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Greetings, shopping friends. It is a typical fall day with chilly nights and a  day and temps in high 60s--definitely time for a jacket when out and about in the cooler temps.


I watched AM Style and was tempted by the Basso jacket and the Denim & Co. jackets. I am a jacket-holic, so it was with regret that I exercised my resolve not to purchase any jackets. I have more than enough in my wardrobe.


I was interested in the Advent Sampler until I saw the price. I remember these being offered at a much lower price, but perhaps more name brands were included. I saw two that I already knew I didn't like, so I decided this was an expensive "try me" purchase.  What I am interested in would be another First Aid Beauty TSV near Christmas similar to the ones in past years. I love this product.


Today was retirement pay check day. It is exactly the same amount as it was 20 years ago as the State retirement is a fixed amount. I guess they assume we don't live long enough to experience the impact of inflation. In two weeks, I will be closer to 80 than 79 so watching expenditures is very important.


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.




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Hi Everyone!


Weather is all over the scale here. I'm at the point where it's a/c during the day and then at bedtime I put the heat on. We had some bursts of wind today. No rain so that was good. I need a couple of days to recoup from the storms and clean the debris from the outside areas. Weeding is still on the list but I have pushed that back to next weekend.


I have 8 crocus that are blooming. YIPPEE! They are the only bulbs that survived the wildlife. I had the 4 fawns in the front garden munching on various flowers and vines. They look to be about 1-4 weeks apart in there size. They sure can clear out an area but I didn't want to spook them. I figured that "Mommy" would be coming to get them soon enough.


I spent part of the day tossing some of the old wall pictures and odds and ends that were stacked on the dresser top in the spare room. Today I was in the mood to just get some of this stuff out of here. 


I did watch part of aAM Style. I thought Katrina did a fine job of filling Leah's heels. They both know fashion well. I refrained from purchasing anything. I did receive the DB jacket that I ordered fits but it is a bit more fitted than I usually wear. It looks nice and I'm in love with the color. It's different for me (more of a berry) but I'm glad I ordered it. I have a weakness for outerwear. (and a few other things) I did find a few suit jackets that I think I'll donate in that coat closet. Hopefully, I'll get to that this week.


Have a good afternoon/evening.


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I wrote a long post and it was removed because it was identified as spam?  


That's a first and it wasn't important enough to re-write it.  

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Good Evening and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Like you, I don't need any more jackets or coats.  Really, no more clothing.  That doesn't mean that I'm not interested/tempted.  However, being on a trip prevents me from doing shopping here or on Amazon.  I have seen a few things in gift shops plus gotten a few ideas about items good for travel.  But, I have only purchased postcards, etc.  We went to a flute shop -- a man makes native-type flutes.  Very interesting presentation.  Several people bought flutes for their children/grandchildren, etc., but not something that I would ever use.


It is a shame that your retirement amount has not increased at all for all these years.  One thing I remember reading/hearing about was that many people have sufficient funds when they first retire, but by the time they are in their 80's, inflation makes it much more difficult.  


Hi Fressa.  Glad your weather is okay, and a few of your bulbs have come up.  Good that you like your DB coat.  


Sorry your post was lost, Bernie.


More beautiful scenery today, but not quite as nice as some of the previous locations.  I'm looking forward to our visit to Arches National Park tomorrow.  We need to leave quite early since the park gets very crowded, and they don't admit people when a certain number are in the park.  


It was cool again this morning, but warmed to the upper 70's.


Hope everyone sleeps well.