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Good morning, shopping friends. I've been out of the loop lately as I  haven't felt well joining the ranks of many. I did go to the orthopedic on Monday and ended up with cortisone injections. The past two nights I have really slept well. Yesterday, I worked but today I am off. I'm taking advantage of the time off today to get an oil change and car inspection as my car's yearly inspection is due. Hopefully, no problem will be found.


I ordered an item late Sunday from Amazon. Yesterday, it was delivered to my  door. In the meantime, a fashion item I had ordered from QVC on Turkey Day was still "in process." Needless to say, it is no longer "in process." I killed the order. I have no need for today's cookware special. What I have still works well for what cooking I do.


Have a great  day. If you shop, shop wisely.

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Oh my, you're black cat looks like my Molly who passed away several years ago, and I miss her dearly.  She was a very talkative cat and even when I answered the phone she would join in the conversation.  Now to the subject of one day at a time, I completely understand the delivery with QVC and Amazon.  I find that some other things on QVC are also on Amazon and a lower price was shipping included and can get them so much faster.  However, the title says one day at a time.  I am also doing one day at a time but in a different manner than you.  I have been a shopaholic and am up to my eyeballs with my credit cards.  It seems as though I have gotten myself to believe that just about everything I see I need.  Not good.  I have been pretty good the past several years and have put things in my wish list instead of in my cart.  Then a few days later and go back and look at my wish list and realize that I don't really need it.  Three weeks or four weeks whenever it has been is not a longtime but I am slowly realizing to leave my credit cards alone and I'm in joining myself in a shopaholic anonymous session.  I too get cortisone injections in my knees and they do wonders for me.  I hope you keep getting them when needed and feel better.  Merry Christmas and happy new year's.

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Good morning!

Rainy and cold here.

I am finished Christmas shopping and need to start getting a few things as I go for Christmas Eve dinner.I always have a spiral cut ham and shrimp, thigs that I normally don't buy, so it is more than I usually spend on groceries. But it is so hard for me to resist all of the good deals this time of year and I truly do not need anything....but still hard to resisit.  I am determined.

I hope that everyone is well.


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DJoyner. Welcome to our group. Please feel free to share. It sounds like you made a great step in this journey. We have all made unwise buying decisions. I also use the wish list. I often look and think. "What was I thinking". I know I can easily get caught up in the moment.
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Good Morning all and thanks for starting us off today Jean. 


DJoyner - I don't even put things on a Q wishlist.  I do it the MaryBeth Roe way (I love MaryBeth) and I write an item number down.  I usually misplace the piece of paper and the item is long forgotten.


One thing that does have me peeved is my JCP rewards.  Now JCP is my store - been shopping there over 30 for tall ladies clothing.  I would have spent the money anyway, however a couple of days ago I had 218 reward points which translates into two $10 coupons.


Today I logged in to check the status of some wallets coming from Canada the long way (lol) and I have zero rewards.  It's not like I redeemed anything.


For maybe 30 seconds I was tempted to call JCP.  Then I thought, Bernie why get yourself aggravated so early in the day.



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Bernie, I also need talls, I am 5'11'.  How tall are you?

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Good morning all and thanks Jean for starting us off this morning. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. Hope your car passes the inspection without any unforseen problems. Don't blame you in canceling that Q order that sat in processing for so many days, that is just ridiculous and seems to be getting worse almost daily.


DJoner, welcome to the group, feel free to join our chat anytime. I think most of us have gotten a grip on our shopping habits, I know I have from how I shopped a few years ago.


fbm8282lsm, good for you for having your Christmas shopping done, I am nearly done, except for a few things. I too have much extra grocery shopping left to do though.


kittyfan, I sometimes also use wish list, but not so much anymore, once I put an item there, I rarely go back to look at it, and then, usually just remove it, so no point really, for me.


birdmama, what on earth is going on with JCP, taking away your points?? Maybe it is a fluke?? I am 5'6 1/2" tall, but need a 32" inseam, I am all legs, can't stand pants that don't come down to cover the tops of my shoes, lol.


Wow, is it cold here today, and windy which of course makes it feel even colder. I did get out for a couple errands this morning. That cold really affects the arthritis in my back badly. Makes  it difficult to want to do much of anything else. Got laundry going as I type and will see what else I get accomplished today. Going to make baked ziti for dinner, should have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow as well, which is always a plus, lol. Waves to everyone......



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Greetings to all. It has been chilly here..actually cold for the valley of the sun. I did a bank run a little bit ago and it felt pretty nice.


i spent way too much on the 7 grands but they are only little  I did some damage at jjill but now should be done for a while.


i am 5'9 but because I am long waisted, tells do not work for me. 


Jean, glad you are feeling better. I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

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Good Morning/Afternoon!  Thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Hope your car inspection goes well, and you have some fun time today (lunch out maybe?)  Glad you are feeling a bit better.  That is crazy about the Q order -- I don't blame you for canceling.  I received a space heater that I ordered from Amazon a couple of days earlier than promised.  That was nice since I really enjoyed having the extra heat in the "office".  This is my second space heater -- the other one is in the living room where DH spends so much time sitting on the couch. This house has very little/no insulation, so you can really feel the cold.  


Welcome DJoyner.  Like you, I used to spend way too much on things I "wanted", but didn't need.  And, I use my wishlist as well -- mine is pretty short since I usually put things on and take them off the next day or so.  


Hi Rosa -- sounds like you are doing quite well with your Christmas preparations.  I like having special foods for the holidays, and making special treats.  But, I haven't started doing so yet.


Hope JCP gives you the points, Bernie.  I would be very frustrated.  I know there are some tall ladies on our board, but not me (down to 5'3" due to osteoporosis).  


Wish I could have some of your baked ziti, snicks.  Sorry it is so cold there, and is causing your aches.  Not fair.


Waves to Kathleen, Arlene, twinny, Susan, Marijane, Charlene, Barbara, pinky ann, Gayle, Karen, and all of our posters and readers.


DH is off to the "club", which gives me a chance to relax and take care of some errands. He was up a lot last night, so my energy isn't the best, but....


I will be seeing a lawyer this afternoon to find out whether we should change one of the plans our other estate "lawyer" set up for DH.  Very long story, but it turns out the other guy had a law degree, but was disbarred a few years back after being found guilty in a money laundering scheme.  I am hoping this lawyer is understanding and can help me work through this sticky and upsetting situation.


Meanwhile, I went to the card store to buy my Christmas cards after I dropped off DH, and I'll be going to the gym in a little while.  


I had my hair cut yesterday, and it is okay, but I had a different stylist, so I'm not sure if it is quite right.  


Hope everyone has a nice day!





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Hi Jean, thanks for getting us started.  The slow shipping from QVC bugs me too.  Almost everyone is faster.  DJoyner - welcome to our thread.  I still deal with periods when I shop too much.  I'm reading a book right now called "To Buy or Not to Buy" which has me keeping a journal.  I'm still near the beginning of the book, as it has you write about your childhood memories of shopping and money.  That's been taking more time than I had anticipated.  KonaKat (aka Jean) has written us some fabulous little essays about money/shopping/acquiring stuff which I have always found inspirational.  Bernie - I sometimes buy things from JCP too, they can have some great sales. Hope that your points aren't really gone.   I'm a fan of MaryBeth Roe too.  I started watching QVC when I was pregnant with my son, who is now 24 years old.  MaryBeth and I are about the same age, with children the same age, and we share many of the same values in life.  


The last several days I've been trying to catch up on things around the house, but haven't been making much progress.  I do some cleaning but I don't finish it.  I do some laundry but I still have some clothes to put away.  We set up our Christmas tree but haven't decorated it.  You get the idea.  


Everything's kind-of messy and disorganized  Even now, I should be busy finishing my Bible study and be working on chores, but I'm procrastinating on my computer.  Thankfully not all weeks are like this, but I'm not very "on task" lately.  Hopefully I can gain more focus.  Well, time for me to get busy.  Hope you all have a good day!   ~   Charlene