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Good Afternoon!  Another nice day here -- sunny with a high of 72 degrees predicted.  It was a bit cooler on my walk this morning -- probably due to the wind that was stronger than yesterday.


I had some news from Jean yesterday.  Apparently, her heart rate is climbing again and heart rhythm is out of sync.  So, she is waiting to hear about the consultation with the specialist in Ohio.  She thinks they are considering a cardiac ablation.  Hopefully, the consultation will happen soon.  She has done a lot of waiting already.


Not sure if I mentioned it, but I have been very frustrated with the new CPA's office.  They were very fast to cash my check (considerably higher charge than I expected), but had not filed my taxes electronically in a week.  The excuse given -- the government agencies were not accepting filings -- was not believable to me.  Anyway, I called again today, and both Federal and State taxes have been filed, and they have acknowledged the acceptance as of this morning.  I have definitely decided not to use this firm next year, but at least things are finally moving for this year.


The hospice mailings will not be ready until tomorrow.  Hopefully, they will be ready on Wednesday next week.  It makes it a little easier on me to get things done.


I guess that this is an all-day food day at the Q.  Although I'm sure some of the items are great, it is just not practical for me to order food when I have limited freezer or even refrigerator space to store things, plus I am the only one eating here.  I hope any of you who order enjoy your finds.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.  Please post if you have a chance.






P.S. I have put up my Easter decorations as well, Glenda.  I don't have all that many, but really like what I have.  Glad your DGD enjoys yours.

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Hi Everyone!


Today is sunny and windy with severe storm and tornado watch thru tomorrow. UGH!!! I decided to postpone the banking and picking up a precription until tomorrow. I'll do grocery shopping on Friday. Not my favorite day but hopefully it will be a quick trip. 


Thanks for the update on Jean. That waiting issue can't be good for her condition.'s the heart not a stubbed toe. You would thing that would move her up on the list. I'll keep her in my prayers as well as all the others who are still dealing with issues and conditions.


I have cronic migraines but yesterday they reached a new level of awful. Today is worse so I'm thinking the barometric pressure must be rising like crazy in front of the super storm. I'm glad I got the bills paid while I could still focus. I keep hoping the medical profession will creat some pill that will work for me. Crossing my fingers.


I had a call from our tax guy last night. He was wondering why I hadn't responded to his email from two weeks ago about our taxes. I never received it. At any rate, I sent him some of the forms after I was able to download our returns. It took forever because I was having computer issues here. Hopefully, it will go smoothly from here.This firm has been very good for us. I was just thinking about calling him because it was taking longer than ususal. I think that's the advantage of having such an early due date. Taxes always drive me crazy. 


I did order a few food items this morning to have in the freezer. Our market prices are higher than in some states so I though I better have a few more things "just in case" that I can make for dinner.


The Bell TSV arrived today. They look nicer than they did on air. I have to try them on yet but that will be another day.


Have a good afternoon/evening.



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@Fressa  Have you tried injectable Imitrix? That's what my son was prescribed for his chronic, debilitating migraines. I also suffer from migraines but the pills have always worked for me. Generic version of course. And mine are almost always caused by the change in the barometric pressure. Just thought I'd pass that suggestion along.❤

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Linda L, that's too bad about your CPA's office.  We went to our tax lady two weeks ago today (Wednesday) they called & said they were done last Thursday and we picked them up on Friday.  We try not to have to pay in or get a large refund, but we get $$ on State and $$ on Federal.  Apparently we asked them to take more out of our IRA's.  I am not interested in an all day food day, but the popcorn kind of interested us.  I don't have a lot of Easter decorations, but Emily did a nice job.  She did it entirely different than I have done it.  My dh mentioned how nice it looked.  


Fressa, I am sorry about your migraines.  Thank goodness I rarely get a headache.  We are getting rain for the next 3 days. Then sunny and nice.  It's grocery shopping day for us tomorrow.


Prayers for Jean that she will be able to see her Dr. soon.  


I picked up my friend Rhonda and we met another friend and went to Culver's for lunch.  She had a call from her Dr. saying that one part of her brain is fine, but they found a small cancer cell on the other side.  She goes back up to the UW-CLINIC next Tuesday for a follow-up & sees her neurologist on Wednesday.  She is the one that had to have a kidney removed 5 year's ago & they think the brain bleed/tumor might be from that.


I get my infusion next Monday and hope to hear that we can go back to church and take a road trip again.  Then we are looking forward to taking Christopher for lunch and hearing more about his internship job with Culver's.  


The electrician came this morning, looked at the hot tub and has to order a new electrical box.  Might take a week to get it which is fine as he is a good electrician and is  trustworthy.  


Hugs to all of you.




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NeVans2--Thanks for the suggestion. I've tried so many pills. I have other medication that usually doesn't mix well with anything else. Injections aren't an option for me. Barometric pressure really affects my knees especially with my reconstructed leg & knee. Thanks for the thought.

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Catching up on posts.


Linda @LindaLatte  I am really sorry to read that Jean's AFIB is flaring up again.  I hope the specialist in Ohio gets her in soon.  I'm glad that the CPA finally filed your taxes.  PS and by the way, I filed mine electronically at the end of February and had all my refund money deposited by March 1st - they were indeed storytelling you.



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