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Greetings, shopping friends. I was up at 4am thanks to a frisky senior cat. I watched the news, looked at the TSV, and then started getting things ready for trash day tomorrow.


Right now, I am tired and am waiting for the governor to do his daily update on the virus situation.  I'll likely go to bed and read after the governor finishes his address.


In the good old days, I might have been tempted by the Clarks sandals because of the heel height. I don't need them and to purchase them in this era of questionnable outlook, I just think it is better to hold off on "want" purchasing. I did get the Lug TSV so I will let that be my "feel good" purchase for the month.


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely. Take care and be safe!

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Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Sorry you were up so early, and I hope you get a little rest today.  I was able to sleep until 5:00 a.m. -- not too bad, but I should go to bed earlier so that it would be a more reasonable time.  The good thing is that I didn't have a nightmare/dream that woke me up like had happened the last several nights.  I read that lots of people are having disturbing dreams these days.


I had an appointment to take my car in for recall work this morning, and that went quite well.  They had offered to drive me home and pick me up when the work was done, and I took advantage of the offer.  Much to my surprise, there were several people inside the dealership -- sitting on plastic chairs six feet or more apart.  I feared they were waiting for a ride, but it turned out they were just waiting for their cars to be serviced.  I guess I could have done the same, but the chairs at home are much more comfortable, plus I have access to water or food.  Also, I wanted to take my walk this morning since it is getting warm in the afternoons.  


I signed up for a Caregivers meeting (on-line) tomorrow, and I also offered to bring my boss at the senior lunch program a banana bread after the meeting.  She is happy, and I can use up some overripe bananas.


The TSV looks cute, but I really, really don't need more shoes.  While I had considered a special shovel they were selling here, it is now on waitlist, and they are charging shipping (it had free S&H).  Not willing to pay extra or be on waitlist, so one less expense.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe.





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Hi Everyone!


It's windy and cool today with a frost warning for tonight. The pollen count is one notch down to orange so it's better than red. 


Today is my bill day. I may or may not do banking at the drive thru. I have a stack of misc. paperwork to sort through and I want to get that in order. Stacks of bill and misc. paperwork always makes me crazy. Too much clutter about $$. So far, it looks like the banking issue with the parking garage might be fixed. Fingers crossed.


I might have been tempted by the Clarks but I can not wear a wedge of any type because of my knees and leg reconstruction. I have that footbed on a pair of their flat sandals and it is comfy. I don't need any more sandals. The only shoe I could use/want is a pair of suede tennis shoes in a relaxed style. No rush. 


I am slowly receiving the few items I ordered for my dil for Mother's Day. I did receive a package of bulbs today. I had received live plants two and three weeks ago.???? The other few things I ordered seem to be on turtle speed. I've had 2 items that keep going back on order delay and then back to processing. The last time that happened it was a true "mess" to get it corrected. I'm giving myself to the end of this week to see if it gets sent or not. 


I'm giving myself a break from the cleaning before I start on the lower level. I'm still shredding the stack of old files from doing the taxes. My limit is 4 bins of shredded paper per garbage pick up. It's amazing how much paper is accumulated in a year of just receipts and bills. I do like the dot shredders. So much more secure and the shredder doesn't seem to jam as much. (for me).


Stay safe & comfy. Have a good afternoon/evening.

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Hello all, the Clarks TSV is cute however I really don't need another new pair of shoes Woman Very Happy


We had snow flurries early this morning when I walked the garbage bags to the curb.  We just had another quick batch of flurries around an hour ago.  It's windy and cold outside.


I really don't have much going on.

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