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Bernie just noticed Macy's has the Lucky Basel booties  on 9 colors.  I have a pair of the green swade ones from a year or so ago.....and I think I remembered your mentioning them at one time.  I have never heard of that movie either.


Jean I did see a thread about the IM pants tonight...a few people had pre ordered them and received them and like them. Some are looking to get another pair.  Charleen I do have other items  other than his pants,but they are my favorites  that he sells.


Twinny have a nice time with your niece and her DD tomorrow.  I think freezing rain and ice will be coming to us on Tuesday into Wednesday...we already have gotten a weather alert.           I hope everyone had a nice day......Marijane



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Linda L, I am sure that your Church services & the gym are much busier with the snow birds.  That is so sad about your friend passing away so quickly, but  at least there wasn't a lot of suffering. Since I live my life one day at a time, I feel that we need to enjoy traveling as long as I  still feel good.


Jean, enjoy your upcoming trip to PR.  The reason that we are going to the same resort again is that my BF's husband is struggling terrible with Parkinson's Disease & it is also easy for me too.  It has 10 restaurants on the resort grounds, a beautiful large pool, golf carts to get us from place to place & very good nightly entertainment.  Since we will be gone 11 days instead of 8 days we will take a taxi to the next town one day & do some kind of a side trip.


CERB, We still have cassette tapes from when we had our 1971 Dodge Charger.  DH still hopes that cassette players will make a come back in automobiles.    Our Forrester has a CD player, but we rarely ever use it.  I don't have a fitbit, but my DD does.


I forgot that there is no mail tomorrow, so I am sure that our DD won't get her birthday card & $$ by Wednesday.  Our eldest DGS is 16 on Friday & takes his driving test 3 days later.  He is excited for sure as are the rest of us.