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That Clarks Lexie Myrtle sandal is available at Amazon for $35 and free Prime shipping in some colors. One could get two pair for the price of one at the QVC price.

Pinky--You had a very successful shopping day. It is always good to find quality items at a reduced price.

I'll be off for the tests and the cardiology appointment tomorrow. I'll check in when I get back tomorrow. I just called to have my ferrous sulfate refilled which I'm taking because of the low red blood count.

Now, to relax to an hour of Susan Graver.

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Jean, Best of luck with the testing tomorrow! I'm happy someone stopped to work on the ice for you. Anything eye catching with Susan Graver? The bake ware set you bought was a very good score.

Twinny, I'm very sorry about the loss of your friend. Hope you had some hot tub time today, as well as an afternoon rest.

Genny, So sorry about the spray incident... I hope the smell is entirely gone, and no other close calls in the future. Hope everything else is ok.

Arlene, I hope you didn't make the sciatica any worse by your fall. It would be nice if the rest of your snow melts quickly. Especially in and out with the dogs.

LindaL, Good luck with finding your top on your next visit. Did you enjoy your classes? I hope you can get your medicine soon, and have no side effects from it.

LindaR, It's always a relief to have taxes finished for the year. The accountant still has ours, and I think we're paying this time, so no hurry to do that.

Kathleen, Hope your weather improved as the day went on. Is it much different in temperature from your other home?

Supper was easy as I brought pizza home with me. I'm too tired to cook after being out anywhere all day, so I'm very happy to sit down and relax for the night. Good night! pinky

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Hello All,

Cold but sunny. We went out for lunch today to a real cute soup and sandwich shop. They only serve lunch and everything is homemade. The food is wonderful and reasonably priced.

I swung by the resale shop where I have some items cosigned. I don't take a ton of stuff over there but was delighted to receive a check for close to twenty dollars.

I bought, recently, a French terry shirt and loved it. I washed the thing one time and it was starting to fall apart. I bought this with a gift card and the store was so good about the return. Lucky for me, a customer handed me a 10 dollar off coupon if 20 dollars was spent so I ended up coming home with 2 items for next to nothing. A cute sleeveless sweater with lace trim and some black pull on GV jeans. I normally love GV, but the sizing is so inconsistent that I will only buy if I can try on the jeans. These fit great and as I have no black jeans or slacks for that matter it is a nice change.

I hope everyone is having a great day! Gayle