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Good Morning/Afternoon!  It is a lovely day here in Arizona -- in the low 50's when I took my walk (still not quite back to my usual long walk, but longer than yesterday) and it should make it up to the mid-80's.  


I am feeling better, but still not 100 percent back to normal.  I plan to head out to buy some more "daytime" Theraflu in a little while  I don't feel up to going to the gym as I usually do on Thursday.  Perhaps tomorrow, or just skip it.


After much thought, i went ahead an ordered a mobile help monitor yesterday, and it should be here in a couple of days.  It is the same type as Jean's.  They certainly have excellent customer service -- very patient.  I slept until 3:30 or so, but woke up thinking that I might have signed up for a little too much from them.  Fortunately, they were on Eastern time, so when I called around 5:00 my time, they were already available.  Very nice lady was able to change my order, and I will be charged less.  Fingers crossed that I never need to use it, but I will feel better/safer.


Now that is out of the way, and I also checked that I didn't use too much data on my international plan from Verizon -- took a while, but all okay.  It would probably been okay to do without the extra plan and expense for the month, but I felt better having it just in case.


Not exactly interesting purchases, but.....  After using my cell phone to take pictures, I have decided that I will definitely make room for my small camera on my next trip.  It wasn't easy getting the phone ready to take photos, and sometimes we were trying to take pictures from a moving boat, etc.  Still living in the glow of that trip, and thinking about another for next year -- probably not Italy or overseas, but maybe.


My Q order is still "in process", and I'm not expecting anything else.  Hope Bernie received her JC Penney items.


Hope twinny is doing okay today after her infusion.  Also hope all of you are having a nice Thursday.


Please post if you have a chance.





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Hi Linda @LindaLatte   I never thought that a mobile help monitor was a bad idea; I just never thought I would consider signing up for that particular type of service.


All of that changed in August when Jean went missing from the forums for a few days and we all learned what happened to her from a freak accident while she was reaching for something that fell off of her bed.


My mind is no longer closed to the idea of a mobile help monitor in the future.


It took a while for my JCP order to ship however it should be delivered tomorrow.  I'm lucky because there is a distribution center in Ohio.



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Linda--Thank you for starting the thread. Personally when on trips, I always take my 30x optical zoon camera. The cell takes great pictures but there are times that the other one fits the bill better. I agree with you about the customer service of that alert company. I read the reviews carefully before selecting it. Actually, I had another one in mind but they didn't respond except for an email.


The company we have not only emailed but also calledf me over Labor Day Weekend while the others were having time off. They were very good at answering questions. I don't know which system you got but I got the one that runs on cellular service as I can take the very small base unit with me when out and about. I couldn't do that with the landlfine version. The ability to talk with them in an emergency call is a plus. 


Bernie--I just lost what I had written to you. Short and simple, it is that you will enjoy your JCP items when they arrive. You are fortunate to have a distribution center close to you.


I worked today which was a very good day. I definitely work Monday and Tuesday of next week. I was going to work tomorrow but that would have made 4 days this week and thought it might be too much, especially when it was a challenging class.

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I think you were wise turning down that sub opportunity, Jean.  I think I could have gone to the ear doctor this afternoon (feel well enough), but I really didn't want to push it and possibly infect other patients. So, I was glad I canceled.


Bernie -- Jean's fall was what convinced me to go ahead.  I had always thought that might be necessary in 10 years or so, and several of my widow friends are that age and have purchased them recently.  However, the thought of Jean laying there for 48 hours sealed it for me.  I don't have any regular visitors, and my daughter and I often just talk on weekdays.  So, I consider it a "health insurance" expense.


I ordered the exact set up as you do, Jean.  The salesman talked me into a "duo" system (two devices at home plus the one to take with you), but I decided "solo" was more than enough given my smallish house and pendant.  So, I changed it to "solo".  They certainly keep in touch very well.


I made it out to the store and picked up soup and more Theraflu, plus a few other things.  


Hope everyone sleeps well.