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Good afternoon, shopping friends. It is a nippy and overcast day but lift off tomorrow looks good.


Susan Graver should give me a discount. I have a habit of packing several of her tops as they travel wrinkle free and wash and dry overnight if the need arises. For the plane, I'm wearing a pair of loose Lustra Knit pants and one of her tops, with a Dennis Basso jacket. A lighter weight jacket is packed. I'll be carrying a Kipling bag as it is very light weight.


I'll likely not be posting until the weekend of April 6. I just wanted to drop in and say "bye!" Have fun while I am gone, and if you find some great buys, I know you will use your usual great judgement.

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Jean @KonaKat   you and I created a post at the same time today Woman Happy  I deleted mine and before I copy over what I posted originally I want to wish you a safe journey and wonderful vacation.


It's bright outside even though it's cloudy.  I suppose that's a good sign because dark clouds usually mean snow or rain.


I think the house across the street is having an open house today.  The owners listed it for sale at the end of February, there was a pending offer and then the house came back on the market in the past few days.


There are two more on the same side of the street for sale and another will be going up as soon as the kids clear it out.  Their mother is in her late 90's and she was moved into an assisted living center before the holidays last year.  I feel bad because her memory issues are just beginning and she is aware of what's going on. She was very independent and participated on a weekly bowling league as recently as a year ago.


I get sad every Tuesday when I see more of her past put to the curb in preparation of selling her house.


I'm watching the TV series White Collar on ION life TV.  Well, I'm not really watching it - more like half listening.


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Jean have a wonderful time....I hope you have great weather...  safe flight and we are looking forward to hearing about your adventure when you return.       Marijane 

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Good afternoon ladies, hope all is well.


Jean - Have an exciting and safe trip.  Can't wait to hear all about it.


Bernie- It is sad to see a persons past at the curb when they move.  


Not much going on here.  I did manage to get two constructive things done today.  I have been decluttering little by little here.  Last week I took 5 bags to St. Vincent DePaul, I also have a pile started for a Cat group who spay and neuter stray cats.  They have a large yard sale every year to raise money.  


Well, need to do a couple more things around here.  Have a good afternoon everyone.

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Jean. I hope that you & your niece have a fabulous vacation.  I can't wait to hear all about it.  You plan everything so nicely.  


Bird Mama. I remember having to clear my mom's house, just three years ago.  It was actually quite an easy job.  Lot's of praying and help from a lot of other people were involved.


Susan .It sounds like you are doing a great job of decluttering.


It's a cloudy drizzly mild day.  I am so glad that I hung lots of laundry outside yesterday.  It's supposed to be nice and sunny tomorrow & Wednesday.  Then 4 days of off and on rain.  Yuck! 


The next town to us just 10 miles away has had  massive flooding because all of the snow melted so quickly . Our good friends that live 20 miles from us & those neighboring towns are really hurting too. The school children have missed 12 days of school and for several days they had to get into a boat to get from home to school.


Tomorrow my DH has his neurology appointment & then we hope to re-do our anniversary lunch out with friends.


On Tuesday he has an appointment at our local clinic about the Holter Monitor.  I think that he has to wear it for three days.  He is already complaining that he won't be able to do anything except eat and drink.  It sounds like fun to me.  He isn't used to doing nothing exciting.


I hope that he gets a good report back about his EKG done last Friday.


Hugs to all of you.



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Good Afternoon and thanks for getting us started Jean and Bernie.  I hope you have a wonderful trip, Jean.  Looking forward to your report when you return.  Like you, I take several Susan Graver pieces when I travel.  Love that they don't wrinkle and are easy to clean if necessary.  I have never washed the entire garment on a trip, but I have washed away stains in the sink.


That is sad about your neighbor, Bernie.  Getting old is sure not for sissies as they say.  Sounds like you have  a pretty active real estate market there.  The guest minister at church today had been the head of Habitat for Humanity volunteers in Michigan for 20 years or so, and it was great to hear how successful they were in building homes for those who needed them. 


I thought of you when I watched "Quincy" (about Quincy Jones) on Netflix  -- not that it had to do with Michigan, but what a wonderful musical artist he is.  Some of the language in the documentary wasn't nice, but I loved hearing some of the songs and learning how he developed over the years.


Hi Marijane and Susan.  You are certainly doing a great job with decluttering, Susan.


I will be leaving for the gym soon.  The newcomers luncheon yesterday was pretty good -- actually, some of the ladies were very nice, but the food only so so at best (In my opinion.)


Hope everyone has a nice Sunday.






ETA -- Sorry about the flooding not far from you, twinny.  Thank goodness your area was spared.  Good luck to your DH.  I'd probably have a hard time doing nothing but eating and drinking for three days, but at least he can eat and drink rather than fasting.  Fingers crossed his tests come out well.