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Good morning, wise shoppers...or wise shoppers in training! There are so many great deals out there right now with all the right enhancements and promotions designed to lure us into buying. This is a time when we must be in tune to what we need and what we just want.

I really love Laura Gelller's products and I love the TSV. The problem is that I don't need it as I'm well stocked. I'm not buying it as I do have a supply which is currently working for me. In addition, there will always be another TSV to tempt us whether it be make up or whatever.

Right now, the wind chill is 2 degrees. We are to think positively during this season, so a wind chill of 2 degrees is better than sub zero. The snow continues to come down, although not as hard. I guess I'll be doing some work around the house today.

Right now, I'm watching the Morning show and that D&C fleece long sleeve V-neck top looks tempting but my Hanes sweats are working find in the house right now. It might do for work but I'm trying not to indulge in more buying this month.

Have a great day. Shop but shop wisely, and if you are in the frigid areas, keep warm!

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