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Good morning, shopping friends. I would like to take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful transition to the New Year in whatever manner you choose to celebrate.


This year has flown, and likely the upcoming New Year will also but I know at times, it will feel overwhelming especially if any are facing a challenge. It is when adverse challenges arise, that we must call upon our inner strength to forge ahead.


I have no special plans for celebrating the New Year. I quit watching the Times Square thing years ago. In all reality, I will likely be in bed unless there is something exciting on TV. Yes, I lead an exciting life! 


I had my eye appointment yesterday. I haven't had to have new glasses for over 4 years but this time, a change in the prescription was required. I found a beautiful pair of frames until I discovered the cost. I settled for a similar style but wasn't a designer brand, or at least a super famous designer. I wasn't in the mood to pay for the name despite how much I loved the frames. As it was, with these frames, and the use of progressive lenses, transition lenses, and a coating to make it easier to drive at night, they came to a hefty sum.  The positive of the exam was that my eyes are in an extremely healthy conditoion for someone my age.


Enjoy your last day of 2019! If you shop, shop wisely!



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Hi Everyone!

Early Happy New Year to all of you!!!


This is also our grandson's birthday. It's so hard to believe that he's 25! I still remember watching him when I retired from my job. Sometime I think time passes faster when you're not in the office. I don't know. It seems like my "to do" list is always staring at me no matter what stage of life I'm in. My friend and I joke about what age is it when we can lay on sofa and eat bon-bons? LOL So far, we haven't reached it yet.


Today I have got to get some groceries and pick up another prescription. I have my fingers crossed that it won't be too crazy in the market. I try to avoid the holidays but these last days I just had to get some rest. I felt exhausted and was actually sleeping past the dogs breakfast time of 7-730. That's how I can tell something is not right with my system. It's not very medical but it works for me. ha ha!


Our New Year's Eve are always very quiet. My husband starats work very early so he is crashed out way before midnight. The dogs will be sleeping and I hope to be relaxing and watching movies. 


Has anyone purchased from the "Honey Do" line on QVC?  I'm considering revamping my holiday storage. I have most things in plastic tubs of some sort or another. (not all are see thru) I have them stacked on Oragami shelves. I also have some still in the carboard ornament boxes. My goal is to eliminate all the cardboard boxes and gain a little space. These look like they would be so much easier to lift and carry. Just a thought.  


It's cooler here today and the no rain. The ground is frozen so no mud for the dogs. Snow is in the forecast so I hope to get to the market sooner than usual for me. I have medication that I have to take at different times so I have to schedule around them. It always messes up my systems if I get delayed but sometimes it just happens. 


The deer have been around all day yesterday and today. We are usually the winter sleeping ground for them. I find them peaceful to watch and interesting. The does seem to take turns with watching the fawns once they progress beyond newborn. We have two bucks running around so I'm just hoping they stay off my front porch and away from my windows. Some of them seem puzzled by the glass. There are usually a few neighbors that have them crashing thru the larger windows. I thought it was bad enough with the birds getting in our front door. They make a nest behind the wreath on the door. Some of them are quite the engineers! We try to use the garage entrance most times but once in a while the door is used.


Have a good afternoon and evening.      

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Fressa--Good luck with getting the groceries today. I hope the stores aren't too crowded and the trafffic reasonable. Time does fly, especially when enjoying yourself and I know that you have many treasures including your grandson. Happy 25th birthday to him!  No, I haven't tried anything from that organizing line but I've tried a variety to various degrees of success.


I'm not big on resolutions, but I will try to eat healthier and to exercise more. I got out of the habit with the acciddent. I'll aim for 150 minutes a week.

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Re: oigh thCS: ONE DAY AT A TIME (NEW YEAR'S EVE 2019)

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Hello Ladies Happy New Year.  I am another who does not make any resolutions ..I just try to do better.  I have a Times Square cam on my EarthCam app  on my iPad 

and the people are lining up since early this morning.   Not for a billion dollars would I be there....when I was younger,I alsways wanted to BF now my DH always said " have fun".  Once you are in those pens,like cattle, you can't get back in if you decide to do people not have to go to the rest rooms being outside all those hours.  It's a cold chilly day there..there are mostly young people.  The  area  is probably the safest place on the planet with all the police,security devices etc.


I was going to go out to the store this morning but decided not too...I don't think it would be too mobbed ....they will be open tomorrow.


Linda I saw the other day that you had picked up butternut squash what kind of sauce do you have it in.  My store sells it too and once and awhile I buy it.....we have gotten it in restaurant s around here and it's in a light ,maybe olive oil sauce and some spices.   I think maybe just regular tomato sauce would be too heavy.  I usually make it just for an appetizer...just a few ravioli per person.  

That's about it for here..have a safe New Years if you go out!    Marijane

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Jean, yes, this year has gone very fast.  Some good & some difficult.  We are faithful that the Lord will get us through them in 2020.  I am glad that you got your eyes tested and frames that you like.  My frames will be 3 years old in January.  My bil is retiring from his eye clinic in January so my DH & I hope to get new frames real soon.


fressa, happy birthday to your 25 year old dgs.  How time flies when you're having fun.  My laying on the sofa with Bon bons started 18 years ago when I was diagnosed with CIDP & my data entry job came to a rapid ending after 30+ year's.  Retirement is the best job in the world.  I have never heard of the honey do brand.  Last night we had light snow & wind, but only an inch of snow was on the driveway and porch.  My DH used the leaf blower to get it taken care of.


Marijane, you couldn't pay me a billion $$$ to go to Time Square either.  Crowds make me nervous & I would be a total wreck.


We signed up to go to the Wellness Center at our senior citizen center yesterday.  We go for our orientation this Friday morning.  It's only $150 for a full year for both of us.  Although my DH walks 5 days a week, that's not possible for me right now.  I will mostly use the recumbent bikes, but there are a lot of different things that he can try out.


I did 3 loads of laundry this morning while my DH enjoyed his walk.


Yesterday the excitement for me was to get a 3 month supply of Uloric for $20.88 instead of the $200 range.  I am getting my Xarelto on Thursday for $67 which has been in the $300 price range.  In January, I will be getting a new rx plan because this plan will no longer pay for Uloric.  They said that it would cost me $1,115 for a 3 month supply.  


We are looking forward to going out for dinner with friends at a local restaurant and then playing cards.  Then at Midnight we will usher in the New Year with a Wine than in the hot tub.  It should be a pleasant evening.  We have done this for many years.


I hope that all of you have a great 2020.  





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Marijane--I can't imagine being part of the Times Square crowd. You are right about having to use the bathroom. I can't imagine people letting you back in to reclaim a spot you had that was more favorable than theirs.


Twinny--Enjoy your dinner, and the great moments after. You also scored a great buy on the precriptions; let's hope that plan doesn't change its drugs and level of payments.


I spent part of the afternoon setting up my Amazon Echo Show 8. I like it very much. I got it as a Black Friday special and considered it as a gift from me to me. I have the original Echo but this is so much better; the sound is fabulous when playing music. I also viewed an episode from an Amazon Prime series. There is no way I will sleep through the alarm on this thing!

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Good Evening and thanks for getting us started, Jean.  Like you, I get a lot of bells and whistles with my glasses, so I don't want to pay too much for the frames.  My vision insurance provides for new frames every year plus discounts on all the extras (or almost all), but the frames I picked were a bit higher than what they provided.  I just couldn't find a pair that I liked at that price.  Not designer or anything, but.....  Glad you like your new Echo.


I have no special NYE plans, but I noticed that we can watch the NY celebrations early (we are two hours behind NY time), so maybe I will catch the ball drop.   Sometimes, I happen to wake up at midnight, but not often.


Hi Fressa -- Happy Birthday to your grandson.  One of mine turned 22 yesterday, but my oldest DGS turned 26 in November.  It amazes me how old those "kids" are.  No bonbon life for me either, but I know I wouldn't be happy just laying around all day.  Hope you made it to the market, and you feel better soon.  I remember when a deer crashed through my neighbor's front window in Maryland.  Not good.


One year, I was in NY for NYE, but we partied in our friend's apartment rather than going to Times Square.  I know I couldn't take all that standing, and not being able to use a restroom.   I usually just have a very light sauce -- cream, herbs, and butter on that type of ravioli, Marijane.  I can't remember what town in Italy (Ravenna?) where I had pumpkin ravioli with butter and sage sauce -- a little Parmesan.  Yum!  I don't think tomato sauce would go with that type of pasta, but I have not tried it.


You have had quite a year, twinny.  Glad you were able to get your prescriptions at a reasonable price, and I sure hope they won't be too expensive next year.


We had a New Year's Eve celebration for lunch today at the senior lunch program.  They included the people from Adult Day Care as well as our regular seniors.  They served pizza and salad, German chocolate cake, sodas, and sparkling grape juice (or maybe apple juice) for our "New Year's" toast at noon.  


They also had karaoke.


My buddy and I were very busy trying to get the pizza and salad out.  The pizza delivery was not that much before noon, so we were hustling.  I had cut the German chocolate cake up into slices, so it was ready to go.  Anyway, I think everyone had a good time. 


I made it to the gym and to the library to pick up a DVD I had on hold.  Nothing else to report.


Hope everyone has a nice evening and a good New Year!












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Hello all, I spent the day editing and updating the journal I started when Finley (bird) got attacked by the cat and joined my flock in July.  Boy was I ever a basketcase during some of her recovery, lol.  I tend to dump my emotions, insecurities and worries on 'paper' (really a Word document) because it's my way to work through things.  I went back and edited out some of the drama now that it's passed and I've worked it out, rofl.


I wish each of you wonderful women a year of good health, joy and financial prosperity.  For those of you caregivers who are tending to your beloved family members, there isn't a day that I don't pray for you and I wish improved health and favorable outcomes for those you hold dear.


On the shopping front Woman Very Happy  I placed an order with Amazon yesterday.  I needed an air filter for my furnace and I prefer an OEM part.  This filter only needs to be replaced once a year and at $31 a pop, glad it's not more frequent.


I also ordered my Loreal revitalift cleanser (2 pack at good price) and my Loreal revitalift hyaluronic acid serum (also a good price plus Meijers was out of it).  Oh yea, also some bird supplement/treat.


I'd like to think I shopped wisely - I hope I did.

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