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Hi girls! It's an absolutely gorgeous day out; I'm taking the dogs for a drive, since they didn't have an outing yesterday.  I had a wonderful "ME" day - first I went to get my hair cut - same girl, new salon. The place has a nice atmosphere, and I'm very happy with my cut as always.  From there I went to drop off cupcakes at the vet (I made some for my hairdresser as well), then to Walmart.  It was soooo nice to be able to take my time and browse without having to hurry back to the car before the dogs get into trouble!   I had to buy a new computer mouse, since the touchpad on this piece of junk that's only a few months old isn't working, and I got a plastic storage bin with cover to keep my coloring supplies in. They had a few clearance racks, and I found some plus size sweaters for my BFF (the one with whom I exchange care packages) for just one dollar each. From there I went to Aldi (They now take credit cards, BTW), then out to eat. I really have to take more days like that just for myself more frequently - it was so relaxing.


Twinny, I'm thinking about you and you're in my prayers.


LindaL, I've read that it's good to keep your mind active to prevent Alzheimer's, but if that was entirely true, why did Ronald Reagan get it? Few are more mentally active than he was!  I did see several studies that say getting a flu shot for five consecutive years increases your chances for getting it by 800%, but I never get flu shots so that's not a concern for me; there are also studies linking it to the junk they put in food.  I pray for you as well - I know you're going through a difficult time.


Spix, I do as much of my shopping as I can in Georgia, where the shopping area is the same distance from my house as the big shopping area in Tennessee - the tax is about 3% lower there, and it really adds up.  The town I live in has no shopping to speak of, apart from a couple of supermarkets, a lot of drug stores, and car part and accessory places.


Bird, I love the "thrill of the hunt" - you never know what great deals you'll find on those clearance racks!  I only like it when a store isn't crowded, though.


Jean, are you planning to explore places different than Hawaii now?

Charlene, I wish I could say my house was clean; I was too tired to do the planned cleaning when I got home last night, and today I have a homework assignment that I have to finish.  Maybe tomorrow I'll get to vacuuming and washing the floors, and getting some organizing done.


I guess I'd better get dressed and be on my way.  Hi to everyone - have a blessed day!