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Good morning, shopping friends. I had expected the thread to be started but I guess I am the only one with time on her hands.


Last night was the first night in weeks that I slept clear through without having to get up. What a difference that can make! I crawled out at 5:15am for an early start to the day.


Right now, we are in the path of Jonas as it prepares to focus its strength on DC and Baltimore area. We are expected to get a foot to almost 2 feet of snow, the range resulting on our being in a border between intensity strikes. Whatever, I can't change it. I have food, water, backup battery chargers, etc. I think we are expected to get 2 inches an hour when it hits.


I did take a peek at the TSV. I think they are cute but it reminds me of shoes of decades ago. Just hold onto something and eventually it will be in style again. The TSV isn't cute enough for me to break my reesolve not to buy clothing or accessosries until Spring. I did dip into my handbag stash and pulled out a great bag to use---one I had forgotten but is in excellent shape as in "as new." Sometimes, it pays to save and shop your stash.


Off to fix an early lunch, watch the Noon news, and then try to do a few things around the house. I'm not overly motivated, but I will try to find  things to do. There are so many things to do that it is easier not to make a decision....but I think the bathroom awaits.


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.



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Good Morning/Afternoon!  Thanks for getting us started, Jean.  You had me confused when you said it was Tuesday rather than Thursday.  


Sorry about the oncoming snow, but I'm glad you are prepared as much as you can prepare, and you got some rest last night.  I'm not tempted by the TSV either.  It is sort of cute, but it isn't calling out to me -- thank goodness for that.


DD e-mailed me that DGS's car was hit while he was in class last night, and they were on the way to the insurance body shop.  Of course, the driver who hit his car did not leave a note.  Also, it took him much longer than normal to get home since there was ice coating the roads, and traffic was stalled.  The brother of one of my friends was stuck for 6 1/2 hours trying to get home from his evening dialysis appointment.  After all that time, he just went to his office to hang out.  I fear the blizzard is really going to cause lots of problems in DD's area (outside of DC in Maryland.)  He has $500 deductible on the car, which I will cover.  DD seems sure that the cost will be much more than that.


I'm sure happy to be living in southern Arizona on days like this.


Things went pretty well yesterday, up to a point.  When I contacted the brokerage house where DH has his accounts, things got very complicated.  I was supposed to have a form notarized, but the local notary refused to do so without talking to the brokerage person.  I don't think he really thought I was a thief or anything, but he pointed out how I (or someone else) could fake DH's signature, and then he could be accused of notarizing a false document.  I was mega upset since this was just step one in a multi step process.  But, he ended up giving me his card and promising to do what he could to straighten things out.  If all goes well, I will need to take the originals of the Power of Attorney, etc. to him before he will notarize the document.  


I was pretty upset by the whole thing, and I ended up sending a lengthy e-mail to his DD and DS telling them about DH's health, the "club", and some of the financial stuff (I didn't get into what happened with the notary.) 


I needed to scan and e-mail all the documents for the brokerage, which took time.  Then, the e-mails came back because the files were too large.  That took a lot of time.


Today should be a pretty easy day for me, and I really need the break.  I am making my vegetable soup in the crockpot, but we may have leftover meatloaf for tonight and have that tomorrow night.  I have a caregivers meeting today, and DH can go to the club while I am there.  I will be taking a walk and hopefully doing my strong bones workout at home.  


Waves to Kathleen, Arlene, twinny (extra hugs), Susan, Marijane, Rosa, Charlene, Barbara, LindaR, Bernie, snicks, spix, Gayle, Karen, pinky ann, and all of our posters and readers.


Have a good day everyone and hope no one has blizzard problems.





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JEAN, it sounds like you have a huge snowstorm coming.  We got a16" storm in November which was in gone 3 days.  We need snow , but not that much.  Do take care.


LINDA L,  so sorry about your DGS,s accident & you having to pay for his deductible.  Hopefully you wil get l the financial mess cleared up soon.  My mom made a mess of things too, but not as difficult to fix.


It is a beautiful sunny upper 20's day.  I washed mom's floors this morning so her house is as good as I am doing it for now.


I have burritos in the oven for lunch,  then we will enjoy the hot tub.  We are hopefully taking mom to the jewelry store this afternoon to see what can be done to her ring & then on to help her pay her property taxes when we pay ours.  It will be tricky as she will need a wheelchair.


Hugs to all of you.

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Linda--I have no idea where my mind was when I typed that title. I did go back and changed it  I am so sorry that DGSs car was hit with no note left. When it rains, it pours! It seems it has been one thing after another  with none of it being their fault. You are fortunate to be living where you are. I would hate to be caught out and have to stay in my car for hours. It is good that you could help DGS with covering the deductible for the car.


Dealing with the financial issues can be a major headache. If DH can't go with you to a notary, perhaps one can come to the home. I know notaries are reluctant to verify a signature unless they see that person sign in front of them. It is good that you are keeping DH's daughter in the information loop but I do hope that she is in a cooperative frame of mind as you are trying to do what is best for DH and yourself.


I've been spending some time with the adult coloring book, something that is okay but doesn't bring me a lot of pleasure. Now, it is time for reading and then the bathroom.

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Hello all - my thoughts and prayers are with all in the path of the storm.  It's cold here, but nothing to complain about, all things considered.


My sister got her car from the body shop last night so she and I are both relieved that the car/driving situation is back to normal.


LindaL - honestly, short of being expert on how to dig oneself out of credit and end up with a really great FICO score, I have no understanding of stocks, bonds, life insurance and all of the legal types of things that you are going through.  It sure sounds complicated.  Transparency is the way to go with the details being shared with your beloved's children. 


Twinny, I hope the jeweler can do something about your Mom's ring.



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Hi girls! 


Well, there's a "winter advisory" posted through the weekend with a forecast of snow and sleet. I have plenty of food for me, but was debating whether or not I had enough dog kibble to make it until earliy next week.  Well, it's not a whole lot warmer in the house than it is in the car, and the thought of being in the car with a working heater won out, so off I went, with the dogs happily piling in.  I was surprised that Aldi wasn't a mob scene, but I did make sure I got there before 5 when people get off work and will start shopping.  The sight of a single snowflake stirs them into a frenzy.  I stopped at the PO on my way home; my new driver's license arrived, although I didn't get the checks that some people had promised for my new HVAC.  Then again, it was a long holiday weekend, so I need to give it a few more days.


On my way home a light mist started, so I didn't drive around any.  That's what I did last night - I did take the dogs for 50¢ corn dogs, then drove around a little bit, since the heat felt so good.  Those little buggers - they know what a drive-thru is, and get so excited as soon as I pull into one.  It always give the people working the window a big smile.


I'm pretty much staying in the bedroom; because the living room opens onto the dining room with a large arch the warmth from the space heater escapes quiclkly; if I try two heaters the circut breaker trips.  At least I can close the door in the bedroom and stay relativley cozy. 


LindaL, Sorry to hear about the damaage to DGS's car; perhaps the person who hit him didn't realized they caused any harm.  You sure do have your hands full; I'm continuing to pray for you (and twinny).


Ohhhh, twinny - I wish you handn't said "burritos" - now I want some, as I haven't had them in ages.  I have a pot pie in the oven right now; guess I'll have to be satisfied with that.


Bird, having worked on Wall St. I have a good understanding of stocks, bonds, and all that kind of thing, but the FICO  gets me - seems like a big, elaborate game to me.


Well, I guess I'd better have my lunch, then put the space heater in the bathroom on to warm it up so I can shower; I have some yummy new body lotion I want to use.  Prayer for my situation would be greatly appreciated; I did post a link to my GoFundMe on the QVC Shopaholics FB page.


Have a blessed evening, everyone!  For those in the path of the storm, stay safe and don't drive unless you absolutely must.





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Hi ladies, nothing going on here, just wanted to stop by to say hello. Everyone stay safe. Waves....
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I had a call from the brokerage firm, and they suggested that I go to a different notary.  DH was with me when I went to the one yesterday, but he can no longer sign his name.  I was going to have him write an "X" or something, but the broker told me not to do so.


On the recommendation of the tax attorney, his doctor has written a note saying he cannot handle his financial affairs. That is why the brokerage firm does not want him to try to sign the form.  Hopefully, a different notary won't object so that I can get this done.  But, it is only step one in a longish process.  I will probably need to drive up to the broker at some point.  Boy, are financial things complicated.  One of the ladies at the caregivers group brought up the issue (she was going to an elder attorney), and several others chimed in.  Different people (there was one man, so I can't say ladies) had different issues.  But, most had financial and legal challenges as well as caring for their loved one.