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Good Afternoon/Evening!  I haven't ordered the TSV or any other decorations this weekend, which is wise.  I really like VPH and have bought many of her items in the past.  Not so much in recent years since I am trying to cut back on decorations.  She seems like a very nice person, which is part of the appeal.


That is a funny story about the car dealer being interested in your car, Bernie.  I'm sure they are in need of used vehicles, particularly ones with low mileage.  I understand that prices on used cars have gone way up recently due the shortage of new vehicles, etc.   I know real estate agents are searching for homes to sell for pretty much the same reason.  As the pest control guy and I said, nice that the house prices have gone up for the seller, but then where would you live?


It started off fairly cool this morning, but is 105 degrees at the moment.  There may be thunderstorms tomorrow, and the predicted high is 97.  At least we have AC in this area unlike many people in the Pacific Northwest who are having record highs.  


Church was good today, and my Walmart pick-up and visit to the 99 cent store went well.   The only thing I regretted was the lack of independence Day decorations for sale at the 99 cent store.  I should have gone earlier.  At least I have some decorations from previous years.


Hope everyone has had a nice Sunday.  Please post if you have a chance.