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Hi Everyone!


Well, our nasty storms arrived early last night with wind gusts and are to last thru today. We had lots of branches down but nothing large. YIPPEE!  At least the rain watered the lawn and gardens. 


We spent yesterday with outside chores and planting veggies. Today, I might split a few more lillies and relocate them depending on the storms and my knees. We both overdid yesterday in that heat but it's good to have it done.


Birdmama I thought of you when the water heater guy made trip#2 on Friday. The one valve was dripping water like crazy and the install guy said that happens sometimes  and to call if it didn't stop by morning. Long story short. When they showed up the next day I had a differnt plumber and he said --"that will be $726". WHAT????? Needless to say that my rocket was launched and he had to make another call for a negotiated price. I have a boiler system so there's extra piping, etc. but none of that was stated or mentioned. I got a much lower price for the fix but considering what I paid for the entire system I certainly didn't appreciate the"surprise". 


All the iris are blooming so at least I have some flowers to see. We are finishing our mini brick patio but fighting the wet weather to complete it by this weekend. It looks so nice.


I did watch some of the fashion but didn't purchase anything. I did receive the 2pair of Hanes summer pajamas that I ordered weeks ago. They are very nice and I got them at a clearance price. I am considering ordering another set. They fit well but I sized up. My summer pajamas were looking pretty sad. ha ha!!!


Have a good afternoon/evening.


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Good Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Fressa.  Glad you and your DH were able to do the outside chores before the storms yesterday.  Hope your knees aren't too bad today, and you can get some more done.  


What a nasty surprise about the pipes.  Glad you were able to negotiate the price down, but I completely understand how upsetting it was after you had already spent so much for the install.


Happy you like the pj's you ordered.


It is partially cloudy today, and our high is predicted to be 94 degrees which is close to the average for this area.  Very dry, and my eyes were not happy after I took my walk this morning.  


Church and Bible study were good this morning.  This is the last Bible study until at least October since the leader of the group is going back to Wisconsin for the summer.


I managed to do my ironing yesterday evening, so my only plans are to go to the gym and do some cooking and cleaning.  Should be a relaxing day.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening.







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Fressa, I am glad your storm's weren't worse.  We have been lucky storm wise, but we are supposed to get a few rainy days this week.  Your patios sound lovely.  We got our tomato plants put in yesterday.  Now I hope that the rabbits don't think it's buffet time.  I have two pairs of summer pj shorts's/tops  & 2 summer nighties.   What a shock about the drippy pipes.  I would not be happy either.


Linda, it's a beautiful sunny 60's.  Rain mid week.  It will be good for the tomato plants.  We went to church and sat up in the balcony by ourselves as nobody else wears a mask.  There were about 40 people today and it was the first time in two years that we have seen our friends that sold their home and are permanent RV's.  


I put a shortcake in the oven as we have a lot of fresh strawberries and blueberries.  They were reasonably priced this week.


I am trying to have a lazy day.  Tomorrow is my infusion.  Mid week we are going to our favorite cheese factory to get my niece's dh and my dh red rind muenster & my baby Swiss.  Then we will go to the SC outlet store and buy my niece her Limburger cheese.


Then we will be making our rounds to 6 of the cemeteries that we pay our respect to.  Both of our Dad's served in the military and it looks like our dgd will be going into the Navy when she graduates next January.  My head is still spinning with that news.


After we had lunch and hot tubbed, I went for a spin on my moped.  Out to my family's cemetery which we will be buried in.  We are patiently waiting for our Memory Bench to get here.  Then I drove around the square which is beautifully decorated with cheese wedges.  They are getting ready for our huge "Cheese Days" celebration in September.


I saw 3 fancy sports cars on the square and drove around to see what they were.  The first one was a beautiful white car, but I have no idea what it was.  Number two was a fancy white Corvette.  Number three was a bright Orange Lamborghini!!!  I raced back home to get my camera, but it was gone by the time I got back to the square.  Dang it.  I have too much time on my hands.  I see a lot of fancy cars on the square on Sunday's, but it was extra fun today.


 Hugs to all of you.