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Hi friends!  Hope your days are going well so far.  Linda - I'm so glad to hear that you'll have somebody helping with your DH when you leave the house.  Hopefully they will get along and the situation works out well.  Congrats to all of you getting your 10,000 steps in.  I've been getting over 6,000.  That's not bad considering the plantar faciitis I have which causes foot pain, so I'm working up to it and seeing how it goes.  I just found out that if I pet the cat on my lap, the fitbit counts every stroke as a step taken, lol.  I might end up with very happy cats!!!


We're getting drizzle and light rain today which is perfect.  If it pours when the ground is too dry, then we have instant flooding.  Hope the rain continues.  I woke up with a headache this morning.  Blech.  But I'm working pretty steady at getting my chores done and feel good about that.  Blessings to all   ~   Charlene

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Bernie Congrats to you!  35years that  speaks volumes about you work ethic! 

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Hi girls!  Where does the time go?  By the time I started to get around to posting last night it was almost 9 p.m., so I just put it off to today...


Sorry to hear some of you are having such cold weather; it's been in the 40s here during the day, which is normal for this area, but it's supposed to go back to the 60s later this week.  Cat Happy  I still have about an inch of water in the basement; hopefully it'll be gone in a day or two and I can have Victor turn the pilot light on the water heater back on.  The water is low enough that it would probably stay on, but I don't expect him to wade through water.  He's such a sweet guy; his birthday is this month and I have to start thinking about something special to make for him. Cat Happy


I dislike using the phone (unless it's to talk to my BFF), but had to add extra minutes since there are so many calls I've been having to make lately; in fact, I just realized that classes start in about two weeks, so I have to call my advisor and get registered.  I got a really nice email from Publix; I contacted them about that lovely man who jump-started my car, and they thanked me for taking time out of my busy day to lett them know about an exceptional employee  - I hope they do something for him. I did call Walmart's corporate offices, and the woman I spoke to was incredulous about the number of problems I had in just one visit!  I just got a call from the store manager a little while ago, and have a meeting with him on Thursday, since I don't feel like getting up and dressed today and he's out tomorrow.  Should be interesting...

I'm also going all out to find a new home for Angelica.  She and I are both frustrated; she can't be let off the tie-out or she goes running off, and she's too strong for me to walk on a leash - she pulls me over. The neighbors' side of the fence is broken...and it's their job to fix it, not mine.  I've gotten her all kinds of toys, but she has no interest in any of them...yet she tears apart and destroys MY things...yesterday it was my all-time favorite doormat.  Cat Mad  When I found myself looking at cars on-line and trying to figure out if there was anything in there she could wreck (she's ruined my seat belts, except - thankfully - for the driver's one), it hit me - I can't make my life revolve around a dog's behavior.  I think what she really needs is a home with a secure, fenced-in yard and a bunch of kids who will play with her and wear her out.  I love her, but can't deal with her. 


LindaL, do you have any community colleges or nursing schools in your area?  Just a thought, but it sounds like DH just needs help with simple day-to-day tasks, and maybe there's someone who is looking to make some extra money while possibly doing their homework.  That's what my late husband did with his mother - he paid someone to sit with her and take her to the bathroom when she had to go. The county also had a home health service which was covered by, I think, Medicare (or maybe it was a free service); someone came in a couple of times a week to bathe her. Praying for you...


Jean, if someone called me before noon, it had better be because they have money for me, lol! 


Wow, Bird - 35 years at the same company!  My record was 10, although I was so happy there that I'd likely still be there if there hadn't been for a management change and all the mid-level execs were replaced by the new division president who bought his own people in.  I still miss it - we were like family, but I'm still in touch with my "big brother."  Cat Very Happy

Charlene, how's Rosie doing? 

I did return some things to Sam's, browsed around (mostly to check out the free samples), and didn't find a single thing I needed or even wanted.  Hopefully I'll be able to stick to my decision to not buy anything else apart from necessities for the rest of the month. (I'm taking one month at a time.) 


Susan, you've inspired me - I'm doing a bit here, a bit there...I've also got a new bag started for the missions closet, and another for the thrift shop.


Twinny, how's your mom?

Well, I guess I should start thinking about what I'm going to make for dinner.  I don't want to get up from the couch where - between the space heater and four cats lying on top of me (in the path of the warm air) - I'm very comfy, but...I did drink a lot of tea... Cat Wink


Have a blessed evening, everyone! 


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Bird Mama, what a fabulous milestone.  That necklace is gorgeous. You are certainly a person with great work ethics.

FHG, good luck with your new classes.  Mom had a good day today.  I took her a fruit salad as she doesn't get as much fruit as she would like.  


DH & I are getting our eyes tested tomorrow.  One of my DH's brother is our optometrist.  His clinic is about 37 miles from home , so a nice drive in good weather.  We are going to a small town for lunch on the way home.  Won't see mom until Thursday.