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Greetings, shopping friends. It is a beautiful sunny day with temps expected to reach mid 80s. This is such a welcomed gift to me from Mother Nature.


I haven't been out much since I've been dealing with the medical issues, but this week I hav been feeling great. Yesterday, I awakened early and thought with the great weather, it would be a good time for a road trip.


I enjoy driving when the weather is good. I find it relaxing, so off  I went and managed to put almost 400 miles on the car driving through scenic areas. Since I am taking the car in for its semi-annual checkup, the drive gave me an opportunity to look for or listen for interestig things that might be a warning of something developiing.


I haven't bought any fashions for a month, except for undies and compression hose especially important for travel and flying. I'll be leaving in two weeks for Alaska so I am looking forward to it as it as been a long time since I've been able to enjoy travel other than that nearby.


Have a great day. If you shop, shop wisely.

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Hi Everyone!


It's hot, sunny and humid already. UGH!!! I think I'll just spread the Preen around the porch garden and come back inside. Not sure about more weeding today with the heat.


KomKat---So glad you are feeling better this week. What a nice drive you took. Our cars are behind their check-ups so I will need to add that on the "to do" list.


I finally received the Denim & co french terry crop pants the other day. I think I ordered them in April. I had sized up. They fit except the leg opening is a bit large for me. I think I could have gone with my "normal" size. I'm going to wash them and see if they fit a bit better. There was a strong chemical odor in the package so I hope that disappears in the wash. Most likely I will keep them but the sizing issue still has me confused. Better for my budget.


We had a tree that took a hit in the last wind storm on our back hill. The hubby is out there today trying to cut off the huge branch that bent. The rest of the tree will let be for the tree guy. You need 2 people to tackle that and someone to watch the street trafffic. We sure know how to have fun. LOL


Have a good afternoon/evening.

Hope everyone can stay cool with this heat.


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Fressa--I do believe you are thinking clearly about weed management in the heat. I hope the Denim & Co. fits better after  the washing. D&C is my tried and true line when it comes to sizing in the items I usually order but I have noticed the "click here" measurements do vary for the same size of different styles.

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Good Morning/Afternoon and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Glad you are enjoying your weather.  It is "only" supposed to make it to 99 degrees here today, and it is sunny.  I feel for those who are getting usually hot weather in their area.  This weather is normal here.


While we have quite a few things in common, driving long distances is not one of them.  Not relaxing at all for me.  DH used to really enjoy driving, and I was fine being the passenger. 


Glad you felt well, and I hope your Alaska trip is great.  According to the Road Scholar newsletter, Alaska was the number one trip destination among those being searched on their website.  So, I think you are in good company.


Good for you with the lack of clothing purchases.  I certainly cannot say the same, but I have decided (as of yesterday) that enough is enough.  I kept getting tempted by sales and free shipping from Lands End and Ebay, etc.  Some of those items are winners, but others ended up in the donation pile already.  What a waste.


I received some D&Co. "active" capri pants (not sure if they are the same you ordered, Fressa), and I really like them.  They fit well and no bad smell.  After receiving them, I decided to cancel the TSV pedal pushers I ordered.  Hope I don't regret it, but....


Sorry about your weather and the tree, Fressa.


Nothing interesting planned for today, but I am pretty excited that my nephew's widow has finalized her trip plans.  I spent some sleepless time last night thinking about her visit (where to go, what to eat, etc.) Not happy to lose sleep, but at least they were pleasant thoughts.


Waves to all of our posters and readers.  Hope everyone has a nice Saturday.





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Hello all, we had a beautiful day around here yesterday.  It was blustery and warm and I opened just about every window in the house.  It was breezy again today but for some reason it didn't have the same effect when I opened the windows this morning, on with the A/C.  I think you had to be outside in the breeze to benefit from it, if that makes any sense.


I noticed in the items recently on air yesterday that there was a Dennis Basso jacket on clearance.  Considering I bought two jackets from the Q this year, one Dennis Basso and one Centigrade, I figured it was better to look away, lol.  I can only wear so many jackets at one time.  I find myself reaching for the blush colored Centigrade jacket on a cool morning.


Centigrade Water-Resistant Utility Trench Jacket - A393146


I can't believe the Q raised the price on this thing ^^.  I've shopped here a long time and I don't think I will ever get a grip on the Q's idea of clearance.



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