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LindaL - hope things are going well for your DH.  That's terrible about the supposed lawyer.  I really do hope that you're able to get your wills/trusts done correctly this time.  (((hugs))).

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Rosa, I'm 5'10

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Thanks, Bernie, I was curious.

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Good evening, everyone! The appointment with the car was not until around 2pm so that gave me an opportunity to get my nails done, have a great lunch and then see if I could get the battery changed in my IM ceramic watch. I love that watch.


It wasn't until after I bought it that I heard the stories of how hard it is to replace the battery. I think the secret is finding a jeweler with the right type of equipment and has the patience.


Each chain jewelry store in the mall quoted me $20 to change the battery and then when they looked at the back of the watch apologized and stated they couldn't change the battery.


Frustrated, I remembered there was an independent  high end jewelry store on the way to the car dealership. I stopped and discovered that they could do it but it took much more time than a regular watch. If I didn't mind waiting, they  would change it. I waited and left with a nice watch with new battery. I was told these watches require special jewelry tools and patience. I was expecting a higher price than that quoted me by the chain jewelry  store. Instead, I was charged only $7. While waiting, however, I discovered a pair of earrings.Did I need them? No,  but I indulged as they are not like any I have. They were also 25% off.  I guess I can pretend Midnight bought them for me.


Off to the car appointment I went where I  was late because of the time taken to replace the battery. The car passed inspection, with oil changed, and tires rotated. One part on something dealing with the suspension had to be replaced. I left there $375 poorer plus hearing alll the good deals on cars right now from people in the lounge plus the head of the service department coming in and answering questions about service history on various models.Ouch!  Since my car is ten years old this week, I may take a look.


DJoyner--Welcome to the group. The whole process of controlling shopping is that of taking it one day at a time. You may do better some days than others, but the long range goal is to find improvement measured by decrease in shopping or decrease in money spent, etc.Obvioiusly, there is an emotional component. I didn't need the earrings but because of the frustration plus pain I've had lately, I just wanted to treat myself. At that point, I didn't know I would be paying the dealership $375. See how it goes? We look forward to your posting again.

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Hi girls!


Where does the time go?  Seems I just got up and now it's dark already. I hate this!  Cat Frustrated


I had a package that I sent to a ship returned, with a sticker that said the address was incomplete.  I checked it and no, it's right (I sent several boxes to the same address at the same time, and only one came back)..but the box was totally smashed, the contents are crumbs, and now I have to file an insurance claim. They'd better not give me a hard time about it!  Cat Mad  Seriously - they need to privatize the USPS.


I did get to Ollie's and got the last of the Chef Boyardee sauce - 5 jars. I looked carefully as it was on two different shelves, but that was all they had. I know I've been planning to not stock so much food, but things like that stay forever and there's no telling if they'll get any in again, as Ollie's buys overstocks, closeouts, things from stores going out of business, etc. The spaghetti sauce was only 99¢ for a large jar, which is excellent, but I've learned Ollie's prices aren't always the best; for example, they had "Pupcorn" for $2.29, and Dollar Tree carries the same sized box.  From there I went to Sam's for just a few things; I resisted buying any clothing - I don't need it and wasn't crazy about what I saw - it would have been buying just because I felt like buying something. I had pizza for lunch, which was wonderful - fresh from the oven. 


Well, I got hold of the handyman service that was recommended by a lady from the church where we packed the Christmas Child boxes. It was started by a retired Navy SEAL and employs only veterans; a man is coming on Friday to look at the air ducts.  It's been warm up until now - in fact, last night I had to change from warm PJs to a cooler nightgown - but is supposed to start getting cold at night starting today. 


I've also been trying to track down a dear friend from my last couple of years in NY.  Alice was very, very kind to me - I didn't know how to drive (part of my late husband's abuse), so had to walk two miles each way to the supermarket. One day she saw me carring my bags home, offered me a ride, and we became friends; she lived near me, we'd often go out together, and she pretty much drove me wherever I needed to go. She's been on my mind, so I looked her up on-line and was dismayed to find public documents from a few years ago saying the court was being petitioned to make the state her guardian; from what I read, it seems she has Alzheimers.  Poor thing was living in her house with no working bathroom or kitchen, and dog poop all over.  She was in a nursing home and said her parents (long since dead - Alice is in her 80s) were at her house taking care of things and she wanted to go home. Anyway, my search also brought up a prayer request with her name at her church, so I called them to see if I could find out what's going on, but no one answered the phone - it just rang and rang. I then called the nursing home, and they said they have no one by that name living there.  I can't find an obituary, so I assume she's still alive - I guess I'll just have to keep calling the church until someone answers.  I feel awful, and I'm so sorry I didn't keep in touch. I'm hoping that if she's still alive I can send her some flowers or something. She probably won't remember me, given her state of mind, but she'll at least know someone cares about her. 


Hope you're feeling better, Jean. Our car inspections here are a joke - they just check the emissions and look to see if you have a catalytic converter - that's it. 


Welcome, DJoyner!  Do you live alone?  I know I used to shop a lot because I dreaded going home to a lonely apartment and the salesladies were always so happy to see me (I finally realized they didn't care about ME - they knew I was a big spender and they'd get a fat commission!), then I'd shop because I thought finding the "perfect" (fill in the blank) would make me happy.  More recently I'd shop for the lifestyle I wished I had, rather than the one I do, as if having the right wardrobe or things for entertaining would make it  magically happen.  I finally discovered that getting involved in volunteer worked helped a lot - it kept me busy and around people, so the loneliness didn't "bite" as much.


Gosh snicks, that baked ziti sounds good - maybe that's what I'll make for dinner. 


Nothing much else going on here, apart from the usualy mayhem - I got up to find a living room lamp knocked over, the cats knocked over my coffee and broke one of my favorite mugs, the dogs tore up a fleece throw (they can now freeze for all I care), and the misnamed Angelica chewed or bit a dog dish into a hundred pieces...and, as usual, all her chew toy were ignored.  I laugh when I see things on FB that say having pets is godo for your health!  These demons raise my blood pressure, and irritate the heck out of me.  (Autumn and a couple of the cats are good, but the rest...forget it!)  


Hi to everyone not mentioned - have a blessed evening!