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Hi friends!  Jean - hope your trip to the city goes well, including your physical therapy.  Twinny - hope your Subaru gets fixed, you're able to go on your walk, and have a nice dinner with your niece tomorrow.  Linda - sorry that your DH fell and that there was a phone call mix-up.  Falls can be so problematic for the elderly.  


judEve - welcome to our thread.  I sought this thread out because sometimes I shop too much, and then I stuck around because this is a very friendly and kind group of women.  I really do consider them to be friends.  My problem with shopping comes in waves.  For example, I was pretty good June through September, and then in October I shopped too much.  My problem hasn't been spending too much money, as much as it's been about just having too much stuff.  I don't really want all of my closets, and drawers, and bookcases, etc. packed to the point of overflowing and then worrying about where I'm going to put even more purchases. Our things should bring us pleasure, not be a source of worry or stress.   We all have our unique, individual struggles when it comes to overshopping.  KonaKat, also known as Jean, sometimes writes great little essays that serve as a word of encouragement, plus she posts links to worthwhile articles.  So please check back often. 


My big errand of the day, which I mentioned yesterday was that I took our dog to the vet to get her shots.  My DH and I actually took her out for a car ride this past week.  We practiced getting her in and out of the car several times and rewarded her with doggie treats.  She was very good for me today.


Now I am doing laundry and working on my Bible study.  It's slightly cool out and nice.  Waves to all of our regular posters (missing those we haven't heard from in a while), and I hope you all have a pleasant day!  ~  Charlene 

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SNICK's, WOW what a busy day you have had.  DH mowed  a little & blew leaves a bit today & as soon as he got done, the city trucks came by & picked them all up.  He isn't always that lucky.


CERB, I wouldn't want the job of taking your dog to the vet today.  Giving him a ride or two & doggie treats was a good idea.  I hope that you enjoy your Bible study too.  


3suwm5. prayers for your very Ill friend.


Just found out that my DH  lost another classmate yesterday.  She has battled MS for 42 years & cancer for 3 years.  She has been ready to "go home" for quite a while.  It is nice to know that her pain & suffering is over.  Her DH has been  such an inspiration as he has been by her side every step of the way.


It is so nice being able to open the windows today.  Tomorrow we are expecting thunderstorms.



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 Thank you to all the ladies that welcomed me and gave advice, insight especially KonaKat.  KonaKat (I hope I've remembered your name and the spelling correct!!) you gave me such great information and ideas, I especially love the idea of putting things on a check hold, how ingenious! I'm going to do that from now on as when I've run been overdrawn I've put things on check hold until I got more money and then later I forgot about the item or decided I didn't really need or want it.  

  I look forward to getting to know you all and learning from you all ideas and suggestions on how I can get my shopping under control!

   Thank you all again!