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Good Morning/Afternoon Ladies! I couldn't find our thread, but it may be there so I'll make this short.

Nothing exciting going on here today. I have a couple of errands to do, and my usual laundry and financial stuff. DH and I had a nice walk this morning -- it was fairly cool and cloudy, but hot weather is sure to come this afternoon.

I saw that Val made it to Paris -- looks wonderful. Glad you had fun with your friend and Steve's daughter in SA Kathleen, and enjoy your fun today. Hope Jean has a good time in the city today (I think she is headed to the hair dresser, etc,)

Waves to Arlene, Susan, Marijane, LindaR, Sonya, Nancy, Kathy, Karen, Ann, Luci, and all of our posters and readers. I think it was Ann who said something about "stuff" the other day, and it is a lesson I keep having to re-learn. I too had the experience of going through stuff in my Mom's home after she passed as well as my MIL's apartment. Also my crazy purging/donating before we moved to Arizona permanently. So much stuff that isn't really needed and often not even looked at. Definitely need to work on that.

Have a good day everyone!