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Good morning, shopping friends. Well, it is Day 5 of the New Year and so far no purchases except meds. The neurologist did agree to change the dose of the med he had prescribed. With it I had to start out splitting the pill into a very small dose and then build up to what he had prescribed. As far as I was concerned, the dose after splitting was doing the job and there was no need to increase it. Time will tell as I use the minimal dose. All I know is that I've been getting great sleep.


The sub system called me at 5am for a job. By the time I awakened and got the receiver in hand on the 4th ring, it went to voice mail and then cycled to call the next person. I called the number but the job was gone. Instead, I was just called to work 3/4 of a day. Some money is better than no money coming in.


The neat thing about not watching QVC and co-horts when favorite shows are presented is that you don't get visual stimulation and hype to entice you to buy things not necessasrily needed. The same goes for department stores; if you don't go in them then you won't be tempted by whatever they have displayed.


I'm in the process of getting ready to go to work. I'll pick up the meds before going to work.


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.

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Good morning Jean, and all who follow.  I know you are happy to be going to work today! 


Everything is quiet here this morning.  I am just getting going.  I did my 5 miles yesterday and was happy about that, and not too worn out.


Linda, I am glad that you have so many options with DH, and are taking advantage of some of them.  It was hard for my Mom but she did what she could, then Gram went to another sister and eventually nursing home.  Mom really worries about their future after going through all that.  It is something we sure don't consider when we are younger.


Not sure what I wrote in my lost post.  I am slowly getting used to the laptop and finally am starting to enjoy using it.  The battery burns up pretty quickly - not sure if that is typical or not, so I don't take it anywhere just keep it plugged in at the rv. 


Let's see - I'm not sure what supper will be, was thinking chili and cornbread.  I slept great last night, perhaps because of my exercise?  And weather is chilly here this morning, around 40, but will get up to 60 again.  They say it doesn't freeze only for a couple hours here and there.  We are going home this weekend so I am going through my things again to see what I need and what should go back home with me.  I took a couple things home last time that I''ve decided I needed!  Smiley Happy


Hugs and hellos to all!

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Good Morning!  Thanks for getting us started Jean.  Glad to hear about the medicine, and you are able to work most of the day.  Happy you are sleeping so well.  I'm still struggling in that department, but I'm working on it.


I would not like to receive a phone call that early in the morning, especially when it is so dark and cold out.  I saw on FB that it was only 10 degrees there -- yikes!


Waves to Kathleen, Arlene, twinny Bernie, Susan, snicks, spix, Marijane, LindaR, Barbara, Charlene, Karen, Rosa, pinky ann, Gayle, and all of our posters and readers.


The home health care person came quite late -- 5:15 p.m. or so.  Her car was in the shop and not ready in time to make our 2:30 appointment, but she re-scheduled until 4:30.  Then, her phone was dead, and she could not find my phone number.  Not the best impression, but she turned out to be quite nice and competent.  It sounds like her workers (she is the head of the company) might actually try to have DH exercise a bit, etc.  It is slightly less expensive than the other place, but emphasis on the slightly -- $1 less per hour.  There is a substantial increase if you use them for less than three hours, and three hours ends up very close to a day (up to 7 hours) at the "club".  The advantage is that they an come at different hours and on the weekends, etc.  I plan to use them next Monday when I have an afternoon bookclub meeting.


I know that worrying/thinking about this added to my insomnia last night.  It really, really bothers me to pay so much money just for a couple of hours away.  On the other hand, if DH can't handle getting to the bathroom on his own, I don't know that I can leave him here for an hour or two while I'm exercising, going to class, etc.  Decisions, decisions.


He will have a root canal in a couple of weeks, and the dentist just called to say that after that he will need to have a filling in that tooth.  


Today, we have the senior lunch program, and then he has physical therapy.  I need to drop off some papers (and sign some) at the hospice.  If there is time, and I'm feeling up to it, I will go to the gym this afternoon.  


Hope everyone has a good day, and thanks again for your prayers and good thoughts.






ETA -- good for you with your exercise yesterday, Kathleen.  I got in my 10,000 steps, but not much more due to the crazy day and rain.  So far today it is sunny, but we are expecting some rain for the rest of the week.  And, it is pretty chilly.  Good luck with your decision-making about what to take back and leave.  I remember struggling with those issues when I had two houses.

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Good morning ladies, hope all is well.


Jean - Thank you for starting us today, have a good day at work.


Kathleen -  Good job on the steps, I need to start doing that again.   You may want to not leave your laptop plugged in all the time, use it and let the battery drain some.  I used to leave my old one plugged in all the time and the battery died quickly, someone told me that not unplugging it will destroy the battery faster.. True or not, I don't know, but wIth my new computer I do unplug it and let the battery go down.


I got my floors done, and my ironing done, so I have the rest of the day to myself.  I do think I will see if I can find a couple thing to donate.  I have a dentist appt. tomorrow and have a tote of Christmas ornaments to drop off.  


Well not much more to report, have a good morning everyone.

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Good morning!

We have been so busy here at work the past 2 days.  Lots of people buying new vehicles.

We have gomne from tropical temps to  high today of 18, crazy.  So many people are suffering with respitory issues. 

I have no shopping on my agenda ...I have baby shower presnts to buy.  yeah!

 I hope that everyone is well.

I do have some groceries to pick up.  I may pop in Goodwill after just never know what you will find.


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LindaL -  Sorry about not sleeping well.   Just my two cents worth -  I think having someone come in and sit with DH is a good idea, is it worth the fustration when you come home to a problem?  You really deserve to go out and do things and enjoy being there and not worrying about what you are going home to.  Okay, off my soap box.  I know you only want the best for DH.


  Have a good day.

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Hello girls, I was responsive to my alarm this morning as it was garbage pick up day and I was expected on an 8 am conference call.  I popped a hoodie on to walk a couple of bags from the garage to the curb.  I was around 12 or 13 degrees outside so I ran the bags to the curb instead of walking, wowwie.  At least there was no wind to speak of.


Jean, I'm glad the doctor reduced the dose of the RLS medicine.  On the rare occasion I've been prescribed medication,  my vote is for the lowest dose.



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Jean, like you say some work is better than no work.  My only purchase after Christmas was a nice warm pair of Thinsulate gloves at $7.99 from $19.99.  So glad you are sleeping so well again.


SUSAN, It sounds like you had a busy morning.  I donated some Christmas things this year too. DH & I have eye appointments tomorrow & then plan to have some fun on the way home.  Lunch & some window shopping at a cute little town that was revamped a few years ago.


RC, Good job on the 5 miles. Dinner tonight is leftover meatloaf from last night.  I am winding down this week, so I am being extra good to myself.  I get my next infusion on Friday then DH & I plan to clean mom's house next week.  The plan now is one room a day & decluttering  too.  


ROSA,  Busy at work might be a good thing.  Your temps did really change quickly.  We are still 30's but colder next week. I am loving our weather & January \February  are the 2 coldest months.


LINDA L,  have fun at your senior lunch.  I hope that the PT goes well for your DH.  I don't sleep well either.  I am just used to 6 hours a night.  


BIRD MAMA, Yes, it is wowwie first thing in the morning.  I am Happy to be wearing my cords & fleece coats again.  


DH & I had a nice breakfast out  & then ran some errands.  I am taking it easy as I am feeling sluggish.  I definitely need to get my "batteries recharged" on Friday.  


Hugs to all of you.

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Hello to all.

Thanks to @KonaKat, for starting us off this morning. That was an early morning call. Glad you could work at least part of the day. Glad you got the doc approval on the lower dose on med for RLS, no need to take more than necessary to do the job.


@RockChick, good for you in getting your steps in, I am going to try again once it gets warmer here. Last Spring I couldn't do it like I had in prior years, but am trying to build myself back up to do more walking this year. It would be hard to know what to have in your different homes.


@LindaLatte, I do hope the home health care person works out for you and DH, it will ease your mind when you need to be out and about.


@PAlady, I also unplug my laptop sometimes as it helps to keep the battery 'good'. We are about the same as for getting our floors done today. I also have done a little decluttering, but just a little, need to get serious about it.


@fbm8282lsm, our goodwill is not one that is known for being a good place to browse, too bad. Hope you find something nice if you go there. It's good to be busy at work, but sometimes it is also good to have an easier day once in awhile.


@Bird mama, I'll just bet you didn't tarry outdoors this morning...that is chilly, brrr. Today was my trash day also, I put my trash across the street, out of the way of the guys working on the water lines, I thought, then I looked out a bit later in the day to see they had moved my trash further down the street, I guessed wrong on where the best spot would be to put it, lol.


@twinny70, good luck with your infusion on Friday. Cleaning your mom's house and decluttering there next week will be a hard job, probably. I find it harder to clean at someone else's house than my own.


I don't see anyway the crew outside can possibly be done with my part of the water line project today, but what do I know about it, lol. I need to decide what I am going to do with the chicken thighs I pulled out of the freezer this morning for dinner. Hope everyone has a nice day. Waves...

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My team at work did the nicest thing today.  My new manager scheduled a half our meeting to talk about 2016 activities and when we all gathered, she presented me with a huge tray of cookies and a card with congratulation messages from my teammates.  Today is my 35th anniversary at work and yes I wore my new HSN necklace for the occasion.  Talk about a comfortable necklace to wear that packs a punch visually :-)


I received the initial corporate recognition certificate 'signed' by the CEO.  The 'real' one comes to me via mail but I can't remember if it's interoffice mail or US mail.  


Very nice gesture and very thoughtful.

There are many elements: wind, fire, water
But none quite like the element of surprise