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Good Afternoon/Evening!  It is sunny today with a high of 72 degrees predicted.  


I took a nice walk earlier and plan to go to the gym soon.  Found out this morning that "my" hospice patient has been moved to another home.  Apparently, the place where she was just wasn't able to provide the kind of care she needed.  Her caregiver said she isn't sure when she will be ready for visits.  Glad I checked to see if my plans to visit her tomorrow would work.  


Happy to report DD and my DGD have recovered from their stomach flu.  They are back to getting the house for sale.


So far, I'm not doing any shopping today -- even window shopping.  Hopefully, this will help reduce "wanty".  


Hope everyone is having a nice Tuesday.  Please post if you have a chance.






ETA -- I had a fairly long telephone conversation with my almost 93-year old neighbor yesterday evening.  She was born in Austria, and lived through WWII.  After the war, she met an American GI, and has lived in the U.S. much of her life.  Very interested in politics -- watches CSPAN, etc.  Anyway, I knew parts of her story, but learned a lot more.  Sort of a living history lesson.



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Good evening ladies, hope all is well.


Linda - Thank you for starting us tonight.  Glad to hear you DD and DGD are feeling better.  Guess there is a stomach bug going around.  


Good you checked about your plans tomorrow, it would have been a wasted trip.  


Your neighbor sounds like an interest person to talk to.  


Your weather sounds very good to me.  The temps just keep getting lower everyday.  Of course I have a bunch of running around to do with my mom tomorrow and it is supposed to rain and be yucky all day.  My life is Murphy's Law.  Oh well, guess I should be happy our weather isn't like it is down south.  


Not much happening here, just been doing some decluttering.  I have another 3 bags for the Saint Vincent DePaul.   Not much else to report here, hope everyone has a great evening.

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Linda L, I remember when your second dgs was going into the Army Reserves.  Sounds like the right decision for him.  I am glad that your dd and dgd are feeling better.  It was 71° here yesterday and now we are going to get three days of rain.  I don't mind the cooler temps, but a cold rain is worse than snow for me.  That's too bad about your new hospice patient going to a different facility.  How nice to get an interesting phone call from your neighbor about her life's story in the USA.


Bird Mama, our dsil has been in our lives for over 25 years and is still like a son to us.  It's been almost 2 years since this messy D happened and I still feel like I am walking on egg shells.  Declan's parents stayed at the University Hospital for a long time, but they are all back home praying for the best. Getting scans at 6,  9 & 12 months has to be difficult for all of them. I am glad that your lawn mower is back home, but I am not ready for lawn mowing season as it will be too hot for me.   Your dh sounds like my late fil.  He never threw anything out.   


 Our dgd  got here at 3:00 yesterday and we had a good time with her at a nice coffee shop downtown this morning.  We had a SF cappuccino and she had a  different hot drink.  She said it was  better & cheaper than Star Bucks.  She loves her job at SB.  Last night we went to our favorite Italian restaurant and had pizza.  The leftovers were for lunch today.  She said she has been thinking about the decision to graduate a semester early and either go into the Navy or Air Force for quite a while.  She is adventurous & looking for a new experience.  Since her birthday and our wedding anniversary are on pi day, I made her a banana cream pie which is her favorite.  It's been many years since I have made one, but it was a good treat.  Then we played For Get It, Scattergories, tri ominoes, TENZI.  


We didn't go to the gym this afternoon. We are in rest up mode!

Hugs to all of you.


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Susan, we were posting at the same time.  It was in the 70's yesterday and now we are in for 3 days of rain & cooler temps.  I don't mind cooler weather, as I am not ready for a hot summer.   You seem to be getting things under control in regards to your move.   It's a good incentive to do a lot of decluttering.  Like I told my dh when we built this house,  the more we get rid of the less we have to move.  


The house is decorated nicely for Easter.  My dgd helped me put out a few Easter bunnies, baby chicks which are so cute & a snow globe that intrigued her.  She is 17 & it entertained her.  Lol.