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Good Morning/Afternoon!  It is sunny and cool here this morning, but it should make it up into the 70's later.  We did have a tiny amount of rain yesterday evening.  Hope the weather is okay where you live.


I watched a little of AM Style this morning (it comes on quite early when you are three hours behind "Q" time), but didn't find anything I really wanted.  Of course, nothing I needed.  I do enjoy watching Leah regardless of what items are presented.


Yesterday I received my new cable box, and I still don't have things set up properly -- the remote control does work with the TV, but it does not work with the volume.  Frustrating to say the least.  


My CPA's office just called to tell me that they will need to file for an extension, and I need to bring a check to the IRS to them for when they file for it.  If this is all that I end up owing, I will be thrilled to pieces (far less than I anticipated) .  I am concerned that I may never get the forms he needs to help file the taxes, but nothing I can do about it. 


I have a hospice visit this afternoon, and my usual Saturday chores (laundry and weekly financial reviews) await.  


My SIL has decided to leave her "boyfriend" and move back to Maryland.  She is very hopeful she can get her old job back plus the lady who rented her basement apartment is willing to have her move back for a while.  She will need to look for low cost housing in the future, but she will be okay for a while.   I will need to continue paying her car payments which is a disappointment for me, but.....  The guy she moved in with admits that he was just too set in his ways to have her there, and he will pay for her move back to Maryland.  Messy, but better than it could be.  I'd hate to be stuck with someone who didn't want me around.


Waves to all of our posters and readers. Hope everyone has a nice day.  Please post if you have a chance.





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Linda @LindaLatte   That is really sweet of you to assume your SIL's car payments.  I know you were paying them for awhile and I hoped that you got some kind of break when she moved in with her new man.  It's none of my business.... does SIL know the next car is on her? 


When I worked I supported two households (twice).  Mine and a family member, double the everything.  Family is family and I had the money to do it.  I put out an unofficial notice about 2 years before I retired that retirement was in the near future and that my retirement plan didn't include supporting another person and that it was too late to course correct. 


It sounds like you are having another busy day.  


The day started off so sunny and calm.  It's clouding up and the wind has picked up.  I caught some of AM Style, ran to the post office to mail my dental/vision COBRA check and then visited the electronics recycling event at my local DPW.  An old DVD player and android tablet will hopefully be recycled into something useful.  I was home by 10:15 Smiley Very Happy


My sister worked OT today and needed to swing by my house to pick up a doll that she bought from my youngest great niece (that was shipped to me).  She texted me as she was in the grocery store checkout (near my house) and I ordered a pizza and cheesy bread from her favorite pizza place.  She put her perishables in my fridge, I ran to pick up lunch/dinner and then we visited for a couple of hours.



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Linda--Thank you for starting the thread. I do hope the IRS extension works well for you, and that your SIL does find a job with her former employer upon moving back to Maryland.


Bernie--It is good that you and your sister could visit together today, and also that some of your electronics can be recycled into something useful


Like both of you, I saw part of AM Style but then went to the city to visit a friend and have lunch, as well as picking up some groceries. I paid for my expenditures with a card I hadn't used for about three months in order to keep it showing activity and keep it from getting cancelled as I don't want to lose its credit limit in calculation of FICO scores.

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