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Hi Everyone!


We have a few clouds but mostly sun and temps to reach the 90's. Tomorrow will be sunny and even hotter. I had planned to tackle some of the much needed weeding but will see how far I get with that chore. I have some porch chores to spruce it up a bit and need to switch the wreaths, etc. around for the holiday. I am trying to limit the time out there because the robin has babies. 


Believe it or not the trash can has arrived. WOW!!! I haven't opened the box but will do that after the outside chores. We had a minor repair job to the sofia on the garage. It looks like the high winds and flying branches hit at the peak joint and seperated it . Hopefully the fix will hold. 


I took a chance and ordered 2 pair of the Denim & co capri pants from AMStyle. I noticed that when I was searching for my capri pants that I really didn't have that many pairs. Since temps are already too warm I thought I better find 2 more and sized up. I don't know what size to get anymore even with reading the reviews and checking the charts. I can take them in if needed or return. 


I did do the grocery shopping yesterday. Actualy, few people were in the store. I just needed to get all the produce and dairy items. I also needed rubber gloves. I was in and out in record time which was a treat. 


Have a good afternoon/evening.


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Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Fressa.  That is amazing about the trash can.  I forgot to ask what color you ordered.  Hope you really like it.  Also hope the capri pants work out.  I put a pair on my wish list, but didn't order yet since I recently purchased an IM pair of pedal pushers and a Kim Gravel pair of capris from eBay.  I like both, and the prices were great.  But, I like the ones presented today since they are pull on with pockets and would be useful for my morning walks and even exercising.


It is hotter in your area than here in Arizona.  They are predicting a high of 85 degrees today and tomorrow.  I'm sure it will warm up later in the week, but this is nice.  Unfortunately, it is very windy and dry, so the "red flag warnings" (for fire) are in place.


Glad it wasn't crowded at the grocery store and good luck with your chores today.


Bev and I ended up only having a small dish of "custard" (ice cream in my mind) at Culver's yesterday, so I have money left on my gift card for a sandwich or something in the future.  We had a very good and frank discussion, and I continue to be impressed with her attitude.  


Nothing at all exciting going on here.  Usual laundry and weekly financial review, plus a little cleaning and a tiny bit of cooking.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice evening and sleeps well.





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Fressa, 90's are not welcome here.  I like 60's & 70's.  Then Fall & Winter.  That was super quick delivery of the trash can.  Hope that you like it.


Linda L, I am glad that you had a nice visit with Bev & enjoyed the 🍦🍦🍦treats.  We like to get a Culvers drive thru lunch or dinner.  It's always hot. I was thinking about you when we were walking around a cemetery this morning.  I think that I did a million steps!


This morning, we took a drive to a Farmer's Market at at an Amish Country Store about 45 minutes away.  Lots of nice things & I bought a bottle of Vanilla.


On the way back home, we stopped at a cemetery &  covered about 1/2 of it.  Last week when I was visiting with my niece,  she said she would like to know where her grandfather (on her dad's side) was buried.  I told her that we would go to this cemetery and look at every tombstone.  Never did I think that it was such a big cemetery. I think that I will call the caretaker & see if they know if he is buried there.  


Then we had a brat at Qwik Trip before coming back home and going to our Farmer's Market.  Our square has a special theme each summer & this year it's The Monopoly Board.  Zoli our woodcarver does an amazing job at carving the different playing pieces.  


I forgot to tell you that my niece has the cutest he dog.  It's a Shi Zhu (sp)???  She puts a blue bow in his hair and he chases a ball like crazy around the house that makes noises.  He is very entertaining.  


My DH is grilling steaks tonight, while I am recovering from our outing today.

Hugs to all of you.



ETA:  it's in the 80's today & we are supposed to get off & on rain for a week.