Jellybean is doing the "biscuits" thing, but this weird cat does it with his back feet!


Enjoy those cookies, Jean - they're very good.  I plan to get some after the hoidays (my very generous bear said he'll get me some for my birthday), but I just rememebered I have some guava shortbread that I ordered from ABC.  Cat Happy


Well, I haven't heard back from the pool guy about my air ducts, so I'm writing him off.  I guess with all those kids he's just rolling in dough for the holidays; so much for trying to be nice and help someone out, huh?  Cat Frustrated  Fortunately it's still warm, but I have to look for someone else; "honest handyman" and "reliable handyman" seem to be oxymorons. Cat Sad

Thanks for the prayers, Rosa - I pray for the group as well.  Glad to hear things are good for you.


LindaL, I looked at my driver's license - it's up for renewal in January, but I think it can be done on-line. Here if you're over a certain age (55?) you have the option of not having a picture on your license.

LindaR, did you see the news story about the cats who got on the stage at the G20 meeting?  Cat LOL  In Hawaii there was a cat named Walter who lived at a local jewelry story; she (yes, she) would sit outside and lure the tourists in.  She was stolen one day...but found her way home.  The one time we had a visiting ballet company (a bad thing about Hawaii is the cultural events are few and far between, apart from local stuff for tourists) the cat who lived in the theater gift shop wandered onto the stage, started licking itself, and got huge applause!  Cat LOL


Charlene, it's things like that that made me decide I just don't have the patience for a puppy!  The cats are bad enough; someone has been scratching my wallpaper, and I have to get some dyed-to-match paint to cover up the damage - fortunately it's pretty much a solid color.  Good call on the restaurant - if things don't go well you can get a sudden "headache" and have to leave. Cat Wink  Funny how your husband got the idea to grill out of nowhere...


Well, I guess I should do something - maybe make some cupcakes.  Twinny and pinky, I hope all is well.

Have a blessed day, everyone! 






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Hi everyone, it must be the day for getting supplies in. I spent a good portion of the morning doing that also. I got at least a 2 weeks supply of general stuff and started on supplies for while my daughter and her family come during their cross country move, of course other family members will also be here to see them also, so may be 15 or more here for meals off and on during that time. So I had quite a lot that I bought and brought home today, it was tiring bringing it all in and getting things put away, but glad I got a good start on it.
Very windy here today, cloudy but the rain ended, finally, early this morning. My dog makes me laugh when it's so windy, I take her out and she just wants back in the house. I got very little sleep last night, about 3 1/2 hours, so I am really dragging today. Will try to do better tonight. Just woke up with back hurting and could not get comfortable to go back to sleep, it happens to me a lot. Hope everyone has a nice day. Waves.....
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Hello all, if all things work as scheduled, I should arrive home to find my latest JCP haul on the front porch, lol.


It's raining here and even though I slept okay, looking out the window of the 18th floor and seeing rain cover the city makes me want to take a nap.



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Yes a rainy day. Good for curling up with a good book.

I adopted a dog who was six months. He would take his toys and move them all around the house in yard. One day I found a shoe in the street! His most memorable trick was stealing my wallet. It was on the ironing board. The next morning I could not find it. Looked throughout the house. Looked outside. Nothing. I got new cards and DL. About three weeks later I looked up one day to see the dog with my wallet between his paws. No doubt pleased with his prize! Wish I knew where it had been!!!