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Good Afternoon/Evening!  Hope everyone has had a nice Wednesday.  We are expecting a high of 102 degrees, which I am sure we will reach since it is 101 now.  Just heard that we have an excessive heat warning for Friday.  Wonder how high "excessive" is.  


The senior lunch program went fairly well, but there were a few glitches.  For one thing, instead of meatloaf, they sent Shepherd's pie.  I served that in bowls rather than just on the plate to avoid messes, and that was a good idea.  I don't remember it being that hot in the room before -- sweat coming down from my forehead again.  Yikes.


I haven't accomplished a lot today, so I better "get with the program" -- exercise DVD, buy gasoline, pick up a book at the library, etc.  Sorry the prices are so high in your area, Fressa.  I read that the prices for gasoline and some food items are lower in our county (130 miles or so south of Phoenix) than in the Phoenix area.  So, I guess it isn't necessarily just a State thing.  


The tour company sent some additional information about the trip. I knew about the phone app, but I learned that Canada requires everyone to wear masks in the airport and government operated facilities, and may test fully vaccinated people on a random basis when you enter.  Tbat was enough to motivate ordering some more KN95 masks.  I wear them several places here -- grocery store, church, senior lunch program, etc., but want to have a good stock for travel.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone sleeps well.  Please post if you have a chance.





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This site went nuts on me after early morning and getting to the forums and posts has been a little tricky.  Boy am I getting garbage text at the top of the page - I have to hit a prompt on the upper left named 'skip to footer' and work my way up. 


Whoa Linda @LindaLatte  Considering what your area feels is normal, I'm worried about what excessive means for you.  Serving the shepherd's pie in a bowl was a great idea.  Right now I wouldn't mind visiting the Yukon Woman Very Happy

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Interesting, Bernie.  I had some trouble at first, but now the forums seem to be okay for me.


Back from my errands.  I checked, and the excessive heat if supposed to be 107 degrees or higher.  Not fun.


Report on gasoline prices --- they went down again to $4.55 a gallon.  It cost $40 for 3/4 of a tank, so I didn't feel that much better about the price, but....  My car isn't the most fuel efficient, but I am not planning to buy a new or newer car any time soon since there are no car payments, and there is room for quite a few boxes (hospice deliveries).

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I have been reading, but not posting. 


Linda L, I am sorry for your excessive heat warning.  We had a few of them last month.  I don't go out of the house after 11:00 a.m. unless it's to the gym which is set at 63° most of the time.  So far, I went to the gym on Monday.  It's a good thing you used bowls for the shepherds pie. When I got my infusion on Monday, my dh got gas for $3.87.  Too bad he could only put in 6 gallons.  We get good mileage on the Subaru & have been using the mopeds a lot.


Bird Mama, I wish I was in AK too.  So far this week hasn't been as hot as was predicted.  Rain might get here on Friday night and Saturday.  We could use some more.  Hopefully the road construction in your area will be done soon.


Susan, I hope your dental work goes well.  I had some extensive dental work done two summers ago & I am very happy with my partial.   My next fear is that our dentist left & we are going to a new one next Wednesday.  I am the biggest chicken for a  variety of reasons.


Fressa, I just ate a no sugar added ice cream sandwich. It's my treat on a hot night.  


I had my infusion on Monday and it went well.  Then we did a bit of shopping.  I bought 2 nice  bed pillows at Kohl's ( as spares)  for $12 each instead of $29.99 each & 3 washcloths, hand towels and bath towels at JCP & saved $72.   One of these days, I am going to repaint my dh's bathroom.  It's been on my list for a few years.


On Tuesday, I had my first PT session.  It went quite well and I hope that I am doing the 4 exercises correctly.  I do them twice a day and go for the next session next Tuesday.


I agree that PT stands for Pure Torture.  If it helps, it's worth it.  My left elbow is slowly getting better.


We are going for a road trip tomorrow.  I want to go to a few shops that I didn't get to on Monday.  It was too hot for me and  JCP & Kohl's wore me out.


Grocery prices are all over the place.  I have been able to get a lot of  reasonably priced fruit about every other week. Eggs are $1.99 to $4.29 a dozen.  


Hugs to all of you.