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Good morning shopping friends. I awakened to 24 degrees and snow. The contrast to last year at this time is remarkable, At this time last year, we were going to Florida. It was warm enough here to go without a jacket; it was very warm in Florida.

I know many don't like the TSV but these types of shoes are great if you walk a lot, or for trips in which much walking is done. The adjustability of the straps make these types of shoes winners for feet that might swell, etc. during the long day. I have a Clarks version of these as well as an Orthoheel Vionics version.

I noted they were showing the Clarks sandals with the Lexi bottom. I have these shoes and they are great, but I got mine from Amazon. I have them in black, camel or tan, and red. As a result, I don't need to buy sandals this year.

I do like watching Denim & Co., so that will be on my agenda. I don't know that I need anything from that show, but I'm debating the TSV to use in walking, etc. locally. I despise wearing heavy walking shoes so these suit me just fine.

Midnight is wanting to climb on board for some lap time. As a result, I need to move the laptop to a more acceptable place for him.

Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.

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Good morning, I am at work watching the snow. So far the roads are OK, this is a pretty snow.

Pretty quiet here, DH has Drs. appointment, his regular. He sees a Dr 2 times a month. I will be in charge of the office{#emotions_dlg.tt1} which means QVC will be viewed.

No shopping on my horizons today, I will watch Denim and Co. I am interested in the How Smooth capris if they come back into stock. My size in black is on waitlist. I keep checking.

Nothing new!

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Rosa--The roads are good here also I do love the way you are taking charge of the office. I do hope DH's appointment goes well. I don't have the How Smooth capris. I do have the Original Waist version of crops and capris and another version with tabs and buttons on the bottom. The tab version was bought late summer and never saw any action, so they will be used this year.

I do like that gauze top with tank for very hot months. Just thinking! I do have the 3/4 sleeve denim jacket. It is very nice.

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Good morning ladies, hope all is well.

Jean - Thank you for starting the thread today, sorry about the snow. We don't have snow and the sun is shining, but it is cold out. Glad you remembered the jacket, I decided I am not buying any spring or summer clothes until I go thru what I have and either decide to keep or donate. One year I forgot how many shirts I had and went out and bought more, I ended up donating about 50 shirts to the youth home in our area. I also like to watch the D&C shows, Carolyn does a nice job on those shows.

Rosa - Have fun being the boss and hope DH's apt goes well.

Not much going on here, still can't shake this cold, next week it is supposed to go up to 65 on Monday, I am going to open a few windows here and air out the house. I am so over winter and cold weather, I want warmer temps now.

Well off to get something constructive done here, hope everyone has a great afternoon.

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Good Morning! Thanks for getting us started Jean. Sorry about the change in the weather there this year compared to last. At least the roads are okay (so far.) I am talking to myself long and hard about the TSV. Definitely not a need, but I do get tons of use out of these types of sandals. And, I am currently wearing a pair of Clarks that are pretty similar. Like you, I have the Lexi bottom Clarks sandals that they have been featuring lately. The first pair came from QVC and the second from Amazon. If Amazon gets them back in my size and a different color, they will probably be purchased. The price here is considerably higher than what I paid when it was a TSV or what they charge on Amazon.

Hi Rosa -- hope you enjoy being the boss for a while -- and watching Q in the office. Sounds pretty good to me.

Waves to Kathleen, Arlene, twinny, Marijane, LindaR, Susan, Nancy, Karen, Sonya, Val, Kathy, Gayle, and all of our posters and readers.

I have my volunteer job today, and I hope to make it to the gym this afternoon. Fortunately, DH seems to be okay. No call back about a GI doctor so far, but our regular doctor isn't there on Mondays.

DD said that the Army guy has two uniforms now, and his very pleased. Apparently his Reserves weekend was quite tiring, however. The college guy is on spring break.

Guess I better get moving now.

Hope everyone has a nice day!



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Susan--Hope the cold gets better. Perhaps it resulted in a sinus infection. I'm trying not to buy ant crops or capris. I didn't buy many tops last year so that gauze top might be ordered. I know I don't have a good selection except for dressier ones.

Linda--The Amazon price on those Clarks sandals was much cheaper and there was no shipping....and last year, no tax. I'm also still thinking about the TSV. I do like that type of shoe for much walking.

I just checked the reviews on the top: runs too big; runs too small, etc. I'll just buy an SG top at some point in butterknit which I know works. A107558

It is almost Kindle time.

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Jean, We woke up today with snow on the ground and temps around zero. DH did take his morning walk & said it was real cold today. Tomorrow only 30's, but they are saying 50's by Saturday & 60's for Sunday. Then back down to the 50's for Monday. Sounds like a wonderland to us right now. So far we have 40 snow falls & they predicted only 19. I think the TSV will be very comfortable for lots of walking. I did like the Clark's one as it is a little dressier. Tomorrow we are still planning to go to Madison. I have a coupon & gift card for DSW so I hope to find something comfortable but maybe a little dressy. I have a hard time getting shoes that look nice but feel good on my tender feet. I did watch the D & Co. show, but didn't see anything that really made me run to the phone. We haven't heard from our friend that has the really sick wife, so I am praying that no news is good news for them. Our friend that got attacked by the pit bull last Saturday now has water on his one knee & still a very sore arm. He can't get into his Dr. until next Tuesday, so I hope he can manage with his pain pills until then. His wife said she will have to tell the police officer that he will need medical care, but she doesn't want to tell the Dr. that he was attacked by a dog. She is afraid that the young couple that own the dog & rent will not have any kind of insurance & they will have to pay a lot of $$$ as he is on Medicare. I was in a similar situation 1 1/2 years ago with my ankle/leg injury at a boutique store. I am still fighting that case. Always something unpleaswant going on it seems.

Rosa, Have fun in the office by yourself. I hope DH gets along fine with his Dr. appts. It is interesting how many of us got snow last night or today. Hope it is soon done with for the season.

Susan, I hope your cold is gone soon too. I am with you in I can't wait to open all of the doors & windows as soon as it hits 60 maybe by Sunday. It is good that you could donate that many tops for a good cause.

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Good Morning.

Oh I saw the reports on the snow!

I also saw the mudslide reports. My Uncle lived in Snohomish---which is the area this occurred. He is no longer living--but it was beautiful country. I would recommend Summer travel. They do get snow!

Linda L: My friend was telling me her nephew was going to enter an Army program while still in HS. I am thinking that is what your GS did! His dad was in the Army for ten years until he was injured. So he is aware of expectations.

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It is chilly here too. I walked the dog but made the mistake of overdressing the layers and was miserable about midway through.

I love those type of sandals too. I have a pair of Tevas that kind of lace up and are adjustable. I wear those a lot, so comfortable....even wear them fishing.

Well, getting ready to whip up some leftovers for lunch. Everyone have a good day.

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Hi girls!

I was dreaming that I was getting ready to scrub the pool in preparation for opening it up for the season, but when I went outside to do so, found that it had snowed. Well, after days of warm weather I woke up to find it's gotten cold again; I must have sensed it in my sleep. (sigh) Oh any case, I'm paying someone to get that pool scrubbed and ready, as it'll need a power washing.

I'm having dinner with a friend today; we're trying that "new" NY pizza place - actually, it's been around for over a year, but I just recently heard about it. It has great reviews, and I'm hoping it's good, since I won't be going back to my old favorite anymore, both because the product has decreased so much in quality (I don't remember when I last really enjoyed it) and because of their greed. My friend has been really depressed since her mother died a few months ago, so it's good that she's getting out.

Susan, I can sympathize - I can't seem to shake what I have either. The wide temperature swings don't help either - my body no sooner gets acclimated to one temperature when it suddenly changes drastically. {#emotions_dlg.crying}

Jean, being on the laptop doesn't stop my guys when they want some loving time; right now Jacob is comfortably ensconced on my chest and Clawd is making biscuits on my leg. Jacob usually prefers staying outside, but I guess he decided the warm house is preferable to the cold. Whisper has recovered nicely; when I was trying to get Autumn back in last night he managed to escape, but fortunately he came back in after a short time - I've put a lot of money into that baby with his medical problems, and between that and - more importantly - his being my favorite kitty, I don't want him going out. I can't imagine what his life was like before I took him in; the vet said he's missing a lot of teeth, and when he showed up on my doorstep he was emaciated, wormy, and covered with poop. kitty in the world is loved more than he is. {#emotions_dlg.wub}

Sorry to hear the temps have turned again, Jean. The few days of real spring we had here were enough to spoil me for warm weather; I guess I'll have to hold off on switching out my clothes.

Guess I'd better get moving - I want to make some cupcakes for my friend to cheer her up.

Have a blessed day, everyone!