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Greetings, shopping friends. It is a rainy day and for some reason the 70 degree temp in the room feels nippy for me. I've been watching Denim & Col while doing odds and ends. I saw a top I like but I have too many already. I bought some low cost tops that button up from Amazon to wear after surgery so I don't need anything while enjoying the inside of the house this summer.


I did rearrange some things in my bedroom to make them easier to access. I moved my 8 inch Echo Show to a location where I could see it while lying on my right side in bed after surgery. I also relocated my charging cable for my Kindle and cell. In addition, I organized my meds into five weekly organizers. I need to pull out the clothes I plan to wear for the next few weeks to have them easily accessible.


The Orthopaedic surgeon's office called to tell me that the request had been submitted for insurance approval. It goes to a group called Ortho Net that is solely responsible for evaluation of orthopaedic requests. When they make :a decision, they then will inform Humana of the decision. This process supposedly takes 3 days according to the offfice but that seems fast to me. I will be called if it is not approved. In the meantime, I will keep an eye on the Humana website for the pre-approval.


I'm now getting ready to watch the local news and then the Governor's daily talk at 12:30pm.  Of all the cumulative tests conducted, as of today 1.93% of those tested have been positive. Our state has tested a higher percentage or 4,27% of its population than the 3.47% reported for the nation. Ohio, a neighboring state, for comparison, has tested 2.251% of its popuation.


If you shop, shop wisely. As the nation opens, stay safe in your shopping and outings!

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Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  For some reason, when it is cloudy/rainy and under 80 degrees I feel cooler as well.  Not an issue here since it is sunny with a high of 90 degrees expected.  Cooler than yesterday, but it is supposed to be even cooler tomorrow.  I got out for my walk a little earlier today, but should have started a bit earlier still.  Today's excuse was reading my book.  I started reading yesterday evening, but fell asleep without finishing a chapter -- that always bothers me for some reason.  At least I slept pretty well.


Sounds like you are doing a lot to have things ready for your surgery if you have it.  Hopefully, the insurance company will agree.


I think Arizona is still not doing great with testing, but the percentage of positives has gone down to 5.9 percent as of today.  


Not sure if I mentioned it, but my across the street neighbor asked me to check for some packages they expected to arrive yesterday.  (They have gone to be with my neighbor's sister whose husband passed away unexpectedly.)  Long story short, I checked several times, including an after dark check with my flashlight, and no packages had arrived.  I texted him, and he expects the package to arrive today.  I had visions of someone reporting my flashlight visit to the police, but that did not happen.


The library sent a message saying a DVD I had on hold was ready to pick-up.  As I understand the rules, I need to call the library the day before pick-up and give them my library card number so they can put the DVD out for me.  I will be checking to see if that is the case when the library opens.


I have seen several tempting clothing items on the Q, but the lack of need (and abundance I already have) has helped me hold off so far.  


Unfortunately, I am not graceful either, Fressa.  Searching for earrings can be pretty frustrating.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe.






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Hi Everyone!


We are having a cool spell for the next few days. It's very breezy. Then it gets hot. I'll have to check the ground to see if I need to water the plants. Honestly, I'm always running behind on the watering "part."  LOL


The A/C repairman left an hour ago. We have a maintainence agreement with the company but it was still a pricey fix. We had pin point holes in the freon line so the freon was slowly leaking out and then iced the condenser. They sealed the line for this year and replaced the freon. Next year we will probably have to replace those lines. I have to give it 2 weeks as a test that it's fixed (because of the extended forecast temps) and then they can do the yearly maintainence. The hepa filter on the seperate unit has already been replaced for this so that's a good thing. I didn't need any additional dust blowing into this house.  


I should be picking up a prescriptions, groceries and some banking this afternoon but I'm just exhaused from the worry about the a/c.. Our female GSD is limping slightly today so we are keeping an eye on her for a vet appt. I can't see any wound or stinger so we are puzzled. It's improved since this am so I'm going to give it until tomrrow before calling the vet. I can touch it and check and she isn't whining or pulling away.


I didn't see any of th D&C program today but spied the lunchtime specials. I got as far as putting 2 tops in my cart and then changed my mind. It always seems like need/want tops. What I actually need are some new summer p.j.'s but am still having sticker shock with some of the prices. I am really trying not to cave so I didn't order either. Stick to the plan/budget....that's my mantra that I keep repeating to myself. LOL


KomKat--That was great that you have your room, etc. arranged for your post surgery. So much easier to do it now rather than when you return from your procedure. Little things can make a nice difference when you're not 100%. 


Stay safe & comfy.

Have a good afternoon/evening.

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Hello all, it remains chilly in the mid-50's here.  It was kinda windy early and that appears to have calmed down.  We had lots of rain yesterday and all of the greenery outside looks especially green Woman Happy


Yesterday I received the pair of cuisinart toasters that I ordered from Wayfair.  I unboxed mine (other is for my sister) this morning and tested the left side and then the right side to make sure it was working fine before tossing out the old sunbeam toaster that served me well.


Unless something changes between now and then, my sister and I are planning to get together for memorial day.   It looks like Sat-Mon will be warm with rain expected on Sun and Mon.  I don't know which day my sister will want to get together and I know she wanted to dine outside.


Lucky for me I have a huge garage (in the event it rains).  She will want to be somewhat socially distant so I figure one of us can sit on the convert a bench, lol, and the other can sit at this foldable table that I just ordered from home depot and will be picking up shortly.


48 in. Round Fold-in-Half Table; Almond

I wanted a new table for the garage addition anyway because the old tables that are in there have been used for lawn tools etc and will be pitched.  I'm going to see if I can find a cute patriotic or summery flannel backed table cloth for the 48" round table shown above.


I'd like to be able to scrub down the convert a bench and the lawn chairs in the next couple of days.  They are more dusty than anything else and I don't want any spider surprises Woman Wink 


I'm also picking up a new push broom from the home depot.  That purchase is way overdo as my push broom is old as the hills and not working that great.


The push broom I have is made like this except that mine is a wood handle all the way that scr*ws into a wood brush.


SFB-HDL Update International - Wood Handle, for push broom


Over the years designers got smart and added a brace that keeps the brush part from swiveling off of the handle and thereby ruining the wooden 'threads'.


This is the one I'm buying


Job Site 24 in. Rough Surface Push Broom


It's the little things like having a push broom that doesn't aggravate me that makes my day Woman LOL


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Fressa--Good job on restraining yourself from purchasing the D&C tops. I agree that they had some items that were hard to pass up. I do hope the temperatures are becoming acceptable for your gardening.


Bernie--It is good that you and your sister will be able to get together for Memorial Day. I do think you are worse than I am about tools to use around the home. Adding the support to the side of that broom will definitely make it work better as well as lasting longer.

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