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Thank you ladies for all the anniversary wishes, we so appreciate it.  I sure have very special friends here.


You all make me laugh about your gardening and garage cleaning.  I've never been a garage cleaner outer and I hate messing in dirt, so those jobs will never make my list.  When I was a young girl, we had several enormous gardens and I had to weed them.  Since then, there has been zero gardens in any of our yards.  I buy at orchard stores, I buy organic and I buy farmers markets.  If I can't get it from those fine places, we don't have it. Smiley Sad


Pace yourselves ladies.  Find some time to relax.


It is quite chilly here and a bit rainy, so I'll stay inside.  Grab a cup of hot chocolate later.  Hunt down some dinner and catch some college football.  Maybe a load of laundry or two.


Had a crazy busy week, so hope to recoup this weekend.


Enjoy your weekend everyone, do something that makes you happy.  Woman Happy


Keep those CCs out of the rain and sunshine.


Again, thank you all.

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Good Afternoon/Evening!  Thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Glad you had a good report from the cardiologist, and you got in and out so early.  I will not be ordering the TSV either.  I might have been interested in some ankle boots, but no faux fur -- just too warm around here.  Speaking of which, they are predicting highs in the 90's at least until Thursday when it may "only" reach the 80's.  It is a bit warmer than normal for the area, but not record-setting or anything.


I wanted to mention that the broker's office isn't exactly close to my house, Charlene -- about 45 miles or so.  Therefore, I rarely visit.  And, I don't do much buying and selling, and what little I do is on-line.  How fun about the Halloween costumes -- what will you be making this year?  Your soil sounds pretty much as bad as ours.  But, your flowers and butterflies must be wonderful.


Glad you are feeling great, twinny.  Hope you enjoy your upcoming trip.


Waves to  3suwm5, Bernie (glad you got some needed rest and had a chance to get used to your new car), our new poster, and all of our posters and readers.


I was participated in our local Alzheimer's Walk this morning, and it was good.  But, I did get up and out pretty early to get there in plenty of time.  Then I visited DH who was doing pretty well -- not as sleepy.  He couldn't finish his lunch or dessert, but they served him quite a lot.


Busy doing laundry and my weekly financial review now.  Hope everyone sleeps well.