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Jean, it's a beautiful sunny upper 40's spring day here and will be getting better all week without any ☔☔☔.  I could live in a place that was between 40's-60's all

year long.  If you know where that is let me know! I am sure that you are getting excited about your trip.  We only drink one cup of coffee each morning, but we  need to do a better job of drinking water.  Staying active at our age is important too & we plan to go out fighting.    Age is just a number and we are making the most of it.


Linda L. My DH said this morning that he will drink a glass of water before breakfast and after his morning walk.  I like Crystal Lite in my water.


Meallen. Beautiful graphic. I wore green on Friday when my DH was still in the hospital.  I am wearing a different green top today & I am not Irish.  At my age, I celebrate everything!


Bird Mama. If I drank that much water, I think that I would drown.  In January after my PE scare & I had to have labs done, my GP told me to "drink water like there is no tomorrow."  I drank 2 gallons that day and thought that I drowned myself.  I guess she meant moderation!


We didn't go to church this morning, but we went to Walgreen's & the grocery store.


My DH is back to normal for now.  We will be busy this week with scheduling a stress test, General Practitioner & cardiology visits.  Hopefully we can do all of these at our local clinic.  The neurosurgeon appointment might have to be done in Madison.


The best news for today is that our 14 year old dgd came in 6th place in the State out of 100 teams in geocaching & got a nice medal.  She & our dd are celebrating at Mall of America today.  It is just a little ways across the border.


It's a beautiful day and we are going to get into the hot tub.


Hugs to all of you

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Twinny--Great news on dgd achievement. Celebrating at the Mall of America is a great way to celebrate. Also, it is so good that DH appears to be back to normal. I do hope the tests can be done nearby to lessen travel stress but sometimes it is necessary.


I called the card companies and notified them of my travel plans so that there are no surprises. This evening is now relaxation time as I haven't even taken part of the afternoon to read.

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