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Hi Everyone!


The weather is not cooperating with our "construction" plans. We've had a mix of rain and then sun with bouncing temps thru the entire day & night. Our mini patio is "mostly" completed and looks very nice. The hubby did a really nice job. It's raining again so he moved dirt piles, wet sand and firewood from one side of the back yard to the other to get it away from the generator area. 


I picked up prescriptions yesterday and there were only 2 of the 3. The third one is m.i.a. They went up $4 /$7 in price since last month's increase. It's not the biggest iincrease but month to month it all adds up.

I also did some grocery shopping. Lettuce was $3.29,Lemons/Limes $7.50 bag/ tomatoes and peppers $3/llb /grapes were on sale /corn on the cob was $5 or $7 for 5 ears/ Cauliflower $6. Bakeed beans--Bushes $3.29/can and the size was 2/3 of the previous can. Chillie beans $2.39/can. Pasta was increased $3 and up.

Sale items were only reductions to the increased prices from the week before but I was able to find a few spices that I use all the time. 

My friend and I now text who found what fruit where at what price since that's the most difficult category.


Once again this morning I lost my blance juggling the dog chow bowl and my coffee on the steps to the family room. UGH!!! I had to throw them all in the washer they were stained so much. You just would not think one cup of coffee would stain so many step runners. Grace and poise were never in my wheel house. LOL


Prayers to Bev and all those in need.


I did catch some of the Beauty special last night. I didn't order anything so that was good. There were more new products than repeats so is that a new "thing"? I also had not heard of this charity but I'm thinking that maybe I'm not really watching as much Q as what I thought. It was good that they reached their goal. I thought the "bonus gift" was a bit skinny with items.


Have a good afternoon/evening.


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Good Afternoon/Evening and thanks for getting us started, Fressa.  Sorry about your weather, increased prices, and your coffee stains.  LIke you, I am not at all graceful.  Seems like I spill something in the kitchen right after I mop the floor.  


I heard on the radio that people are buying less now that the prices have gone up, or at least buying less expensive items.  Makes sense to me.


The two OLLI classes (women of WWII and nations in the ancient Middle East) were very good.  The lady who taught the first class lives in Indiana and has written several books about the military.  She interviewed quite a few WWII veterans for one of the books, including several women.  


After class, I went to the Post Office to drop off the hospice mailings, and I have a Walmart pick-up in 30 minutes or so. 


I didn't see the beauty special last night, but I doubt that I would have ordered anything.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone sleeps well.