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Good morning, shopping friends and welcome to free shipping day. My wish list and saved items list were gone early this morning, but right now I can't think of anything I need to buy. The key word is "need."


It is a beautiful sunny day as the rain has left us. This is a rare Sunday that my niece isn't working at the hospital in the city, so we plan to meet for a late lunch or early dinner. 


I didn't feel the best  yesterday, something that could be attributed to the rain but today's sun is a real motivator to get things done. I already have gotten in a half hour of exercise. I will likely tackle some things this evening after I return from the city. I made a mental list yesterday of some things to do, so I need to act on that today.


Hav a great day. If you shop, shop wisely. If you venture out, do so safely!



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Hi Everyone!


It's in the 70's today with some sun and rain clouds. Nice to have a breeze.  We had high winds on Friday and yesterday noticed a tree that looks semi uprooted. We have to check to see whose property it belongs to. It gets "tricky" when you have all these woods and irregular property lines.


Last night I solved the mystery of what is getting into the patio/yard area. It was that herd of turkeys. There must be a dozen of them. The were on the fence post and in the yard. (it was like a scene from the old "birds" movie. LOL) They flew over to the woods and nested down in the same area as the deer. I'm relieved that it wasn't a 4 legged fur creature that had teeth. 


I spent yesterday starting to organize the Holiday storage room. I have a good supply of holiday storage containers so I'm hoping it makes a big improvement. I started to declutter in there and was actually able to see progress. I just want to get everything on shelves and off the floor similar to what I did in the "office".  Once the snow starts to fly then I'll concentrate on what is being stored in the plastic bins. I find that mehtod is working better for me since I have multiple rooms. 


Today I think I might take it easy.  I may weed the last garden in the front but the side I will save for another weekend. 


Free shipping day today and I just ordered a set of kitchen towels and spurtles yesterday. Oh well, at least I got the sale price so that's good. It still looks like they are having wifi/internet problems which always concerns me when placing any order. I got the towels for the kitchenette which are much needed. The spurtels I just love. I have 2 sets of the wood ones that I use every day. I thought the silicone would be great to add to the lonely 2 silicone spatulas that I have. Again, those I use almost every day.I finally decluttered my utentsil container and only kept the ones that I reach for all the time. 


Have a good afternoon/evening.  

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Good Morning/Afternoon!  Hope you have a nice meal and visit with your niece, Jean.  Glad your weather is nice, and you continue to get in your exercise.  


Hi Fressa -- glad you only had turkey invaders rather than more dangerous ones.  Sounds like you are making lots of progress with your de-cluttering.  I had not ever considered the spurtles.n I guess I will take another look.


My wish list wasn't working this morning, but did so yesterday evening, so I took advantage of the free shipping for one of the items on my wish list -- SG lustra knit pants.  They have been on sale for the past few days, so free shipping was quite a temptation.  As I probably mentioned before, I found that the petite pants fit me perfectly now that I am shorter.  So, I am replacing some of the regular length that no longer fit as well.  It is not just the length for these pants.


We had precious rain yesterday, and it really cooled things off.  It may not even make it to 90 degrees here today, and we may have more rain.  The weather was fine on my early morning walk.


I had a lot of trouble getting into watch my virtual church service this morning.  The link took me to Vimeo, and they wanted me to sign up (and pay) for their service.  What????  After about 10 minutes of trying, I was finally able to get to the service, but I hope this isn't going to be a problem in the future. 


My DD had her dishwasher repaired twice recently, but yesterday it broke again and lots of water came down into her basement.  The emergency plumber confirmed it was the dishwasher, and she ended up buying a new one.  Apparently, dishwashers and other appliances are not that easy to get these days.  Her preferred brand would not be available until November at least, so she found a different brand that should work.  Really hope my appliances don't break before things normalize.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and stays safe.





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Fressa--You ae doing a great job with the decluttering by  keeping only the items you often use. I never thought of turkeys being the culpritsf but I am glad you solved that mystery.


Linda--You will enjoy those SG lustra knit pants. I have 4 pair of them because they fit so well and are easy to maintain. I am sorry that DD's dishwasher had to be replaced. I have noticed the increasing prices, but didn't think about them being scarce.


I had a relaxing day and dinner with my niece. I did manage to get in a total of 60 minutes, using something similar to the TSV. If I didn't like what I had so well, I might have been tempted by the TSV.

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Well.... my cooktop replacement project has not gotten off to a good start Woman Very Happy  I never thought I would see the day when I would say replacing that razzin frazzin oven was easier, but it was.  


The oven was a challenge because of the limited space available to me.  It's built in and I had to remove the large storage drawer under it to work.  At least the gas pipe for that thing was in the wall smack dab in the middle of the area I was working in.


Everything for this cooktop is on the right side of the cabinetry and close to the back of the cabinet, making getting a pipe wrench in their a son a gun.


I worked on it for an hour and something moved alright, the black pipe gas line below the shut off that leads through the floor to the bigger gas line.


Gas is not leaking or anything.  I put the drawers back into all of the cabinet spaces and will be calling a plumber tomorrow.  He'll be disconnecting the old cooktop and probably running a foot or two of new pipe.  I do want a new appliance gas shut off on the line.


Here's the kicker, lol. 


The new cooktop is not the same size as the old cooktop so it's not like I can have him drop the new cooktop in and finish the connections.  I need to work on the counter cut out, which I can't do with the existing cooktop in there, which I can't remove because I can't get the line disconnected.


I'm laughing as I'm typing this.  It's a good thing that I have a sense of humor.  I posted photos in the August Back Fence (Among Friends) if anyone is interested in what I'm talking about.


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