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Good Morning, Ladies!  We continue to have hot, dry weather here in southern Arizona.  Fortunately, I got out early, and it wasn't too hot on my walk this morning.  I'm not looking forward to the extremely hot weather predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday, but that is how it goes.


I did my usual Saturday chores and some cooking yesterday.  My only plans for today are to go to church and the gym plus a little ironing.  Hopefully, I will do some cleaning as well.


Glad your Mom is doing better, Charlene.  Please don't beat yourself up over some stress-related excesses.  I hope and your sisters find a good solution for her care while you are away at the funeral.  The first time doing this is the most difficult in my opinion.   It takes time to feel comfortable with someone else taking care of your loved one.  And, some caregivers are just not a good fit.


I haven't seen anything to tempt me here, which is a good thing.  I notice a Cuddl Dud's TSV that might do so, however.  


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice day and please post if you have time.











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Linda--Thank you for starting the thread. Your weather is a challenge but I know you get things done in the early hours when it involves being outside. Good job on resisting purchases but if the Cuddl Duds is a great buy then it would be a good choice.


I know I said I didn't plan any purchases this month but I got an email from Hanes promoting a sale they were having on their sets. Bottom line is that I got four pair of sweats (top and bottom) with discount code after the sale price for $43 with tax included and free shipping. It may not be the most stylish but I wear these all the time in the house in the winter.


The "feel like" temp is supposed to be around 100 today but time will tell. I've been in the cool watching my favorite diversion of late HGTV. I did see Denim & Co for a few minutes this morning and saw that one of my favorite tops is on clearance but nearly all color/pattern options were sold out. The clearance price was only about $9 lower.


I work tomorrow and Tuesday, as well as Friday. Time will tell if anything is added later. Have a great day and make great choices!

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