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Good Evening!  I just got off the phone with my elderly neighbor.  We had a long nice chat about many topics including the pandemic.  She likes to tell stories about the past, and they are usually interesting.  And, she loves to laugh, which I enjoy very much.


Hope you like your new toilet set-up and the summer PJ's, Jean.  I thought they were cute, but I have no need for PJ's since I only wear them for travel.  Who knows when I will be traveling again.  Here, I mostly wear nightshirts and sleeveless nightgowns when it is very hot.  What patterns did you order?  I was also wondering what pattern you ordered for your DIL, Fressa.


It is pretty hot here (90 degrees at the moment), and they are predicting very hot weather on Sunday (100 or close to 100).  This is above normal temperatures, but probably not a record.


Certainly lots of illnesses and deaths in your States, Bernie and Marijane.  The numbers are not too high in Arizona, but they freely admit there has not been very much testing and there is a delay in reporting results.  I do not plan to rush back into the thick of things even if the governor permits us to do so. 


Glad you like your JCP pants, Bernie.  And, you enjoyed delivery from the Italian restaurant, Marijane.  My grands are or were big users of Grub Hub and similar services.  Oldest DGS used to work in downtown DC, and I think they did lots of deliveries there.  Not sure if it is as easy here as there since I have not tried yet.


You are so busy with your gardening and house cleaning, Fressa.  Makes me feel pretty lazy.  But, I did some closet/shoe reorganizing first thing in the morning.  When I can't sleep, I start thinking of things I need to do.  LOL


Like Barbara and Glenda, I went to the store(s) this morning.  Safeway (grocery) and then Wal Mart.  There were no cleaning products or toilet paper that I wanted at either store.  Hopefully, I have enough to last until things open up again.  


Interesting about your Mother and DH's experiences, Barbara.  When I had my automobile accident nearly six years ago, I could not pull anything over my head, and I needed button front tops.  I only had one button front blouse at the time, and now I don't think I have any.  I keep thinking I should have one just in case getting clothes on and off is a problem for some reason.


Glad you have the yard and front porch, twinny/Glenda.  I am happy that I have a yard and also am able to take walks around the neighborhood.


My big excitement  was that I received a graduation card for my DGD that I ordered from Amazon today.  It wasn't supposed to come for a couple of weeks, and I was stressed about getting it mailed to her on time.  Now, no problem.


Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.







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Linda Latte--- I ordered my dil the black animal. She doesn't like most colors or patterns but she'll wear animal if it's a small print. These also look roomy and she prefers that fit.

I have quite a few projects going on all the time. It's a stress reliever for me. It also helps with my health issues. I never know how I'm going to feel each day so I like to have a multiple choice. I really do hope that we reach the day that our DIY projects are all checked off the list.LOL