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Good Afternoon/Evening!  Hope everyone is having a nice Sunday.  It is warm/hot here with a high of 94 degrees predicted.  Obviously, we are not having crisp, cool Fall weather.  But, this is normal here in southern Arizona.


Sounds like you had a nice trip, Glenda.  Enjoy the goodies you purchased.  Glad your MIL was able to go back to her apartment, and I hope things go okay for her.  Also hope you and your DH are able to go on your trip next month.


Church was on-line today, but they are saying we will have in-person services starting in October -- outdoors on the patio and two services (limited attendance).  I will probably attend, but it will depend on how things are going in the area (COVID).


After church, I went to the gym, and wore my mask only after more people showed up, and were not "socially distanced" from me.  One other person wore a mask the whole time.


Nothing exciting going on here.  I will be doing some ironing.  No shopping despite the free shipping.  Not only lack of need, but the fact that I might well be on my Utah trip when things arrived.  I did notice that prices on some of my "wishlist" items had increased so free shipping doesn't make much if any difference.


Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.  Please post if you have a chance.











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Linda L, it's in the mid 80's today, but was 72° when I did my walk this morning.  I look forward to tomorrow when it will be in the 70's & then a few days of 60's.  We might get a bit of rain this week which we need.  Fall is in the air and the leaves are dropping off the walnut 🌳.  It's my favorite season, so I hope that we can get out & about really enjoy it.  We haven't been to church for about 18 months.  It's small church, but no mask requirement & we have no idea how many people are vaccinated.  My nurses and Dr. say it's not safe for us to go back right now.  Our gym is very nice.  We are the only ones there when we go at 1:15.  The employees and volunteers are masked.


We had a nice time with my cousin.  She went to a friends house last night & then back home this morning.


  I stopped drinking soda 3 years ago, but I did drink 2 cans of diet Dr. Pepper on vacation.  We don't have it in the house to entice me. I am stunned at how much soda she drinks.  She got here with 2 large soft drinks from a grocery store that were all gone on Friday afternoon when she got here.  We all went to Culver's for dinner and she had a large soft drink. She refilled it & refilled it again when we left.  For breakfast yesterday we had a bagel with coffee.  She had two cans of pop on each side of her plate and asked me for a glass and two ice.  She drank both cans of pop and had two cups of coffee.  I am sure that she's not diabetic because she has been to several Dr's lately.  I would be so excited about going on your vacation.  I have so much fun getting ready to go.  


Bird Mama, I didn't think that the neighbors walnut tree had a lot of nuts on it,  but they are everywhere under my clothesline.  The squirrels made a mess eating them on the front porch and on the vinyl steps going into the hot tub.  The leaves are falling rapidly into the hot tub too.  I am hoping that we can have a few nice road trips before the trees are bare.


It's been a lazy day here.  We are still recuperating from vacation & company which are both fun.

Hugs to all of you.