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Greetings, shopping friends. It is a cool but sunny day. Some day it will get warm eugh to sit on the deck when the wind doesn't make it feel cooler.


I confess that something told me to watch the SG show. Ooops! They featured a top I have been buying since it was introduced. It is a great top and wears and wears. Well, I have two coming home. I love this top. The sleeve length is perfect and the neck isn't cut too low.


Today would have been the day we originally planned to go to Alaska. We are now going June 20. The negative of that is that it is the "in" season so prices have risen accordingly. Tkhere is no fee to change the tick-et but we did have to  pay the difference in ticket prices--almosst double for the CMH to ORD to ANC. We won't be making that trip again so it is a one-time investment.


Typing this much has tired me, ao I am off to rest. Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely

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Hi Everysone!


KomKat---It sounds like you were meant to watch the SG program.  I have learned that if I find a top or bottom that fits and wears well then to buy multiples. It seems that those clothing items are rare.  Sorry about your trip changes but at least you'll be 100% so you can really enjoy yourself. 


Yesterday's "quickie" project was applying the graphite on the oven racks. Sounds simple but.....I had a heck of a time finding the maunal on line or any info on the website. The instructions on the bottle refers to the website. UGH!!! I remember the salesman telling me to only use a few drops on the slider bars. Veggie oil is what is used on the other racks. It took an hour and by that time I decided that I had enough "fun" for the day and delayed the prescription pick up and grocery shopping until today. (The center oven rack has a sliding double rack in the center. It's great because you can bring the item to you and lift out so much easier)


I received shipping notice for one of the two rugs that I'm waiting for the patio. It's the smaller one so I hope the larger one ships soon. I'm crossing my fingers that it really arrives this time. The status on the patio rugs has changed multiple times. They were a good price and match the other rugs so I'm in a wait and see mode.


I had ordered a replacement coconut broom months ago and it is suppose to arrive. I love this things and they last. Good for swatting at unwanted wildlife on the patio. LOL


Have a good afternoon/evening.



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Good Afternoon/Evening and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Hope you like your new top -- I'm sure you will based on your previous purchases.  At least you have found a date that works for you and your niece to go to Alaska.  It is a shame to pay more, but I'm sure the experience will be worth it.  My late husband was very frugal, but he always was willing to spend money on trips.  


Hi Fressa.  You have been busy as usual.  Hope your rugs arrive soon (and your broom).


I had such a frustrating time yesterday evening and this morning.  I had two long (and very good) phone conversations with friends, and picked up my hearing aid and my repaired screens before going on the computer.  I was just starting to look at a video of my vegan group, and the computer disconnected from the internet.  I spent at least 1 1/2 hours turning off and on the computer and plugging the modem and router in and out.  Plus putting in all sorts of codes.  Finally it dawned on me that maybe the problem was due to an outage in the neighborhood.  That turned out to be the case.  


Anyway, I had a late dinner, and received a text that they were working on it with no estimate of how long it would take.  And, they would check back at 7:30 a.m.  


When I got up at 5:30, I could not get on-line, but then received a text that the problem was repaired.  Still couldn't get in, and contacted the "chat" where I spent quite a long time (definitely more than an hour) going back and forth with a tech person.  He suggested that I could sign up for assistance for $5 extra per month or pay $75 to have someone come to the house.  Long story short, the internet was back up, but somehow in the off and on process, I had turned off the router. 


By the time I took my walk, it was already pretty warm/hot, and it made it to 97 degrees (but my car thermometer said 102 degrees).  


On the positive side, I think most of my issues are solved.  And, I didn't go for the extra tech help (expense).  


My grocery shopping and hospice deliveries went fine, and I will be doing the hospice mailings either before or after dinner.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.





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@KonaKat - Pretty sure we're thinking of the same SG top.  I tried to purchase it in the new blue cloud / tie dye print and it's already sold out!


Waves!  ~ Char

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@CERB Charlene, we have excellent taste and though of you when I saw the item  presented. i guess I was a little faster as the new pattern is on its way to me. Check "As Is" for returns on it.

**************** "A black cat crossing your path just means that it is going from one place to another." Proud owner of a black cat and a shopper of QVC since the merger with CVN.