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Greetings, shopping friends. It has warmed up to 60 degrees but the cold--natured person that I am was surprised it was that warm. My body temp is a normal 97.6;


I was up at 7am and began collecting more things for trash day tomorrow for a 2 hour job before taking a rest. I'm tryiing to push myself a lttle more each day.


I watched a video from one of those Roku channels. Since this is an issue with me, I thought "Decluttering a Kitchen" would be great.The video opened showing an immaculate kitchen. To myself I thought this as an :'after" pic but no, the host proceed to show us how to declutter it. She pulled out drawers with neat organizers and then proceeded to declutter them by taking any utensil that was a double and putting it in the donation box. That wasn't my idea of a cluttered kithen, but it was a Food Network production.


I found a "Woman with Control" outfit I had bought because it has great potential for mixing and matching.  The lawn guy was just here and said gas has taken a big jump already. With a fixed income now, that means no wasteful spending. The  clothes I have will do me until Fall.


Have a great day. If you shop,shop wisely.

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Oops.  I was busy posting, and then found yours, Jean.  


Here is what I posted, and I will be back soon after I delete my post.






Good Morning/Afternoon!  Sunny and warm/hot here in southern Arizona with a high in the 90's predicted.  It was nice and cool when I took my walk early today.  I have decided to get up and out earlier to avoid the heat. 


I was surprised to receive a "volunteer appreciation" gift (key chain and notepad) from the senior lunch program yesterday -- especially since I have not been able to volunteer for more than a year.  They still do not know when they will open again, but probably not until the end of July or August.  That is a disappointment, but safety first.


The pest control service person came yesterday (just regular spraying), and alerted me to the fact that the bats are back on my front porch near two of the wooden roof beams.  He suggested that I wait until they leave around dusk, and then use a spray foam to fill in the gap.  I ordered something from Amazon that I hope will work.  The difficult part may be waiting for them to leave the nest.  I do not want to hurt them, but they make a mess on my porch.


This morning, I had a burst of inspiration and decided to clean out my freezer before the trash was collected.  Still lots in there, but I was pleased at what I was able to accomplish.  Like some people say about clothing -- what was I thinking when I purchased some of those things?


Nothing exciting planned for the day.  Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and please post if you have a chance.








Good luck with your "trash collection" Jean.  I can certainly relate to how it can be tiring.  Hope you will pace yourself and not overdo.  That is funny about the kitchen decluttering video.  Doesn't sound like a useful video for me.. 


I heard that gasoline prices (and airplane fuel) has already gone up at least on the East Coast.  Probably necessary to cut back on "want" purchases for a while.  Glad you found an outfit that will work for you.


Take care.



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Linda--Sorry about the double posting. I had checked to see if anyone had poskted the thread, and not seeing it, I hit "submit." Great minds think alike.The volunteer appreciation gift is well deserved by you.


The lawn person said a gallon of gas was nearing $4.00. It was escalating when I last filled up.  The news report has it increasing at double didgit rates, but I doubt the S4 as he was warning me about a price increase. The lawn can go unmowed a few days. This lawn is big, involves tall banks in one place which require cutting by something other than a mower.

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Hi Everyone!


I just returned from picking up prescriptions and a few groceries. I guess my prescriptions are going to fill a few at a time. They were filling in groups which worked better for me (ignoring the $) Oh well, this will be more budget wise and I'll just try to pick up my groceries in multiple trips.


I heard on the news that groceries were going to increase as well as gas. We saw gas increase already when we filled up the lawn eqauipment last week. Grocery wise, I found increases in paper products, ice cream , meat and cream cheese. (so far...) 


It was another cool day for us here. Tomorrow it is to warm in the 60's with some sun. I hope to plant flowers and fuss around with flattening that new rug on the front porch. I have the robins and cardinals nesting in lattice vines so I have to be quick when I'm on the porch. The finch is making a nest in the other flowering vine on the double hearted shepherd's hook. It's about 6' tall and solid so that have a sturdy foundation. 


I didn't get a chance to watch the D&Co program this morning so I'll probably find it in the repeat version. I'm trying to resist buying anything new until  I declutter the closet one last time. 


My friend (in SC) did a massive decluttering when she was moving from here to there. She donated or trashed any item that was second or third  or that she didn't use often. She said that even though there were only two of them she forgot to consider how often the dishwasher is run. She finally decided that she really needed a second of her favorite basic kitchen cooking utensils. I think I could still clear out a few more of those in my kitchen. I did a good job with giving the kids all the pots and pans and cooking devices. I kept the pressure cooker and toaster oven. I'm determined that I am going to learn other items to make in the p.c. So far, it's only beef ster. LOL


Have a good afternoon/evening.


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Hello all, we had another chilly day here.  On the bright side, the garbage men picked up this morning Woman Very Happy  I better fill up my car's gas tank and the gas can for the lawnmower before prices sky rocket here.  

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