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Hi Everyone!


We have rain and temps in the low 80's. Severe storms with hail, hight winds and a possible tornado are in the forecast for this afternoon. BOO!!!  


I received some of the drapes for the other rooms in yesterday's UPS delivery. I will probably tackle a few more windows just to be done with that project and the ladder. It seems to really bother my one foot and I end up with a few bruised fingers. It must be my death grip on the steps and the top of the ladder. (I fell off a tall ladder many years ago when my son was little and hit my head. Since then I've not been friends with any  ladder)


I did pick up my prescriptions yesterday. The prices have gone up a few more $ from the previous month but I'm guessing this is the way it will be. 


I am watching that new series of Josh Gates. He explores lost planes, ships, and legends, etc. It's different but interesting. A nice alternative from DIY programs and Hallmark movies. 


I did watch some of the Q with the gemstones. I'm like a moth to a flame with jewelry. I just love to winow shop. I find it relaxing unlike clothes shopping where  I usually get frustrated. 


I think there is a D&C 2 hour program on Q2 this afternoon if I'm remembering the correct day.


Last night was the last of the pills for our male dog. I need to keep an eye on that area to mae sure it doesn't return. He has an odd dark mark under both areas but the vet said that was something else and not anything to worry about. I had never noticed it but the hubby said he has. I'm scratching my head but I guess I'll just keep an eye on it. It may be just part of their markings because they do change a bit with age. We take the female for her annual exam next week so I'll check with the vet if he still has them or just some more info about them. 


Have a good afternoon/evening.


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Hi Fressa @Fressa  and all who follow.  Some wicked storms worked their way through MN and WI last night and they hit Michigan at around 3 am- ish.  I was so happy that the storm split off to the north and south and missed me, lol.  I got a hard rain and some wind once I'd been up for a couple of hours this morning.  Boy did it get hot after that.


I probably forgot to mention earlier in the week that I got the radiologist report for Frances.  Poor thing not only had a broken humerus bone (right wing) but also a couple of fractured ribs on the left side.  I swear that Frances either collided into something or was hit by a car.  I'll never know.


I made a quick trip to Walgreens to pick up something called gauze sponges (not really sponges) because I'm nearly out of what the vet gave me.  I irrigate Frances' wing wounds and then wipe them with a low lint gauze.  I couldn't believe Walgreens was the only pharmacy who sold them on site (couldn't get them at Rite Aid or CVS).  Also, getting .9% sodium chloride irrigation is a PITA.  It's isotonic salt water so what I would need an RX for (at chewy) is beyond me.  I bought a couple of bottles of Neilmed Wound Cleanse which is .9% sodium chloride solution.  I'll spray it out of the bottle into a glass bowl and irrigate Frances that way.  There's always a workaround and I usually find it Woman Very Happy


Short of doing a load of wash I've been kinda lazy.

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Birdmama--I had to chuckle when you used "Pita". That was the nickname I gave one of the reps that called ma almost every day at the office. He was nice and polite but what a knit picker about every little thing. Anyway, thanks tor the chuckle.


For the life of me, I do not understand how/who  decides some medical tablet or solution now requires a rx when those that abuse seem to not need a thing. I stocked up on Alka Seltzer fo rmy hubby and they wanted my birth date. Fortunaltely, I had heard this asked the week prior when I was behind a woman who only had one box. I has 2 boxes of regular and 2 boxes of cold. Common sense in these matters no longer exists if it was even there at all.


Our storms are predicted to last off and on thru the night. UGH!!! 


I'm glad Frances is coming along slowly. Poor thing. So many injuries for one bird.

Have a good evening. 

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Good Afternoon/Evening and thanks for getting us started, Fressa.  Your weather sounds gross.  Hope that the severe storms miss your area.  Good luck with the drapes.  I fell off a ladder once, but didn't injure myself as badly as you did.  However, it did lead me to be cautious when using a ladder.


Hope your dogs will be okay.  I have not watched any of the gem shows, just too busy.  But, I know the prices have gone way, way up since I was "in the market" so to speak.  Sorry your medicine went up in price again.  


Thanks for the update on Frances, Bernie.  I'm glad you are the one taking care of her.  Finding some products can be a pain.  Good that your area wasn't hit by the severe storms.


It was very cloudy on my walk this morning, and I didn't wear my usual sunhat -- three people mentioned it to me (people I often see on my walk, but don't know).  Anyway, we are still supposed to be getting storms, but it is sunny and hot right now -- 92 degrees.  That is below average for this area, but still hot.


Very long story, but I had to sort the boxes of supplies for hospice today since the volunteer coordinator who normally does it is out-of-town.  Since I wasn't sure how long it would take, I went in the morning rather than waiting until the afternoon as I usually do.  Fortunately for me, the receptionist (office manager?) was a huge help, and I got my car loaded fairly quickly.  The other good thing was that none of the patients lived in the area where the roads are closed.  Whew!  I also saw the hospice nurse who took care of DH.  She is a big animal lover and volunteers at the animal shelter plus fosters dogs.


After I completed my deliveries, I went to the grocery store(s) and had trouble with the intersection closure again on the way home.  It was slightly easier on the way to the stores (shorter detour), but it took me three tries to find the way home.  At least they are making progress, but....


I need to work on the hospice mailings, do some exercise, etc. so I guess I better get busy.  


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.