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Good morning, shopping friends. The snow has begun so now we wait for the final outcome. The forecast for the week doesn't look good as one night has a predicted low of 14 below and that is regular temperature and not wind chill. Obviously, there is not one school in session in our state today and the outlook for the week looks dim in some areas.

I did manage to get my CAT scan and cardiology appointments rescheduled to February 27, a Friday. The next Monday March 2 is when I'm supposed to have the cystoscopy. I would have preferred to get these appointments out of the way but Octavia dictated otherwise.

I forgot that this was President's Day and went to the Post Office to mail my water bill. If it doesn't get there the day before it is due, the OCD secretary is already preparing "shut off" notices to be sent out on the day they are due if not received. The road was clear when I left but by the time I returned, the road was covered, so I scheduled that little trip well. At least, the bill is in the USPS hands.

The convection toaster oven that I ordered from Amazon via Prime Shipping on a backlist type of order shipped a month earlier than expected and is supposed to arrive tomorrow. This is one time I don't mind FedEx missing a delivery schedule like it did the last time. I also have an Amazon Subscribe and Save automatic order in the process. I have to check and see what carrier is handling it. Again, it can be delayed also.

This Thursday night, it is expected to reach 16 below regular temperature and not wind chill. This is a week I just want behind me. Other than the Amazon items, the only thing I have in the process of shipping is the SG top I ordered in a smaller size to see how it works for me now that I've lost weight. I already have it and love it but it is just too big now. I guess that is good but the top is not a year old. If the new size works then I won't be worrying about new sizes for a long time as I have to lose a lot of weight to change sizes.

I hope each of you is having a safe and productive day. If you shop, shop wisely one day at a time.

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Please see the thread a started -- I have included Jean's post above. Sorry Jean.