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Hi everybody, Jean - thanks for getting us started today.  Hope you have fun in the city today, and I hope that you and Linda enjoy the SG TSV you ordered yesterday.  There were two print choices that I rather liked, but there was one choice that made me go "yikes!"  I won't tell you which one, lol.  meallen - thanks for the graphic, though like Susan, I'd probably prefer 30 to 20!  Susan - good for you getting yard work done.  No frost here yet, so we still have lots of flowers around the place.  In fact, I'm still wearing shorts around the house.  We had a rain forecast for this weekend, but so far the skies are blue.  twinny - I didn't know that you were doing the ShoeBox Christmas program too.  We turned ours in last week.  It was fun picking up the various items.  Hope the kids are happy to receive them!  Bernie - you cracked me up with your comment about having to get up to pay the water bill, hee hee.  Sounds like you're getting a lot accomplished today too.


I finished sewing the dog bandanas that were cut out.  My DD needs to cut out the last length of fabric so I can get going on those.  I'm about to join my DD and watch the Breeder's Cup races online.  The Breeder's Cup (best horse race in the U.S.) is being held in Del Mar, CA this year.  NBC will be showing the big race later today.  Love horse racing, but I always pray that the horses and riders will stay safe.


Not much else going on today, and I have no inspiration on what to fix for dinner.  Hmm...  Well, hope you all are having a great weekend!  ~  Charlene


Oh yes - I did buy the TSV today.  I've not tried the Argan milk product before, but I like the argan oil and the body butter, and it's a pretty good price.

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Wow, that back yard of mine took 2 hours.  I was in the house maybe 30 minutes when thunder and lightening broke.  We got some rain - not too hard.  Of course, that knocked leaves off the trees so there went my clear yards.  It's the season Woman Very Happy

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