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Hi Everyone!


Today is sunny and a bit on the warm side. BOO!  I can see the yard thawing already. This weather snapping back and forth drives me crazy. I wish the seasons could be consistent for the time of year. That's my rant for today.


I was hoping to do a few errands today but have decided to pay bills and tackle gift receipts and misc. paperwork. Most of the online gifts are arriving this week so it's a good time to double check the lists. I also have birthdays for this month and January. September and December are our multi gift months. 


I may try to pick up the remaining gift cards tomorrow after the boiler check is completed. Grocery shopping has been slotted for Tuesday. I have finally reached the 20% on points so I need to take inventory in the pantry to make best use of the discount. 


The Dennis Basso coat that I liked yesterday has gone up in price today. I moved it to my wish list if it ever goes on clearance. I don't need another coat but I liked this style and it came in a muted rose. Prices seem to increase overnight but I really am trying to stay focused on the needs vs. wants. A tug of war at times. 


Have a good afternoon/evening.

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Hello Fressa and all who follow after me.  It's been warmer this week and I think I've finally reached the age where weather changes are bothering my sinuses.  They say if you live in Michigan long enough you'll get sinus issues or allergies, lol.   Honestly I'd rather have a run of the mill headache - at least my eyes don't ache.


I wrote out my Christmas cards and mailed them earlier this week - only 12.  I remember when it used to take a couple of hours to get the cards ready.  I did the grocery shopping today.


I've been reading the thread this week.  I thought masks were for situations when you could not social distance inside or out.  I don't wear a mask when I cut my grass then again I'm not chatting with anyone.


As far as the 'rona vaccine, yeah I'll probably take it.  I'm sort of glad that I'm not the number 1 target for it though.  Emergency approval means continued clinical trial on a large scale so hopefully by the time they get to me, they'll know more Woman Wink

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Fressa, it's been a mild week of above normal temps,  but no mud.  Errands sounds more fun than paying bills and taking care of gift receipts.  I am glad that your online gifts are arriving.  January is a busy birthday month around here too.  I am looking forward to being a year older.  I hope that the boiler check goes well.  Good luck with getting the DB coat.   I have  three of them & they are so nice.  The last one was brand new & I bought It in our hometown at the bargain store for $5.00 as it was missing the hood, but it has a nice plush collar.  It's the ivory lynx faux 


Bird Mama, I have had trouble with my right eye running ever since September and I think it's an allergy too.  Fall is still my favorite time of the year.  I have not started writing Christmas cards, but we have received a few this week. We did our weekly grocery shopping this morning and there very few people in the aisles and the stores were well stocked.  I always carry a face mask when I do my walk, but I am in the downtown area where there are people out & about.


I haven't read the posts very well this week as it's been a sad week for us.  I heard on our Madison TV station a few days ago about a guy that was missing & thought to be trapped in a grain bin.  Yesterday, I got a sad email that it was my 2nd cousin's 52 year old son.  Randy leaves behind a wife, a dd in HS & two sons serving in the military.  One in UT & one in KY .  Because of the virus, it will be a private service.  They have had at least 4 family deaths since October.  Your thoughts and prayers are welcome.


I have only slept a few hours for several nights, but we are going to the gym this afternoon and again tomorrow.  I need to get out of the house.  My brother and I decided last night not to do our annual Christmas lunch.  That makes us sad too, but the virus is getting worse here.  One of their son's is flying to O'hare from Paducah,  so we worry about him too.


We are hoping to see our 3 dgc next Friday to exchange gifts.  It will be at the outdoor parking lot  of KFC which is near their house.


I am so ready to usher in 2021!

Hugs to all of you.


We are going to have a White Christmas I think as they are saying 1-6" of ❄ starting tomorrow night and ending on Saturday 

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Evening, everyone. I worked today which went well but was tiring.I did take the Christmas presents to school since I didn't know if I would be working tomorrow, and next week likely will be no in-school instruction based upon the Covid cases for our county. 


I got used to wearing masks when school began. I usually wear it  8 hours with it pulled down to eat or drink, and then pulled back on. The students except very young are also required to wear masks except when eating lunch and removing it enough to drink when doing so during the day. This is a State requirement with only those with prior breathing issues on record being exempted. Now, if I can wear a mask 8 hours, an individual can wear it long enough to shop.



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Linda L, happy belated birthday.  It looked like you had a great dinner.   


Jean, one day last week I wanted to go for my walk which involves the square.  My DH said that he wanted to walk to the drive thru bank and then on to the Post Office for Christmas stamps.  Then we would meet at the Subaru.  We were both masked & when he was going into the PO, a guy older than us held the door open for my DH and said "here comes another fool with a mask on."

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Good Evening!  Thanks for getting us started, Fressa.  Hi Bernie, Glenda, Jean, and all of our posters and readers.  I went to the grocery store(s) this morning, and I will be picking up more from Wal Mart on Sunday afternoon.  


We had some rain today, but I am sure it was not sufficient to help much with our drought.  Of course, it was sprinkling when I was going in and out of the stores.


There were nearly twice as many supply deliveries for hospice today, and I had to deliver half and then go back for the other half.  Fortunately, I didn't have any big problems with delivery.  The home where my 101-year old patient lives had a sign on the door that they have COVID.  I was happy when they said that I could just leave the box next to the door.


I will work on the mailings tonight and take them to the Post Office tomorrow.


Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.