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Hi Everyone!


It's partly cloudy today with a bit warm to the temps. The weather is up and down but no rain (so they predict) in the forecast. It rained all night last night and my knees are predicting at least a shower or two. 


I spent yesterday afternoon outside in the gardens adjusting solar panels and planting a few bulbs. Of course that always expands into some sleaning up around the area, etc. I definetly was outside too long because my knees were really aching. I'm taking it easy today.


I found this ground gazing ball stand at the AtHome store the other day and it looks nice in the front garden. I thought it would be a little stronger when we have the blowers outside to withstand flying off and breaking. Now fo rthe life of me I can not find the gazing ball for the back yard. I did find a set o f glass windchimes so "bonus". It drives me crazy because I only remember the one ball becoming a "casulty" last year. I'm one of those people that always has a system and everything goes back to it's place. I figure if I replace it I will most likely find the one I'm looking for. I'm still undecided on that decision. This year has been a big year for "replacements".


Free shipping day today. I wish it was yesterday with Garden Day. I'm not sure if I should replace the bench outdoor cover and the umbrella base today or wait. Outdoor covers seem to have really increased in price. I'm always in "sticker shock" . LOL


Have a nice afternoon/evening.


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Fressa, it was nice & sunny this morning, so I did my walk.  It's so nice window shopping downtown & buying nothing.  Now it's getting cloudy and we are supposed to get a bit of rain this afternoon. I pretty much put everything back where it came from, but not being able to find something drives me nuts.  The garage is my dh's madness.  I know where the Subaru & my moped are, so that's what counts.  


Other than continuing to read the book "Never a Doubt" I am going to have a lazy afternoon.  It's a paper back book,  but it weighs a ton, so I am using my tablet pillow to hold it.


My infusion is tomorrow morning & I will be asking my nurses what I can or cannot be doing.  We will be wearing a mask for quite a while yet, but hitting the road would be so great.  We are still not ready to dine in anywhere, but a few restaurants in town are opening up for outdoor dining.


Hugs to all of you.




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Hello all, we never did get rain last night and the sun came out as the afternoon progressed.  I found out that my youngest niece's significant other came home Friday with a headache and overall not well feeling.  I learned today he has asthma (who knew?) .  Anyway my niece pressed him really hard to get covid tested locally and yep, he has it.  This is the one who didn't want to get the vaccine.


Then I find out the same niece's 9 year old daughter started feeling bad last night - she was recently diagnosed with asthma and needs daily meds.  Niece called the pediatrician and my great niece will get tested tomorrow.


My youngest niece will only be vaccinated with her first shot for two weeks tomorrow.  She's scheduled for her second shot on May 3rd.  Pediatrician tells my niece to stay away as much as possible from the covid positive and potentially covid positive people in her house.  My youngest niece slept in bed with her sick daughter last night so at this point all I can say about that household is hellz-a-poppin.


Any prayers you can send their way would be appreciated Heart


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Good Afternoon/Evening and thanks for getting us started, Fressa.  Sorry about your knees.  I can so relate about not being able to find something that you are sure you put back.  I decluttered and reorganized my bathroom cabinets not long ago, but could not find something I had moved to a new spot.  It took pulling out tons of items before I found it.  Like you, I knew if I replaced it, I would find it again.


I am very interested in free shipping days, but I haven't found anything that is really tempting yet.  And, some items on my wish list went up in price so the free shipping wouldn't make any difference.


Hi Glenda.  Glad you were able to get out today, and good luck with your infusion.  I hope you get good news about being able to do more things.  Like you, I have no plans to give up mask wearing, even if I go out more.  


Nothing exciting going on here.  I took my walk, attended church via the computer, and did an exercise DVD.  I have some ironing to do, and I want to cook some of the wonderful vegetables I bought the other day.  Like you, I am reading a good book, but I usually save that for the evening.  Sometimes that is a big mistake since I nod off rather than finishing the chapters.  This book is on my Kindle, so no heaviness issues.  But, I know what you mean about even paperbacks being heavy sometimes.


Recently, I have gotten a ton of spam on one of my e-mail accounts, and I have decided to move most of my accounts to a different one that doesn't have so many problems.  I have reported it to the company, but they have not gotten back to me, and I am more than frustrated.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.






ETA -- I will be praying for your niece and family, Bernie.  Really wish some people were not so stubborn about getting the vaccine.  It seems like that is a big problem now that many who wanted the vaccine have gotten theirs or at least have an appointment.

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Linda L, the 483  pages in this  book are 8" x10".  I like to read before I go to bed bc it makes me drowsy.   This morning, I read for an hour at 2:30  a.m. & then I slept like a baby.  My bf went back to her church last week for the first time in over a year.  She said they all wore a mask except for one guy whom still thinks that the pandemic is a hoax.  They did no singing or oral prayer requests/praises & the service was 38 minutes.  Our church does all of those things & I don't think many people are wearing a mask.  I don't see us going back any time soon.


Bird Mama, prayers are coming your.  If it wasn't such a serious matter  it would be humorous.  Our two youngest dgc and their Dad are getting their 2nd vaccination on Thursday.  It will be so nice when they are all fully vaccinated.    It looked like rain this afternoon, but now the 🌞🌞🌞is shining.  We need the rain, but I am looking forward to nice weather tomorrow and Tuesday night.



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Birdmama---I will keep your neice and the family in my thoughts and prayers.

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Good afternoon ladies, hope all is well.


Fressa - Thank you for starting us today. Sorry to hear about your knees, my hands usually start to ache when the weather changes.  I hope you find your lost items soon, I hate when I just can not find something, go out and buy again and poof - a week or so later it show up.  I think it is a retail plot.


Twinny - Hope all goes well for your infusion, and that you stay safe.  I get my second vaccine next month, I still don't think I will be hurrying out to eat.  We do take out to support the local restaurants, but it is not the same as eating there.  But, soon enough we will be able to.  


Bernie - I hope your niece's family are well soon.  I don't understand not wanting to get a vaccine - these are the same people who's parents got them vaccines as children.  Okay, off my soap box.


Linda - Enjoy cooking your vegetables, I am trying to incorporate more meatless meals here.  Some weeks I do okay and some I just don't get it done - Work in Progress.


Not much happening here.  Today is my mess around day and tomorrow starts the Spring Cleaning in my downstairs.  You know you have to work up to these things.


Off to take the dog for a walk, we have a phone call with the financial people today.  


Hope everyone has a great afternoon.