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Good morning, shopping friends. I do wish Mother Nature would get back to taking her meds. We went from 70 on Thursday to the low 30s on Friday and a current 23 for Saturday. The positive is that the snow avoided us but the rumor is that conditions are coming together for a possible snow mid-week. It is at times like this that Twinny's Mexico temps and Linda's Arizona temps are very attractive.


I have worked 15 consecutive school days so I am tired, but will be leaving shortly for the city. My mane needs cut and styled. I couldn't get it done when I was last there but it can't wait any longer. I don't plan to do any shopping while there, but plans can change. I don't think next week will have a heavy work schedule so I can be more flexible as to when I can do things.


I like the TSV but I have 3 pair of last year's TSV which are in great shape. I did pre-order the Calista Tools Perfecter in the 1/2 inch size to work with my previous one for my hair when it is very short. It works very well.


Thanks to a FB promo, I pre-ordered the Fitbit Alta HR on six easy pays. I had doubted how much I would like one of these devices until I tried the knockoff cheap brand.  I like the fuller features of the Alta HR and its sleeker style. To be honest, I'll be using it more for continuous heart monitoring and sleep more than steps taken.


My  credit card I pay in full each month just posted. Thanks to my cutting back, I spent $200 less last month. This month's challenge will be to match that. Part of the savings has come from my resisting some "great" QVC offerings. For example, I liked the QF pedal pushers offered this morning and if they had been offered as a capris, I might have bought. I've just become a little more discriminating.....and any sale, even Kohls 30% not a savings if it really isn't needed.


My "want" purchase for the month was the Lug crossbody bag. It is very nice and organizes well. I would love a regular size bag made the same way, but this will be good as I don't carry the kitchen sink.


I was watching Renee present a Woman in Control item on AMS and remembered the old days in which she presented CitiKnits. I liked that line but it is one of many which have disappeared from the Q. Some of the newer lines make it easy to resist purchasing along with the prices.


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.



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Good Morning Jean @KonaKat


I laughed out loud when I read your comment about Mother Nature taking her meds.


We are in a pattern of 'unseasonable cold weather' this weekend with the promise of snow.  Just once I wish a weather forecaster would look at the camera and say, global warming is real people, lol.


The only outing on my schedule for the day is grocery shopping.  Short of buying a loaf of bread this past Monday, I've gone 2 weeks between grocery shopping.




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Good morning from the sunny and warm southwest.😍🌵   In contrast to you and Jean. We should reach 90 today.  My 10 year old dgd texted me that it was below zero in norther Minnesota. 


I have been been dealing with issues at our northern home. Oldest dd who lives with us, (syds) mommy, changed jobs from one health insurance company and she has a telecommute position that requires a workspace with a door. She will be doing training via webinars etc. so I hired movers to come in and switch around two bedrooms. Then she said we have a mouse infestation, so,had to have exterminators come out.,he discovered a leak in our watering system. I am heading back on the 22nd for 2 weeks to be with Sydnie while she goes for training. I will,be busy.



i am glad someone is in the house while we are here.


No big has gotten hot so I did get a couple of tops from jjill. 


Sydnie has her dance competitions coming up. Her tap solo is pretty awesome so hope she does well.


Jean, you have been really busy working. Bernie ,mthey high winds hit mn dd lost a package that she still has not found.



i read daily..just do not post. My life is very not exciting.,I did sing in a presentation of the Vivaldi Gloria.,I was asked to do the mezzo solos but I do not have that much energy.


(((hugs)) to all.  Spring is is summer here.

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Bernie--I agree with you about the weather forecasters. I am also trying to extend my time between grocery store visits. When things get low, I try to convince myself that what I have are the most delicious things available.


Barbara--It would be great if you could share those wonderful temperatures. Hopefully when you return home, Mother Nature will decide to bless you with warmer temperatures and no snow.


I used to think white was a requirement for Summer but now I avoid it.I have to admit that I love the Vionic sandals, and more than Clarks, so I may cave and get another pair in a color I don't have but it won't be white.


I am having an early lunch so I won't need to eat while in the city as much as I would like to do that. I will be there during Spring break so I will indulge in a nice restaurant then.

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Good Afternoon, and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Hope you like your hair.  I know you would really prefer our temperatures -- above normal here (80's) and no rain/snow.  Interesting that you prefer the Vionic sandals over Clark's.   I love Clark's, but have not tried Vionic yet.  I will not be ordering the TSV since I need the backstrap to wear the sandals outside the house.  My narrow foot makes keeping slides, etc. on difficult when walking, particularly outdoors.  I have been good with spending on wants for me this month, but it is only the 11th, so I'm not counting on this continuing.  Like you and Bernie, I'm trying not to over buy/stock food, but that is very difficult for me to do.


Enjoy your long weekend, Bernie.  Sounds like things have been pretty hectic at work.


It is good that you have someone in MN to watch your other house, Barbara.  When I had two houses, I did not have anyone living in Maryland when I was here or vica versa.  I did ask my DD and DH's DS to check, but that wasn't possible all that often since neither lived nearby.  And, we had problems with both houses.


The landscaper did a very good job, and I had a nice visit with DH.  Next for a quick lunch and then off to the culture festival.  Laundry is going, and I'll be doing my weekly financial review later.  I am sure my life is no more exciting than yours, Barbara.  But, I know you are busy.  Please post when you have time.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Have a nice evening!







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Hi friends - Jean - thanks for getting us started.  Hope you can get some rest after so many days of work.  I love my fitbit, hope you will like yours as well.  Congrats on the lower credit card charges!  Bernie - stay warm!  I'm also trying to grocery shop less.  I have a packed freezer, so really, I only need to buy a little fresh produce and dairy.  Sydsgma - sorry you've had so many challenges with the other house, hope things get fixed quickly.  Cheering Sydnie on her upcoming dance competition - I love watching tap dancing!  Linda - I also prefer backstraps on sandals I wear.  When I was young I could wear any sandals, but once I reached middle age, I got pickier about comfort.


I went through some clothes this morning.  I switched out some clothes that have grown too loose for some that fit better and have more spring colors.  I'm not complaining about shopping my own storage for smaller sized clothing.  That's a good thing.  But even that small activity has made me tired.  I think I will read for a while and take a nap.


Waves to our regulars and visitors alike  ~  Charlene

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Linda--I guess life is what we make it and you are an example of someone who is facing adversity with DH's disease but still remains active and then carries that positive attitude with you into your visits with him. 


Charlene--Good job on shopping your closet for smaller clothes. I find things like sorting and making decisions around the house very exhausting also. Reading is also one of my favorite methods of relaxing.


I made it back from the city and stopped to pick up one of my heart meds, the first refill of the new year as I get 90 day supplies. My cost for that one drug was $79 but that is far better than having to pay the $937 for the drug. And people want to know why insurance is needed? I have 7 other prescriptions but most of them are generic. $937 is an airline ticket to some exotic place or my actual cost of $79 would buy something I could wear and last far more than 90 days. I am thankful for the insurance as well as the med.

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