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Good morning, everyone! We are currently being snowed in. The weather forecast was right on target.

I have a cold so I took something late last night and I slept to a very late hour for me. I dssisd awake in time to see the end of the Susan Graver hour and the start of the KVZ show.

I don't need a handbag right now, but could always use one if someone were gifting me one. A girl doesn't pass up a great gift like that. Two of my favorite handbags were B Mak gifts to me. I have one KVZ bag, a small one. For the price, it is a good bag.

We rarely have a white Christmas but this looks as if it is two years in a row that we will have one. Right now, it looks as if we got six inches overnight and it is still snowing with icy conditions expected later.

Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely!

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