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Good morning, shopping friends. It is a dreary, rainy and chilly day. I'm sure the grass, weeds and flowers enjoy it but it is hard for me to get motivated to do things when it is dreary.


I think I need to put shopping on the back burner. I have spent too much but most of it was related to making life easier after the surgery. The office called and said the request for insurance approval was sent to Ortho Net to review and submit decision to Humana. 


On a positive note, the hotel/apartment in Australia has decided to let me move the reservation for the apartment unit to 2021. This was a great deal when we made it as we got an apartment with a water view for the price of a regular hotel room with city view. This gives us the option of not losing the money we invested as it was non-refundable. We may not be able to go in 2021 but if not, we would have lost the investment in it this year or next year.. Read the fine print in all those travel insurance policies unless you purchase "cancel for any reason" which are very expensive.


I've been doing odds and ends getting ready for the surgery on the 29th if approved. I imagine many of you are getting ready to venture out and celebrate Memorial Day in some way now that all states are opening up in some manner. Be safe and enjoy!


Have a great day. If you have time, check in and post! And, if you shop, shop wisely!

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Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Our weather is nice -- sunny and cooler than normal with a  predicted high of 85 degrees.  It was cool enough this morning that I wore a light jacket for half of my longish walk before it was no longer necessary.


Glad your surgery has been approved by your insurance company.  It think you are quite wise in procuring things to help make life easier after the surgery.  Happy to hear about you being able to move the Australia reservation.  My credit card sent a note today saying that based on my airline reservation, they were putting a travel notice on the card.  Unfortunately, no travel this spring.  


I have no plans to go out for any sort of Memorial Day celebration, but I am happy that Bernie and her sister will be getting together. 


While many more places are opening up in the area, the numbers of infections is continuing to rise.  I'm simply not willing to take the chance to try to get back to "normal".  I did go to the library to pick up a DVD I had on reserve yesterday.  They had instituted new procedures, including calling ahead and providing your library card number, and they even asked when I planned to come there.  The librarians had set up tables in front of the library, and they brought the DVD to me.  People who were using their computers had to make reservations in advance, spend no more than 30 minutes, and go in a side door.  


Today I will be dropping off a banana bread I made for the senior lunch program director (she is a huge fan of banana bread).  Nothing else of note on my schedule.  I did order another word search book from Amazon, and it should be arriving today.  I find the game challenging (as it is supposed to be) plus it keeps my mind off of the news, etc.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe.





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Hi Everyone!


We're in our cool spell before the hot weather arrives. It is very windy. It provided a good test for the A/C repair and furnace operation test with the auto thermostat. I was able to accomplish that (for my peace of mind) by midnight last night. The temp reading on ther thermostat seemd high to me for the way it felt in the back half of the house. I went thru some testing of the termostat to be sure that was working correctly, It appears it is.My backup testers are the dogs. No kidding. If they are panting then it's too warm. They were not so question answered.


Believe it or not, we already have a neighbor setting off fireworks, rockets, etc. late at night. I thought we had a night hunter. It was so loud that it actually woke my husband up.That's quite the accomplishment. LOL Our male dog does not tolerate them but the female is fine. We have woods around us so I always worry about fire. That's where he aims everything--toward the woods and in our direction. I'm guessing he'll be doing this until after the 4th of July.


KomKat--Good news that at least they carried over your vacation reservation to 2021. There are always so many decisions to make with travel and each one costs $$$. I hope 2021 is free and clear of any obstacles for us all to enjoy life.


Today I am picking up a prescription. According to the pharamacy text, they have the incorrect price attached to it. This always takes extra time to correct so I decided that I will just make a second trip for groceries this week.  


I received an email from UPS that my package (large 5lb bucket  of dog biscuits) would be delivered tomorrow and someone needed to be home for the delivery. No signature required....just home.  This is new. Yesterday there was a different driver and he left my packages at the side door. Just so they get to a door and not left in the street and I'll be good. 


This weekend we're going to spend some time in the attic and clear out the empty computer boxes that are up there. There is so much duct work for the A/C and Hepa system you can barely turn around. We need to check the vents to make sure the screen guards are stiil in place. With all these high winds I don't want the attic to be the hotel for any critter. It's so cramped up there so I want to make sure there's room for them to really check the system.


Stay safe & comfy.Have a good afternoon/evening.


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Jean, it's been a dreary week here too, but the sun is shining and it's in the mid 60's.  My kind of weather.  I am glad that your airline has chgd your travel plans to 2021.  Hopefully several of us here will be able to travel then too. Good luck with your upcoming surgery and recuperation period.


Linda L, no travel for us this spring either.  Better to be safe than sorry for you too.  It looks like you had an easy time getting the DVD from your local library.  Ours isn't open yet.  I do at least 1 or 2 word search puzzles almost every night.  It's a good way to occupy my mind also.  


Fressa, your neighbor is inconsiderate by setting off fireworks this early.  Good luck with you're weekend attic project. We have a couple of neighbors that shoot off fireworks,  but close to July 4th & they are a beautiful display.   It's easier than going to watch them in our hometown.  



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I have been reading your posts each night & it looks like you are all keeping busy.


We got about 2" of rain between Sunday and Monday.  It was cloudy and drizzly yesterday, but the sunshine feels good in the house today.


Yesterday my DH had to get a rx from the pharmacy, so I went along to do a little bit of shopping too.   I was able to get my Palmolive antibacterial dish soap, which I haven't been able to find.  


He also had his 6 month labs/Dr. follow-up.  All is well, but he needed to get a Shingles Vaccine.  After checking here and there  he got it at our favorite pharmacy for $175.00.  Ouch & he needs another one in about 2 months.  Today his arm is a tiny bit sore, so I hope that he doesn't have any more side effects. I am not getting my shingles vaccine until after my next infusion which is in less than two weeks & my dental appointment in less than three weeks.  These appointments are very necessary for me.


I walked this morning for the first time all week, so it was nice to get out and about again.  I think that we will be cleaning and decluttering the garage tomorrow.  Then we will be all done.


My DH is getting his new hearing aids tomorrow.  Then he will have to remember not to wear them with a mask and his eyeglasses.


Supper is a $1.00 bbq rib sandwiche from Qwik Trip. Always yummy and hot.


Hugs to all of you.





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Bird Mama. Did you get our rain?  We were lucky that we didn't get 6+ " or more like cities East of us. I just saw some awful pix on CNN showing bad flooding.  


My DH walked this morning and come back home with rhubarb from a friend's yard.  I picked ours a couple of weeks ago and it's not ready to pick again.  I am going to be making rhubarb strawberry muffins tomorrow for breakfast.


The good news here is that Christopher is done with his college classes and got straight A's.  We are so happy because his first year at the UW -Madison has been a turbulent one for him.   Hopefully next year will be somewhat back to normal.  Which is doubtful right now though.


Our other 2 dgc still are doing their HS classes online & aren't done for a few more weeks.


We have no big plans for the weekend other than going to 4 cemeteries on Friday and putting flowers on my parents gravesite.  It's always sad when we are the only two paying our respect.  When our dc were still at home, we went with my parents and my aunt's & uncles to all of them.  Now they have all passed away.


Tomorrow is our weekly grocery shopping day.  I hope that it's not real busy first thing in the morning.


Yesterday, when my DH was at his Dr follow-up appt.,  he mentioned about going to our church annual picnic in the park on June 7th which we are in charge of.  We are not going to attend.  We might have to go early to see that it's clean if it's going to be held.


The Dr. said take your own plate of food, don't eat anything that has been brought in, wear a mask and safe distance at least 6' apart.  No eating at a sit down restaurant either.  He told my DH that he has been to more drive thru restaurants in the last 3 months than the entire time he has been married.


Few places have reopened up in our hometown which is a good thing.