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This is the set of sheets that I bought:

Celeste 610tc deep pocket sheets

I got them home for $80 and some change.

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Lisa Mason posted this on Facebook this evening (Oct. 1):


Friends. A confession. Gino almost died on August 14th. I got him to the hospital just in time. It seems that My Beloved has something known as DPD deficiency. A "silent" genetic mutation found in approximately 26 million Americans. Harmless unless the person is diagnosed with cancer and is given the chemotherapy drugs 5FU or Xeloda. Although the drug manufacturers disclose it, oncologists are not required to disclose the FDA Black Box warning. In essence, if a person is DPD ...deficient, his/her body cannot eliminate the chemotherapy. It just stays in the body and burns it from the inside out. Often times, it is fatal. I am beginning a grass roots campaign called "Rare, but there." Please, please if you or someone you know has been diagnosed with breast cancer, colon cancer, rectal cancer, esophageal cancer, head and neck cancer or ovarian cancer, I BEG you .... Google search "DPD deficiency and 5FU" or "DPD deficiency and Xeloda." I also beg you to share or post this everywhere you can. If you are on QVC's or HSN's chat rooms, please post. If you are on a cancer forum, please post! I shutter to think of the lives lost needlessly because patients/caregivers didn't know about DPD deficiency. If you want to join me on this campaign, I welcome it. God bless you! Please share this!!!!

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I've read the post from Lisa M multiple times and still can't get over it.  That there is a black box warning on the chemotherapeutic medication and doctor's don't say anything is staggering to me.


Then again, in 2010 when a doctor prescribed Multaq for my Ma, he didn't mention the black box warning that was on that medication (at the time).  I found out online. 

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