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Hi Everyone!


It's cool with just requiring a sweater to be outside. Partly sunny today so an improvement. The remainder of the week is to be more of the same. 


I finally started planting a few of the flowers I had ordered. I had to rework where I was going to plant everything because of the nesting birds. I didn't want them to get upset or be too near their nests. I did leave the two large potted ones on the porch tables. They seem to like it there so I'm wondering if I should even move them. My camo gardening thumgb gets me second guessing myself all the time. I certainlydo need to weed and soon. 


Because I know how to have afternoon fun (NOT) I scrubbed all the bathrooms in this house. I just wanted to be able to check at least one chore off the list for this week. 


The new patio rug on the front porch is being stubborn with flatening out. These rugs must have been sitting on a boat for many months to be this lumpy. Now, the two older ones on the back patio have started to curl on the outside edges. I have not had that happen before to the older rugs. (I think they are only 2 years old) The fibers are crunchy and stiff so I think it might be a quality issue. I've not had a problem with the other Veranda rugs that  I purchased in past years. They lasted for years and years. These will need replacing so I'm watching for a clearance sale. In the mean time, I turned them around and put the worse part under the outdoor's disappointing but at least we will still have some rug under our feet and paws. 


Hope everyone is feeling well or doing somethin enjoyable this afternoon.


Have a good evening.

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Good afternoon ladies, hope all is well.


Fressa - Thank you for starting us today.  Sorry to hear about your rugs, that would disheartening.  That is very kind of you to try not disturb the birds.  I scrubbed my bathrooms on Monday, I feel like I just did it and are doing it again.


Not much happening here.  I did get my second vaccine yesterday, I had a bit of a "hangover headache" this morning, but feeling pretty good.  I don't plan on doing any traveling this year, but am hoping to next year.  We are trying to do a few day trips this summer, but no overnights.  


Well off to watch more British Baking Show, I do enjoy this show, I think I gain weight just watching it. 


Hope everyone has a great evening.

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Good Afternoon/Evening and thanks for getting us started, Fressa.  Sorry to hear about the rugs.  Hope you find a longer-lasting product, and good luck with your flowers.  I agree with Susan, It seems like you just do the job, and it is time to do it again.  At least I only have two bathrooms to clean.  


Glad you were able to get your second vaccine and so far no big problems, Susan.  I hope you are able to go on some road trips this year.  I still plan to go on my Road Scholar trip to Utah in September, but not sure that will happen.


It is hot again today, but it was pleasant on my early morning walk.  Four of us met for an early lunch at a local pizza place, and ate outdoors.  Fortunately, it wasn't too hot on the covered patio.  


Bev went to one of her doctors yesterday who suggested she go on chemo to help shrink a tumor on one of her kidneys.  If they are able to shrink the tumor, they can do surgery to remove it.  She then went to her oncologist who had more or less discouraged chemo, but agreed to talk it over with the other doctor.  


Long story short, Bev was willing to try the chemo, but then talked to her son who was pretty negative about it saying that the doctors just wanted to make money from doing the chemo, and she would get very sick.


We had quite a discussion about it, and Bev is thinking about it.  Difficult decision.


The air purifier that I ordered from Amazon arrived today, and I am hoping it helps with my allergy symptoms.  Nothing else to report.  


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.







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Linda - I am very jealous of your weather.  I will keep your friend Bev in my thoughts, she does have a big decision to make.