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Greetings, shopping friends. I am one of the fortunate ones as I have electricity following the ice storm. I guess it is warm up for the second onslaught to arrive later this week. I do find it unbelieveable that Texas and other areas in the South have had such low temps and snow. Some how, I can't picture Dallas with below zero temps. We will get through this regardless of level of impact on our lifestyles.


I do know many stores and other businesses in the city announced that they would not be opening today because of the ice storm aftermath. I did have a delivery from Amazon scheduled to arrive today but received an email from UPS that the weather is delaying the shipment.


I haven't looked at the Q today. I decided that my recent purchases were enough for the month. I've been sorting this morning and am amazed at the number of Denim & Co. and SG tops I have. It is hard to resist a new purchase to update the wardrobe. I know one of the tops is 4 years old as I wore it on a trip to Puerto Rico.


I have done my morning chores, so it is now time for my afternoon indulgence in reading an apolyptic novel, #3 in a series of 9 by this author. 


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely. If you venture out, do so safely.



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Hi Everyone!


We have the same sleet, ice and snow with frigid temps today. We've thrown the ice melter on the driveway and the patio only to be covered by another layer. I knocked the larger ice cycles from the roof gutter that were hanging over the patio area. Tonight the temps are going down to single digits. I have my reminder to run the facets on dripping to avoid frozen pipes. 


Surprise!!! Our SnowJoe snowblower arrived yesterday afternoon!!! We were thrilled with the service. Assembly only took 20 minutes. It looks even better in person and has the largest volt batteries I've seen. Hopefully this will be a big help for our winter maintainence.


I treated myself this morning and watched Carolyn's Garden Party. I had a french toast bagel with the dogs and coffee. I am so glad that I ordered the bagels and muffins from QVC TSV's to have in the freezer. I also ordered the Heartland chicken breasts for the hubby's lunch. They haven't arrived but the Kalorik air fryer did and is on the counter. It's the next size up from the one I had and is sturdier. They still have the same plastic release button which I don't like but that seems to be standard on most of these fryers. I like the shape of this because it's oblong so I think I'll be able to get more in it and eliminate the use of the small one for tater tots, etc. 


I did make another pass thru the kitchen and all the cabinets to edit what I was keeping in baking dishes, misc. appliances and dishes. I have two more boxes of donations. It felt great to finally have room in the cabinets. Now....all I have to do is remember where I put everything. LOL 


I took a look at the Denim & Co TSV and it's still calling my name. Usually, I do not care for the tie dye but this looks more like a watercolor effect so I'm still considering the purchase. I have been clearing out clothing as I gather the laundry or reach for a sweater. That system is working great. It's so quick. I'm hoping I can keep that going.


Have a good afternoon/evening.


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Jean, I am also amazed at the cold weather in Dallas.  According to our tv meteorologist we were 3° this morning and they were 1°.  We did get 2" of snow overnight so my DH used the snowblower.  Best purchase last October that we could have made.  I have quite a bit of D. & Co. still in my closet that are many years old. They still look nice and are much warmer than what is made now. 


fressa, your weather sounds nasty too.  We were very lucky to get all snow.  The snow banks are high, but the roads are good.  I hope that you enjoy the Snow Joe.  It sounds like it arrived at a good time.  Enjoy your air fryer too.  When we built this house, I told the Contractor that I wanted the kitchen to be exactly like the one that we had put into our older home.  He took pictures, added an island and China cabinet above it which we didn't have in the other house.  I was delighted.  I knew where everything went.  Moving day was much easier even though it was on a cold December day.


It's going to be in the teens until the weekend and then we are supposed to be in 30's.  No complaints from me.


We only have slightly sore arms from our 2nd vaccination yesterday.  We are still praying that we don't get nasty ones in a day or so.  


It's a nice sunny day.  We are both going to take it easy for a few more days.  


Hugs to all of you.


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Good Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Glad you still have electricity.  I know many people do not have power or are enduring rolling blackouts.  Plus, extremely cold temperatures for many areas.  This is particularly true in Texas and Oklahoma.  I received an e-mail from my financial advisor's company, and power is out in their Oklahoma and Texas offices today.  Apparently, you could still call their 800 number, but I have no need to do so.


So glad I don't live in an area affected by the storms/cold.  It isn't as warm as usual here, but it should make it up to 60 degrees, which is balmy compared to places like Dallas.


DD said that her area is okay -- no ice issues, etc., but they are predicting a fairly substantial snow storm on Thursday.  


Glad your snowblower came quickly, and you like it Fressa.  Sounds like a good time to stay indoors rather than go out in the ice and cold.  But, I know you and Glenda prefer cold weather to hot.  You are doing a great job with decluttering your kitchen.


Hope you don't have any other symptoms from your second vaccine, Glenda.  I participated in a meeting with ladies from the church this morning, and two of the four who had two doses had no reactions except sore arms, and two had flu-like symptoms for 24 hours.  


They opened up appointments for vaccinations at the University of Arizona today, but I did not get an appointment.  I checked early this morning, and there were no openings.  When I checked again (around 9:40), the only appointments were "late evening" -- like 10:00 - midnight or later for the first week in March.  I don't live close to the University (30 miles or more away), plus I really don't like driving at night.  I guess it will be a while longer before I get the vaccine.  


Two books I had on hold at the library have arrived, so I plan to pick them up this afternoon.  You call ahead and give them your library card number, and they have a table outside the library where you can pick things up.  They are not allowing anyone other than the staff inside the library now (due to COVID).


I found the Denim & Co. TSV on-line, and I think it is pretty cute.  But, it is not calling my name -- thank goodness.  Like Jean, I have a huge supply of tops (bottoms as well in my case), so I'm trying not to indulge in new clothing (despite loving it.)


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.