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Hi Everyone!


I can't believe it's July!  I still have so much on my "to do" list. Last night "something" broke (more like smashed) our driveway lantern light. It's in pieces so now that't on the immediate list for replacement. It looks like the post and wiring are still in tack. The post is leaning a bit so that needs a "tweak". Home Depot here we come. We were just checking out the outdoor porch lanterns the other day for replacement as one broke the other day. UGH!!! I have a coupon so at least it should pay the tax. 


It's been storming and raining and the severe weather alerts are out. So far the ground is doing a decent job of absorbing the water because of the heat. It seems the weather is either too hot or too dry in all the states. My bf has friends in Alaska and she said that it's colder than usual  there. I think that we don't have a "usual" anymore with weather. Hope everyone stays safe in their area.


The TSV was an easy pass for me because I don't need any sheets. It was tempting to hear about the "cooling" feature but once the lanter "surprise" was discovered it was a pass. Jill B looked great with her short hair.


I didn't watch any of the silver jewelry event because I can only wear gold. I have plenty of jewelry but still like a "treat" once in awhile. The prices stop me even if something catches my eye. I still have "sticker shock" no matter what it is. LOL


Have a good afternoon and evening.


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Good Evening!  Sorry to hear about the lantern light, Fressa.  Seems like you have one house issue after another.  The same goes for my DD.  At the moment (knock on wood), I'm not having any major house issues.


The idea of cooling/cool sheets really appeals to me since the heat can particularly bother me at night.  But, I am still trying to avoid buying more bedding since I hope to buy a new, smaller mattress, etc. in a year or two.  One set of my sheets may not make it that long, but I'm not rushing to buy more.


It is "only" 95 degrees here, but I have been sweating a bit, probably due to the humidity.  We had very, very little rain yesterday and none so far today, but it has been off and on cloudy and rain is predicted for tonight.  Glad the soil is absorbing the rain in your yard.


I went to the grocery stores this morning, and delivered hospice supplies in the afternoon.  I plan to work on the mailings before dinner.  I managed to get one more bag to the donation center this morning, so now it is time to start a new one.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.