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SHOPAHOLICS ONE DAY AT A TIME (Tuesday, November 17)

Good Morning/Afternoon!  Another dry and warmer than normal day here with a high of 89 degrees predicted.  It was not as cool on my walk this morning (in the 50's), but still quite comfortable.  


I like the TSV slippers, but like someone else said (Susan?), I cannot wear lined slippers since my feet just can't "get a grip" or something.  It is a shame, but at least I will be saving a little money.  My new pajamas are not expected to arrive until mid December.


Today I have an on-line concert plus my plant based diet class.  Other than that, I plan to do an exercise DVD and some cleaning.  I put out the last of the trash from my storage room for collection today, so I'm feeling a bit lighter  I am enjoying the new season of the "Crown" in the evening -- just watching one episode per day to stretch it out a bit.  


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe.  Please post if you have a chance.





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Re: SHOPAHOLICS ONE DAY AT A TIME (Tuesday, November 17)

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Linda--Thank you for starting the thread. I also passed on the TSV shoes. I liked them but bought a pair on sale last year near the end of the season for use this Winter. It and the other pair will work for me. I did, however, just ordered the Dennis Basso TSV throw as I have been looking forward to it. I got the chinchilla.


This work assignment I have this week is a dream, but it is boring. Basically the students are being instructed by the teacher from home while she is on quarantine as she was identified by contact tracing. I just monitor the class and make sure they are on task while she instructs and then afterwards as they carry out the assignments on the laptop to be submitted to her.


I have an orthopedic appointment in the city in the afternoon but I will be going in the morning for a free Covid test. I thought it might be a good idea since lately I had been in some potential bad areas, not to mention our school system where cases have just been identified.

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Re: SHOPAHOLICS ONE DAY AT A TIME (Tuesday, November 17)

Good evening ladies, hope all is well.


Linda - Thank you for starting us today.  Glad you are having nice weather.  We had snow flurries today - Yikes.  It was around freezing today, but by Thursday it is supposed to go up to 60 degrees.  Guess Mother Nature was messing with us.  Though, I did get the winter coats out. 


Enjoy your concert, it sounds like it would be nice.  I haven't tried anything like that online, I may have to.  I also like The Crown, but I don't limit myself to one a night, we usually watch 2 or 3 a night.  I know, I am not good with patience.


Jean - Hope you have an enjoyable week subbing.  Also, hope the test comes out negative.  


Not much happening around here.  We are supposed to be going to my brother's house for Thanksgiving but I think we will be staying home.  My DH has COPD and he is a little nervous about get togethers right now.  


Not much else to say, hope everyone has a great evening.